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Puppy!Sam Picspam #141 (Supernatural)

Finally managed to get this one posted :)

Episode #7x15: Repo Man

Same as last time, about 155 pics, so not dial-up friendly. Also, I warn that my caps are somewhat crappy, especially the darker ones. If only stupid ACTA didn't exist and I could get nicer screencaps than my DVD recording. *snort* What do you guys think - should I just take a chance and download and hope that I don't get my internet service taken away or get fined/a warrant for my arrest? Or should I play it safe?

*cough* Okay I guess I'm too paranoid... heh. But without further ado, here's the picspam.

1. Hai, FlashbackToLateS3*!Puppy! You're looking adorable this evening :) (*I know it should be S4 because of the year time jump, but TPTB have made mistakes before with dates... plus if it was S4 I think we'd see some of the PuppyPower aka Hand of Epicac here)

2. Tsk, FlashbackToLateS3!Puppy told her she shouldn't have come, and she defies him anyway! This deserves a bitchface (hee, he even looks adorable with the bitchface!).

3. The kewt Puppy wonders if his PuppyTreats delivery will make it here before the exorcism takes place

4. “Aw. Ma'am, Puppy sympathizes with you. Really. But this isn't a good time. *PuppyEyes™*”

5. Hm.... Fangirl alert? ;)

6. Fangirls had to leave unexpectedly. Guess this is a Disappointed!Bitchface

7. Bitchface for the demon, of course

8. The fangirls are back :D

9. I know it's kinda dark and thus hard to see, but FlashbackToLateS3!Puppy? I adore your hair :) *draws pretty hearts around it*

10. “There there, Nora. 'S okay. *comforts her with the PowerfulPuppyTouch*”

11. YouSuck,Biatch!Puppy

12. “Look at me when I'm bitchfacing you!”

13. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

14. PuppyEyes™ say “Jeffrey? Hellooooooooo?”

15. “I am Puppy. And I really care about your plight. *nods*”

16. *pets... just 'cause*

17. Sympathetic!Puppy

18. Ooh, deadly bitchface for Jeffrey's demon!

19. Huh... Squicked!Puppy?

20. It's the FeelMahWrath,Biatch!Bitchface

21. AttackDog!Puppy goes GRRRRROWWR!

22. Now it's the YouAreNothingButAnInsect!Bitchface

23. Back in the Present.... Even though it's hard to see over Dean, Facial Shrug Alert!

24. Facial Shrug #2!

25. “Who's that on the phone? Someone updating about my last PuppyTreats order, maybe? *hopes*”

26. Uh oh. Ignore him, Puppy!

27. OhhhhhCrap.Puppy

28. “Just ignore him, concentrate on fangirl therapy......”

29. Awww, Pupppppieeee.... Please hon, let us pamper you and massage you and many other wonderful things to take your mind off him....

30. *gets muscle cream for the aching PuppyPaw*

31. Ah! Bitchface Warning for HalLuci

32. Yeah,That'sRight.Begone,Biatch!Puppy

33. “Damn, he left too prematurely. I was in the middle of a good bitchfacing!”

34. Exposition!Puppy gives us the deets on the case

35. PuppyEyes™ say what?

36. *pets flicky PuppyHair*

37. “....And speaking of unfinished business... did you get those PuppyTreats I asked for? *PuppyEyes™*”

38. Mornin', Puppy! *brushes strand of former PuppyMop away from face*

39. *drools at sight of PuppyLimb*

40. “Awwww, I don't wanna get up yet! *whines*” Come on, Puppy, we promise we'll make it up to you later... Oh, do we ever promise ;)

41. “A-HEM! Agent Kewt Puppy in your midst, guys! Be cooperative!”

42. Huh, the PuppyKewtness seems a bit forced this time...

43. The PuppyEyes™ are actually a bit surprised it worked so well

44. Hey! Don't manhandle the Puppy!! *shakes fist*

45. What a terrible man, startling Agent Puppy so! *runs fingers through pretty PuppyHair to calm him*

46. Uhhhh,WhoTheHellAreYou?Puppy

47. Ooh yeah... trying ever so hard to stifle a bitchface

48. “I honestly don't know who the hell you are, but Agent Puppy is ever so delighted to meet you! *nods*”

49. Looks like he's got something in the PuppyEyes™ ... *prepares eye wash*

50. Uh, why the bitchface?

51. AdorablyAwkward!Puppy

52. HalLuci, you're adorable and all, but please leave Puppy alone? You're making him bitchface

53. FangirlCam ;)

54. The sight of such carnage makes Puppy sad. Aw. *hugs*

55. Fuzzy, but... Facial Shrug #3!

56. The PuppyEyes™ check out Nora's shop with great interest

57. The PuppyHair is exhibiting some nice Season 3-style fullness :) Eep, I'm staring and he noticed... sorry, Puppy

58. “Ooh, what's this? A recipe for all-natural PuppyTreats?”

59. Puppy is mucho impressed

60. “May I please borrow the recipe? *PuppyEyes™*”

61. Uh oh, Dean's getting out of hand again. Time for a bitchface

62. And another!

63. GotMahBitchfaceEyeOnYou,Biatch!Puppy

64. Another fangirl alert! ;) (hey what can I say, they're diggin' the season-3-inspired PuppyHairStyle)

65. GAH... the kewtness... can't handle....... *falls to floor*

66. *scratches Puppy under his neck*

67. Facial Shrug #4! (although I can just hear him saying “Get me some more PuppyTreats, pweeeeeeease???? *kewt PuppyPout*”)

68. Later.... Hm...Tentative!AttackDog!Puppy?

69. *stares*

70. *still staring*

71. Puppy. Because he's worth it.

72. Bzuh?Puppy

73. Jeffrey's comment was NOT funny. Therefore he gets a bitchface

74. *is desperate to muss up the poor restrained PuppyHair*

75. Oh noes, the PuppyPaw is achy again... *gets muscle cream and pain relievers*

76. Fangirl Alert

77. “Jeffrey, plz calm down. Kewt Puppy'll make it all better, I promise.”

78. Puppy, you're kewt and I love ya, but you've been dipping into the evil hair gel a little too much. *makes mental note to hide it better*

79. Facial Shrug #5!

80. Aw, the PuppyEyes™ wanna make sure Jeffrey will be safe

81. Puppy hopes he can find a good “The Care And Feeding of Puppies” type book to recommend to Dean

82. “Hai, Kewt Puppy is here to see what great reading material you have... hope you don't mind”

83. Oh noes, look out behind you, Puppy! *tries to protect him from HalLuci*

84. Leave the poor Puppy alone, ya hear?! *shakes fist*

85. Tsk, HalLuci... are you that bored that you have to torment the kewt Puppy?

86. Fangirl under the table ;)

87. You're making him bitchface again, HalLuci. While the bitchface usually amuses us, this is getting to be too much. Please leave him alone

88. “Plz go 'way? *begs with PuppyEyes™*”

89. Whoa, if bitchfaces could kill.... *digs grave for HalLuci*

90. It's the Yep,IAmTotallyIgnoringYou,Biatch!Bitchface

91. *takes a quick break from this picspam to have a moment of silence in memory for the other, sadly deceased, puppy :'(*

92. “Hey. I'm doing some research to find the best Puppy Care books I can borrow and stick under mah brother's nose in the most inconspicuous way. Don't like it? Tough shit.”

93. Hmm, what has managed to grab those PuppyEyes™' attention so suddenly?

94. Eep! Something has startled the poor Puppy... *comforts*

95. All the carnage taking place around him causes him to bitchface

96. “Bastard! Why are you doing this to me?! *bitchface*”

97. “Huh? *looks under table* Oh, Hai, fangirls. You came at just the right time...”

98. Aw. :( *tends to the poor sore PuppyPaw*

99. “Please make the bastard go away and let thousands of tasty PuppyTreats replace him, please......”

100. Did it work...?

101. “Nope. Still here. And no way in Hell are you getting PuppyTreats. Heh... Get it? 'Hell'??”

102. “DIE.”

103. *checks just to make sure*

104. Peek-A-Boo!Puppy ... we see you!

105. “Let's see.... Puppy adoption, puppy discipline, no don't want that...... ah, here it is... Puppy care and diet...”

106. Oh noes, his PuppySense is blaring... there is danger!

107. Realizing it's just a couple of kids making out, he gives them a bitchface of disapproval

108. “Dammit, my most recent PuppyTreats order has been backordered?!! *can't hold back a bitchface*”

109. “Um, yeah... While it's nice of you to want to help me with this case, it's not going to make up for your wiping all my PuppyTreats out of existence...”

110. *bitchfaces in frustration* Aw, don't worry, Puppy, we'll help you get them back! *unbuttons shirt further and nibbles*

111. “Shut up, biatch. You might have wiped out mai PuppyTreats, but you will NOT wipe out mai brother! *bares PuppyTeeth*”

112. Huh... Random Bitchface At An Empty Dark Room time?

113. *twirls long strand of former PuppyMop around fingers*

114. Puppy, how does the PuppyHair get so easily stuck in your jacket? *pulls it out and musses up playfully*

115. *checks under mattress for hidden PuppyTreats*

116. None to be found, and to make matters worse, HalLuci won't shut up. A bitchface for him

117. *plays again with pretty strands of former PuppyMop*

118. Oh well, at least he's found the recipe for the all-natural PuppyTreats. And is that a strand of PuppyMop I see?? Could the fangirls who were attempting to trim the PuppyMop in his sleep have been successful?? :D!

119. Puppy! Noooo! ... although, can't complain about the view ;)

120. Nooo, not again!

121. But wait, Puppy gets the upper hand! With some bonus Flying PuppyHair :)

122. Aw... *pets Puppy*

123. Dang, look at the volume of that PuppyHair! Like I said... Because he's worth it ;)

124. INoticeThisRecipeIsIncomplete.CareToExplain,Biatch?!Puppy

125. “My PuppyTreats supply has been wiped off the face of the earth so I need to improvise. I demand answers!!”

126. Whoa, Bitchface Deluxe!

127. *wants to run fingers thru PuppyHair soooo badly*

128. Aww, poor Puppy has an owwie :( Don't worry sweetie, we'll make you all better :)

129. Listening to Nora's story, Puppy bitchfaces Jeffrey on her behalf

130. I dunno what it is, but I'm still getting a real S3 vibe from you, Puppy. :D

131. OMG, PuppyMop is trying to rebel! *jumps up and down in excitement*

132. It's the ZOMGPuppyEyes™

133. PuppyTongue!

134. Seriously, am I the only one getting a S3 vibe here (sideburns notwithstanding)?

135. Whoa, deadly PuppyEyes™/Bitchface combo to convince her to find the missing recipe piece Dean

136. Did S3!Puppy end up in the future due to some spell type thingy, replace current Puppy and no one was the wiser? Aw... you're awesome, S3!Puppy, please stay! :D (not to knock the current Puppy, of course... but two are always better than one ;))

137. DUNDUNDUNNPuppy'sHereToRuinYourFun,Biatch!Puppy

138. Nooo, not again...

139. Aw, look at that delightfully tousled Puppy :)

140. Uh oh, I think the PuppyEyes™ have spotted more danger....

141. Later... Dean is going to sleep and Puppy feels jealous. Awww, come here, Puppy, we've got a huge, comfy bed all set up for you :D *gathers massage oils and aromatherapy*

142. Go away, HalLuci! This is OUR time with Puppy! *notes bitchface*

143. Just ignore him Puppy and come with us...*pats the soft comfy bed*

144. We'll even help you nurse that PuppyPaw back to health :)

145. “Stupid biatch, ruining my fun time with fangirls... *grumble* *bitchface*”

146. “NNNNNGGGGGGH!! Bastard is gone, PuppyTreats and Fangirl Therapy is back...”

147. But alas, HalLuci is still here... time for another bitchface

148. Aw. :( *pets*

149. Parade of Bitchfaces...

150. *bitchface*

151. Aww, don't pay attention to him, Puppy!

152. *bitchface*

153. *bitchface*

154. Poor Puppy looks so upset... *huggles*

155. :( :( *more huggles and TLC*

Bitchface count: 35 (okay, now I'm pretty sure THIS is a record :D)
Facial Shrugs: 5

That's it for this week. Now we have another hiatus to deal with until March 16th *snort* But rest assured, we'll be back :)
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