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MS, Con and More Artwork (S/D)

MS Online has now posted pics of Michael's appearance at Collectormania in the UK this past weekend... check them out here

Hopefully a little preview of what I can expect this coming weekend at the Creation con in NJ. Not too crazy about those sideburns but I hope he keeps his hair like that... I love the length. :) </shallow mode off>

Speaking of the con, I just got my photo op ticket in an email (form that you have to print, fill out and bring to the con). I am getting excited about this. :) Anyone who has been to a Creation con in the past year or two, and has gotten a photo op with any of the celebs... I have a question. There's a little FAQ in my email about what to expect at the photo op. They say that the actor is seated in a chair. In the photo ops I've seen over the past couple of years, everyone is standing and the celeb has his/her arm around you. The email says they are seated...

So anyone who's gotten the photo ops and the ticket for it in email.. did your email say this also? Were things different when you went, i.e actor stands with you w/arm around you? I guess I am obsessing over this but the reason I ask is because when I went in 2004, both MS and I were seated pretty far away from each other and he had to put his arm around the back of the chair, not me. I felt I was about a million miles away from him *pouts* I noticed the photo ops for the Chicago con were a lot better so I really hope they are this way in NJ too.

Hoping my pictures turn out okay too. In 2004 they were horrible (except for the ones of Don S. Davis in the hotel lobby), last year they weren't much better (except for some pics of Teryl Rothery). One of the gals I met last year is going again and is sitting up front - she volunteered to take pics for me if I gave her my camera. I'm going to see if I can bring a backup camera too... maybe I can get some decent pics while I'm on line waiting to ask a question. I'm going to ask MS if we will see more of the friendship between the original teammates, especially Sam and Daniel, in the movies (thanks for the idea, majorsamfan !).

I'm also going to give him a Daniel drawing I just finished:

(click to enlarge)

My scanner cut off parts of it but it's supposed to say "Thank You for 10 Years of Daniel Jackson". I know Creation says that photo ops are the best time to give gifts, but I know people have given him gifts during the Q&A so I think I will do that just before I ask my question. I know someone gave Teryl Rothery a gift during her Q&A at last year's con.

I am also thinking of bringing my "Authentic Sam/Daniel Rebel" t-shirt but I don't think I want to wear it the day MS appears. I am worried about his reaction to it, LOL ;)

Just heard that Don S. Davis had to cancel his Saturday appearance because he will be filming a movie. I'm happy for him and wish him luck even though it's a shame he had to cancel. I wonder who they will be getting to replace him, or if they will be getting anyone at all this late in the game (Steve Bacic canceled earlier this month and they got Alexis Cruz to replace him... not that it affects me much since he'll be appearing on Fri and I'm going Sat and Sun).

And finally.... (wow I'm long winded this morning... LOL) I have some new artwork to show. Mostly wallpapers and icons, which are mostly Sam/Daniel (the episode series), although I have one Daniel-centric wallpaper. See them behind the cuts...

Feel free to snurch if you like... again credit not necessary but always appreciated. :)
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