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SPN #7x16 Out With The Old (episode review)

Had a long day and I'm tired, but for what they're worth, here are my thoughts on this ep...

So we're dealing with two things here: cursed objects and leviathans. I remember reading an article about this episode and they mentioned something like "Will we get to see one of the Winchester brothers doing Swan Lake" or something to that effect. Was kinda disappointed that that didn't come to pass, LOL. Although the way Dean was staring at the ballet slippers was pretty amusing.

I said aloud "Oh no" when the little girl took them and was trying them on. Thank goodness our boys managed to get to her in time. The way she kept kicking them in the face, though, especially Dean... hee. :D

Frank called Dean "fudge pop." LOL!

Icky how the woman drinking the boiling water from the cursed tea kettle was getting third degree burns and her mouth was looking like hamburger :P Loved when Sam called in the death and when asked his name he answers "Bruce Hornsby." Heh.

The leviathan posing as the realtor was such a biotch. Love how her lackey George wanted to get her in the end, and how he kinda tipped off the boys. Weird though how he mentioned them wanting to cure cancer because they just want to "help people." Uh... really?

Poor Sam. I know how sleep deprivation feels... it's no fun at all. Almost freaked when he fell asleep at the wheel like that. And Lucifer is screaming in his head, and singing Stairway To Heaven over and over? Got some more hints of what this is all doing to him, and looks like we'll see a lot more soon.

Lots of boys in suits again in this ep. Looking good as usual. Sam's hair was very pretty for most of the ep (except the times it was straightened to hell, lol).

Yay, we got a bit of classic rock! Bad Moon Risin' playing at the end there. But Frank is dead now?! I know we didn't see a body, so there's no way to be definite, but that was quite a bit of blood.

As for the promo for next week, all I can say is... EEP!

Sorry it's not much, I'm really tired. Have a great weekend, everyone. :)
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