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Puppy!Sam Picspam #142 (Supernatural)

Sorry I'm so late with this one - my new puppy has kept me so busy I haven't had much time to work on this. But better late than never I guess, right?

Episode #7x16: Out With The Old

My caps are looking better this time because I bit the bullet... and DL'd the ep. I may do more (DL'ing) but it'll definitely come to an end after this season, thanks to the news that we in the US could get our internet throttled/taken away for downloading. *fumes* After that I'll rely on my DVD recordings once again (if we do get season 8). Hopefully I won't get in trouble for that. :P Anyway, 125 pics in this one so not very dial-up friendly. And I know it's an odd request but if we can keep the comments on-topic that'd be awesome. :) Okay, enjoy!

1. Flashback!Puppy ... aww, Hai again, S3!Puppy!

2. Back to the present... Hi, Puppy! *twirls fingers through strands of PuppyHair*

3. *... and gives special fangirl greeting ;)*

4. Yes, he is indeed pleased to see us :D

5. Hm, is that PuppyMop I see peeking out on the side there?

6. Nope, false alarm, apparently... Still, he is pretty :)

7. Fangirl alert ;)

8. Aw... TiredNSnarky!Puppy ... *fluffs pillows*

9. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

10. *caresses the PuppySideburn*

11. Hm... Awk-ward!!Puppy?

12. Fangirls intervene ;)

13. Er, why the bitchface?

14. Dean: “Whoa. You're bitchfacing fangirl action? Dude, that is so not like you...” Heh, turns out Puppy was bitchfacing himself for not being as covert in his reactions as he would have liked

15. Even under such mental distress, you still manage to look dangerously pretty, Puppy. How on Earth do you do it??

16. Once again, fangirls express appreciation in their own way ;)

17. 'Kay.You'reFreakin'MeOut,Darlin!Puppy

18. Those PuppyEyes™ appear to be searching for some brain bleach after Dean's interesting revelation...

19. “Anyway, check out the ad at the bottom there. Awesome sale on PuppyTreats this week at PetsMart...”

20. *pets.... just 'cause*

21. Facial Shrug Alert!

22. *hugs*

23. Agent Puppy looks rather impatient to get back to those PuppyTreats... I see the beginnings of a bitchface

24. Aww... KewtTiredWantsPuppyTreatsNao!Puppy

25. Yep, we got ourselves an impatient bitchface :D

26. PuppyTongue! Aw, he can just TASTE those PuppyTreats right now...

27. Ooh, Mister Snarkypuss presents a fake sarcastic smile

28. HandOverTheGoods,Biatch!Puppy

29. Everyone should be so lucky to be confronted by such a gorgeous Agent...

30. *runs fingers through PuppyHair*

31. Bitchfacing random crime scene photos WHY, Puppy?

32. “Sowwy. I was stuck on 'Bitchface Mode' there...” Looks like Dean's somewhat unnerved, too...

33. “How ya doin'? You should be so lucky to be confronted by an agent with such gorgeous PuppyHair, amirite?”

34. Fangirls are just endeared to Puppy's out-of-place kewtness and show their appreciation once again ;)

35. *iz srsly in awe of the PuppyHair*

36. *licks PuppyDimple*

37. “Think he's got PuppyTreats, Dean?” Dean: “Focus on the task at hand, dude?”

38. *carefully inspects desk to see if there are any signs of PuppyTreats*

39. The PuppyEyes™ are gravely concerned. There doesn't seem to be any.

40. “Hey! Are those PuppyTreats I see sticking out of your pocket?!” Aw, she's just a little girl, Puppy. Go easy on her.

41. It's the HolyShit!PuppyEyes™

42. Aw, the girl smacked him in his PuppyNose... *gets ice*

43. Yep, after that ordeal poor Puppy is feeling a bit winded... the PuppyHair still looks great, though :)

44. “A package of PuppyTreats, just beyond my reach and I failed to score them. The PuppyEyes™ are NOT happy about this, Dean.”

45. “*sees how freaked little girl is* Um, oops. Sowwy. Puppy can't control his cravings sometimes. I'll make it up to you ... PuppyTreats for us both. A nice small bag for you, and a year's supply for me. Sound good?”

46. Ew,Icky!Puppy

47. Dean is not taking this seriously. A bitchface for him

48. CanIHelpYou?Puppy


50. “Puppy was only trying to help and you tell him to shut up. HOW DARE U. *bitchface*”

51. *another bitchface*

52. Okay, who is the bad fangirl who placed the hair straightener where Puppy could find it?!

53. WhereDidTheseEvolThingsComeFrom?IDemandAnswers,Biatch!Puppy

54. The PuppyEyes™ lend a hand in the interrogation process

55. Wow, major PuppyEyes™ usage for this interrogation

56. And now they're freaking out in fear as big brother touches the cursed object


58. Dammit... even straightened to death, that PuppyHair is a sight to behold...

59. YouTryin'ToKillMe,Sweetheart?!Puppy

60. *bitchface*

61. *shocked bitchface*

62. Back to interrogation via PuppyEyes™

63. “'Kay. Kewt Puppy's just a bit confuzzled here. Little help, maybe? *PuppyEyes™*”

64. Puppy bitchfaces himself for being so callous in the wake of Scott's loss

65. “Sowwy 'bout that. Will you forgive me? *PuppyEyes™*”

66. Heh... anytime is a good time for a fangirl visit!! :D

67. *pets flicky PuppyHair*

68. “You are gonna tell me what was in that box. Mr. Bitchface does NOT suffer fools gladly!”

69. “Why the hell am I wasting my time with this guy.... can't even muster up a good bitchface anymore...”

70. “*tries* Nope... this is the best I've got now...”

71. So the PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles take up the slack

72. That's actually not a bad bitchface, Puppy...

73. “La la la la la... What lucky girl is going to get a visit from Agent Puppy today? La la” Uh, Puppy, there are plenty of us right here! *waves*

74. Ooh, bit of flying PuppyHair there :)

75. Agent Puppy. Because he's worth it. Still.

76. Dean got sidetracked and didn't get to pick up the PuppyTreats, apparently. “B-b-but you PROMISED! *wibble*”

77. Aw... Sleepy!Puppy at the wheel... hon, why don't you pull over and let one of us drive?

78. ... Please??? *iz getting nervous*

79. *cell rings* “Unless you are PetsMart calling to confirm/update my PuppyTreats order, do NOT call me! *bares PuppyTeeth*”

80. Time for fangirl intervention ;)

81. *pets* Please move over to the passenger's seat, Puppy??

82. *twirls extra long strand of former PuppyMop around finger*

83. “Sooooo tired without source of energy aka PuppyTreats....”

84. Puppy! Noooooooo!!!

85. Again... Noooooooo!!!

86. Sooo pretty... but still... Puppy!! WAKE UP!!!

87. *PHEW* Don't you EVER do that again, Puppy!

88. Perhaps this PuppyBeverage will make you feel better? *still side-eyes him*

89. 'ScuseMe?Puppy

90. No caption necessary ;)

91. “Dean, plz. PuppyBrain still 'splody from my almost becoming PuppyFood.”

92. It's the StairwayToHeavenSucks!Bitchface

93. Poor Puppy. *fluffs pillows, readies massage oils*

94. Hm... Puppy bitchfaces his phone for interrupting him?

95. “Is this for real? PetsMart is telling me they've upgraded my PuppyTreats order to expedited shipping....!”

96. Mmm... thanks for the nice view, Puppy :D

97. More Flying PuppyHair!

98. *stares at PuppyHair more than is healthy*

99. Gobsmacked!Puppy

100. Ooh... Puppy assumes a threatening stance and gives Joyce a bitchface

101. “WTF is going on here?! Anyone wanna help out a poor, kewt, confuzzled Puppy?”

102. Noooo! Leave Puppy alone!!

103. Puppy! Nooo!! Although... lovely view :D

104. HandsOffThePuppy,Biatch!Puppy

105. *threatening bitchface*

106. AttackPuppyOnYourSix,Biatch!Puppy

107. Yeah, you done good, Puppy! *prepares fangirl celebration*

108. Puppy's still on guard in case there are any more nasty ladies who like to kick poor innocent puppies

109. “The biatch is definitely gone. 'Kay, fangirls, I'm ready....”

110. Bitchface focused like a laser on George the friendly!leviathan

111. YouWannaEATTheBiatch?!Ewww!Puppy

112. AintYouClever,Darlin'!Puppy

113. “Sorry. Kewt Puppy still don't trust you.”

114. It's the IgotMahEyeOnYou!Bitchface

115. Ooh, Bitchface Deluxe!

116. If bitchfaces could kill...

117. Confuzzled!Puppy

118. BlueSteel!Puppy?

119. *pets*

120. “Sammy, you really gotta lay off the hair straightening thing. The fangirls are upset. Just FYI.”

121. “.....”

122. Puppy hopes Dean will let him crack a window and stick his head out during the drive

123. He hopes this won't take too long... he's gotta take a bathroom break *gazes at trees*

124. “Oh noes! Frank! *iz scared*”

125. Awww.... *pets Puppy*

Bitchface count: 20
Facial Shrugs: 1

That's it for this week. Hopefully I'll be able to post the one for tonight's episode a little sooner. We'll see how it goes.
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