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SPN #7x17 The Born-Again Identity (episode review)

Don't have a lot of time for a review here, but here are my thoughts, as objective as possible...

Great seeing Mark P again. But man, he is just torturing the hell out of poor Sam. :( Playing "Wake Up, Little Susie" (and this is funny to me personally because my mom once told me she had these neighbors long ago who would play that song early in the morning and it drove her nuts... lol) and throwing firecrackers? How long has he gone without sleep - 4 days? And going the drug route. Aww... I cringed when he got hit by that car.

Sammy and Meredith are kinda cute together, especially the candy bar sharing thing. :)

This is the first time we've seen facial hair on Sam, yeah? Looked pretty freakin good. :D And his hair rocked.

Loved Dean as PissedOff!Big Brother wanting to help Sam. And the "Screw Cas!" thing. When he was calling all those people at the beginning it reminded me of Sam doing the same thing for him back in Faith. And did anyone notice that card just appearing? Hmmm..... Bobby? Yeah, coincidence maybe, but who knows, right?

So Cas is back as "Emmanuel" who can heal people. The whole amnesia thing and not knowing who he was kind of reminded me of how Daniel Jackson came back to Stargate SG-1 in season 7. Also appeared fully naked to people who found him and had no idea who he was at first.

So they're working with Meg as an "enemy of my enemy is my friend" thing. What's Crowley's beef now - he's pissed that they didn't get Dick Roman yet?

I remember a few people on a forum I used to visit saying something about Dean and Cas trying to "out-Batman-voice each other" and I'm sorry but LOL, it did kinda seem like that a few times. :D

So "Emmanuel" is the real deal, and Dean wants him to save Sam. Looks like he still has his mojo as he kills those demons at the hospital.

Random thought... That music playing in the background at the convenience store Dean visits sounds familiar, like it was in one of the season gag reels... maybe season 3 (when Jared and Jensen were dancing around and stuff)?

Aww, even suffering from Hallucifer's torment, Sam still wants to take on a case and helps Meredith deal with her ghost brother.

Ooh, just remembered... the doctor tending to Sam is played by Bill Dow, the guy who played Doctor Lee in Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis! *geeks out* Freaky how the one guy who wanted to do electroshock on him was a demon... poor Sam :(

"Emmanuel" realizes he's Cas and suddenly remembers everything as he smites those demons. He's horrified by all he did and doesn't want to help Sam. But he does. But Sam's wall has totally crumbled and he can't do anything about it ... except shift it. So he's got the wall remnants now?

Yay that Sammy's saved, but did that seem a little too easy somehow? Now Cas is being harassed by Hallucifer. Wonder how that will all play out.

So glad that Sam is back (although like I said it still seems a little too easy) and he looked pretty hawt at the end there. :D

Meg joins the hospital staff. Hmm. I guess to keep an eye out for those other demons?

Looking forward to next week's ep.

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