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SPN #7x18 Party On, Garth (episode review)

I'm exhausted thanks to my RL being shitty atm so apologies if I get a few things wrong, but here's my review FWIW...

Oh, Garth Garth Garth... you really are a character. And "Poison" by Bel Biv Devoe is his theme song? LOL

Can't get enough of our boys in suits. And in this week's SamHair report, it was looking awesome in the very beginning... well, most of the episode actually, except again for the parts where it was plastered down and straightened to hell...but that wasn't too

Garth shows up wearing fatigues. He tells the boys he looks good in uniform...heh

That opening scene with those kids telling scary stories outside reminded me a little of the opening scene in Hell House, especially where the guy telling the story sticks the flashlight under his face.

Garth is drunk from just one beer??? Geez... even I'm not that bad. :P

The Shojo looked like something out of The Ring or The Grudge, didn't it? Amusing scenes where Dean is asking the guy from the Japanese restaurant (?) about it and how he gets the sword ready for him (and Dean pays him off of course).

Aw... continuing the theme from Adventures in Babysitting where Dean wants to believe that Bobby is with them. Sam says he used a talking board and Bobby apparently never showed. Even though Sam still insists that it's most likely not Bobby, it did raise my eyebrows how the sword flew over to Dean like that.

And the last scene. Awwwww, the look on Ghost!Bobby's face :( Dean goes back to the motel room just to fetch Bobby's flask and Bobby says to him "I'm right here, ya idjit!" Aw. :(

So this was more of a MOTW filler episode, but apparently one that begins to answer what's become of Bobby. Sam keeps insisting that it's not Bobby, that the sword flying over to Dean was probably something like the door slamming. And why was he doing this, BTW? Back during AiB I chalked it up to him being too preoccupied with HalLucifer bugging him.. But why now? Maybe he feels bad that Bobby seems to be giving signs to Dean but not to him since he didn't seem to answer him through the Ouija board?

Eh, I find it a little far-fetched that the little girl could see the Shojo when it looked like she only had a sip of what was in that orange juice. I thought people had to be really drunk? Although I guess that stuff was really powerful... she's giggling away only from one sip.

Glad Garth didn't die. May not be my favorite secondary character of SPN, but he is amusing. Oh, and I loved him trying to question the little girl with Mr. Fizzle or whatever the sock puppet's name was... and Dean's annoyed reactions... LOL

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