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Puppy!Sam Picspam #143 (Supernatural)

I'm sorry I took so long with this one. As I've mentioned my puppy keeps me busy plus RL has been topsy-turvy lately. But hopefully I should have the next one done pretty soon.

Episode #7x17: The Born-Again Identity

Over 145 pics, so not dial-up friendly. Hope you like.

1. Hey, Puppy! Ooh, nice view ;)

2. Wha?YouSaySomething,Mister?Puppy

3. Ooh, nice Flying PuppyHair :)

4. Looks like that PuppyHair is back to its fluffy gorgeousness :D

5. “Leave me 'lone. Mai PuppyBrain hurts :(“

6. Hm... fangirl alert?

7. Yep, we've got fangirl action ;)

8. “Look, man. You don't understand. Kewt Puppy isn't feeling well. Please... go away...”


10. “That's it, fangirls... make it all better kthx”

11. *scratches Puppy under his neck to calm him*

12. *twirls flickies around finger*

13. “Wha? You have something that will make Puppy go nightie-night? Give here, plz?...”

14. Puppy taking a catnap... er, dognap

15. RudelyAwakened!Puppy ...aww... *pets*


17. Um, HalLuci, might wanna give a slight warning before you pinch the PuppyButt...

18. “ZOMG I really am in Hell! Fangirls, HALP!!!”.

19. A bit of Fangirl Therapy to help... ;)

20. *huggles*

21. A well-deserved bitchface for HalLuci

22. Ooh, MegaBitchface!

23. And another!

24. More Flying PuppyHair :)

25. Puppy!!! Noooooooo!!!

26. Aw, pretty PuppyProfile... *fingers strands of former PuppyMop*

27. Awwww :( *cuddles*

28. “Hai, Dean. The PuppyTreats here are terrible. Think you could sneak some in?”

29. Ignoring how crappy he feels right now... Puppy + Stubble = HAWT :D

30. A pair of desperate PuppyEyes™ for Dean

31. *slurps*

32. “Kewt Puppy feels like shit, but more edible PuppyTreats would help get his strength back. Y'know?”

33. *stares at the Pretty*

34. D'awwww, TiredNSad!Puppy just melts my heart :(

35. *more huggles*

36. Lucky nurse that gets to do a Puppy Checkup...

37. Um...ExactlyWhereIsThatThingGonnaGo?Puppy

38. ZOMGSomeonePleaseShutLuciUpBeforeTehPuppyBrainGoes'Splody!Puppy

39. Puppy uses some pleading PuppyEyes™ to get out of taking more icky pills

40. “Pleeeeeeeze? I'm really okay... And I'm a Kewt (and Hawt) Puppy... *PuppyEyes™*”

41. Thirsty!Puppy

42. Fangirls help make the experience more enjoyable ;)

43. “Whut? Oh nothing... just mai fangirls... interested in joining? You don't even need to fill out an application... *PuppyEyes™*”

44. Aww... *huggles*

45. Puppy trying desperately to hide another fangirl visit from the doctor

46. *feigns innocence*

47. Facial Shrug Alert!

48. Facial Shrug #2!

49. Bad doctor! Why must you confuzzle the poor Puppy so?

50. NowYou'reLuciToo?? Nooooo....”

51. *bitchface*

52. *bitchface*

53. “Fangirls, take me awaaaaaaaaaaay.....”

54. “....Damn, he's still there... *bitchface*”

55. *bitchface*

56. Awww... Sleepy!Puppy

57. “Meh, these PuppyTreats leave something to be desired... but I'm starving...”

58. It's the 'ScuseMeWhileIPukeNow!Bitchface

59. The PuppyTreats are even worse than previously thought! This deserves another bitchface

60. Uh,Hai.AndYouAre...?Puppy

61. “Aw man, I scared a potential fangirl away... *iz sad*”

62. Hey HalLuci, knock it off!! Aww, poor sensitive PuppyEars :(

63. Huh, didn't notice that bandage on the PuppyPaw earlier...

64. The potential fangirl is back! “Wow... PuppyTreats? For me?”

65. Yep, that PuppyTongue is already awaterin' anticipating those PuppyTreats...

66. HalLuci's continued torture makes him snarl and bare his PuppyTeeth

67. ... and hurl a bitchface in HalLuci's general direction

68. Trying to contain an apoplectic bitchface

69. “Hi there. I don't remember who I am, but I was told I have killer Puppy Eyes. Do you agree?”

70. “....... Sorry. No one has better Puppy Eyes than my brother. And that's PuppyEyes™ to you.”

71. “I am also apparently reknown around these parts as something called a 'Bitchface Master'...”

72. “.......”

73. *caresses PuppySkin and smooths down PuppyHair*

74. *and applies Fangirl Therapy :D*

75. “WTFWAKEUPLILSUSIE??Nooooooo....”

76. *stares*

77. ShutOffThatCrapBeforeIMessYouUp,Biatch!Puppy

78. *bitchface*

79. *pets*

80. *pets some more*

81. Fangirl Alert ;)

82. “Oh noes, not more substandard quality PuppyTreats... *wrinkles PuppyNose*”

83. Facial Shrug #3!

84. “Might you perchance have any more delicious PuppyTreats like the one mah potential fangirl shared? *iz hopeful*”

85. Guess not. Aww... *huggles*

86. “So you say you have a brother? Would he be interested in a Puppy Eyes competition of sorts?”

87. “Ah geez.........”

88. Bzuh?Puppy

89. “More PuppyTreats? OMGYAY, thank you! I think you are now a full-fledged Puppy fangirl :D”

90. Awww, Puppy's so polite. He's even willing to share!

91. Facial Shrug #4!

92. Concerned!Puppy

93. *ded on floor*

94. Fangirl Alert ;)

95. Facial Shrug #5!

96. Facial Shrug #6! (wow, he's getting the mojo back!)

97. Awwww, look at those pleading PuppyEyes™...

98. OMGWHUT?Puppy

99. *stares*

100. Hey, new fangirl! Puppy has an owwie and could use some fangirl TLC...” Tsk, Puppy we're all right here! *waves*

101. *more huggles*

102. *brushes aside extra long strand of former PuppyMop*

103. “Don't worry, Kewt Puppy will help you take care of your brother issues”

104. Heh... Flycatchin'!Puppy

105. Wha? All the pretty PuppyHair could fall out?? Never!!

106. IseeYouGigglin'OverThere,Biatch!Puppy with a bitchface warning for HalLuci

107. Poor Puppy really needs a long nap... *fluffs pillows and doggie bed*

108. *stares some more*

109. Time for some more fangirl therapy ;)

110. Sympathetic!Puppy acknowledges your pain, Meryn. Really.

111. Seriously, how could anyone NOT trust a face... and scruff... and hair... like this??

112. Pyro!Puppy sez OMGYAY!

113. Uh,WTF?Puppy

114. “ZOMGLUCISTAYAWAY!! *pleads with PuppyEyes™*”

115. It's the GetTheEFFOutOfMyGrapefruit!PuppyEyes™

116. “Just stay here with Kewt Puppy and everything will be totes kewl. Alright?”

117. *tousles teh pretty PuppyHair*

118. Eep!Puppy is a bit freaked out by Meryn's dead bro

119. *stares again*

120. Dammit, this much pretty has to be illegal...

121. Um... why the bitchface?

122. “Noooo, don't hurt Kewt (and Hawt) Puppy! *holds PuppyPaws up in surrender*”

123. Poor Puppy does not deserve this kind of abuse! *shakes fist at hospital staff*

124. A bitchface for them!

125. “Please... that light is hurting the sensitive PuppyEyes™!”

126. Time once again for some much-needed fangirl therapy ;)

127. “Please go 'way, Doc. Mai fangirls will make it all better. Srsly.”

128. “Whut? You're gonna slice open teh PuppySkull?? *iz scared*”

129. “I remember now. Your brother is the one with which I had the Puppy Eyes and Bitchface competitions. Please. Take me to him so we may resume.”

130. “@#$%&!!”

131. Puppieeeeeeeee... :(

132. “Whut? Now you're gonna turn Puppy into CrispyPuppy??”

133. Hey! Puppy is always up for learning some new tricks, but this is ridiculous

134. D'awww, look at those desperate PuppyEyes™

135. Puppy say in tiny voice “Oh shit.”

136. “Yes indeed, I am all set to defend my title of Bitchface Master.” Dean: “Will you friggin forget about that and HELP him?!!”

137. Puppy!! Noooooo!!!

138. Nooooo :(

139. *scratches Puppy under his neck to comfort him*

140. “Nooo Luci, poor Kewt Puppy is tired ... wants to rest... wants fangirl attention...”

141. Nooooo, Puppy..... :(

142. Fangirls decided to help out, too ;D

143. “Bzuh? Saved by my Bitchface/PuppyEyes™ rival?? That's ... unexpected....”

144. “Backin' away, huh? So you must realize I am the PuppyEyes™ champion, yeah?”

145. Gobsmacked!Puppy

146. Yay, it's good to see you better, Puppy!

147. *ded from hawtness*

148. “You know what this now means... I am the undisputed PuppyEyes™ and Bitchface champion *iz proud*” Awww, Puppy, you always were the PuppyEyes™/Bitchface champion! *huggles*

Bitchface count: 15
Facial Shrugs: 6

That's it for this episode. Again I'm sorry for taking so long to post this and it shouldn't be too long before I have the next one posted.
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