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To everyone on my F-list...

Have a Happy Halloween!!!

In a particularly good mood today - got a very good report from the orthopedic surgeon's office.  I have some very good strength back in my arm/shoulder, more flexibility and more range of motion.  I have to go back for another checkup in 6 weeks and if all goes well they will discharge me. *dances*

Still making con preparations.  All looks very good for the weekend.  Am excited to be seeing Michael, Paul, Cliff, Jay, and Kate.  And of course all the nice (and equally crazy... hee hee) fellow fans - most from Gateworld - that I met last year.  Again I will try to get some decent pics and a report to share.
Tags: cliff simon, cons, holidays, jay acovone, kate hewlett, life, paul mcgillion, stargate, stargate: gateworld, stargate: michael shanks

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