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Puppy!Sam Picspam #144 (Supernatural)

Tonight's episode may be a repeat, but we've got an all-new installment of...

Episode #7x18: Party On, Garth

Just over 125 pics, so not dial-up friendly. Hope you like.

1. Hi, Puppy! Aww he still looks exhausted... *fluffs pillows and doggie bed*

2. *pets flicky bits of PuppyHair*

3. Facial Shrug Alert!

4. MahCustardIsJustFine,SweetCheeks!Puppy

5. Aw, look at that pretty, silky looking PuppyHair bathed in that warm glow :D

6. Uh oh, big brother won't lay off... time for a bitchface!

7. Ah, Agent Puppy... looking as yummeh as ever :)

8. Teh PuppyHair is looking a little less restrained than usual, too! *excitedly buries fingers in it*

9. “Garth, bb, this is NOT how you play PuppyDress-Up for a questioning! *bitchface*”

10. LOL, Agent Puppy is beyond shocked that Garth is violating Puppy protocol!

11. This insubordination is worthy of TWO bitchfaces!

12. … three bitchfaces!

13. And the PuppyEyes™ are SO not believing his cover story...

14. "Doc, Agent Kewt Puppy is slightly confuzzled about this whole thing. Mind giving as many deets as you can? Thank you so much. *nods*”

15. Wow, the bitchfaces for Garth just keep on comin', don't they

16. …. And comin'...

17. *licks PuppyDimple*

18. Now the PuppyEyes™ are even bitchfacing him

19. LIEK,OMGAWD,WTFIsYourProblem,Gurl??Puppy

20. Yet another bitchface.. Wow, Garth, you've really invoked the Wrath of Puppy!

21. It's the ItoldYouSo!Bitchface

22. Agent Puppy on research detail … looking up all the PetSmart locations in the general vicinity

23. Sadly, there aren't any at least 5 miles from here. It's enough to make him bitchface

24. Puppy does not believe that Garth will ever grow on him. Time for bitchface numero diez...

25. “Hai, Marie. Agent Puppy is ever so grateful to you for opening up your establishment to us on this fine morning. *nods*”

26. *works the PuppyKewtness*

27. Okay, WTF just happened?? Did Puppy take two seconds to dip into the EVOL Hair Gel?? *iz not happy*

28. The PuppyEyes™ are quite dismayed that Mr. Baxter seems to be such a hardass

29. Aw... EagerToPlease!Puppy

30. *strokes PuppyHair and punishes fangirl who left the hair gel within Puppy's reach*

31. *brainstorms plan to make PuppyHair pretty again*

32. Looks like Puppy suspects something as well... side-eying the naughty fangirl

33. Aw, Puppy looks kinda lonely sitting over there all by himself... *gladly keeps him company*

34. And yay, our plan worked! Already teh PuppyHair is looking a lot better! :)

35. Thirsty!Puppy gladly excepts a brewski

36. Curious!Puppy

37. Bzuh?Puppy

38. Uh oh, Chugging!Garth seems to be working his way up to another bitchface...

39. “Whatcha doing that for, Garth? Kewt Puppy is overly concerned, what with your low tolerance to alcohol...”

40. *iz speechless*

41. 'Kay.You'reFreakin'MeOutNow,Darlin'!Puppy

42. The mental image of Garth skinny-dipping is so disturbing it's worth a bitchface

43. Do you mind, Garth? The PuppyEyes™ are about to make an important point, TYVM...

44. “No more beer for you!” sez MotherHen!Puppy

45. OMGAWD,WhyDidn'tIThinkOfThat!Puppy

46. “That's okay, you guys go, Kewt Puppy's gonna check on the widow, you know, make her feel all comfortable and nice-like with his kewtness and hawtness and long silky PuppyHair...”

47. *ded from kewtness*

48. “Howdy, Widder! Kewt Puppy's here to comfort you :D”

49. “Kewt Puppy acknowledges your pain. *sympathetic PuppyEyes™*”

50. *turns the PuppyEyes™ up to an 11*

51. Uh-oh. Is Puppy once again the victim of a naughty fangirl's grooming tips? :/

52. Oh noes, do those PuppyEyes™ sense danger??

53. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

54. Why the bitchface?

55. BottomsUp!Puppy

56. LOL! The al-kee-hol has hit Puppy a wee bit hard there

57. … So he drinks more? Uh, we don't get you, Puppy...

58. Yep, the naughty hair-gel-wielding fangirl strikes again! Tsk...

59. *starts Operation: Tousle PuppyHair*

60. CaughtRedHandedButPissedDrunk!Puppy

61. … But he is sober enough to bitchface

62. ...Twice

63. A bit of fangirl distraction ;)

64. “Kewt Puppy didn't mean any harm, I swear!”

65. “Mister Japanese guy, d'ya think you could help us with this awful cursed object, pleeease? *PuppyEyes™*”

66. “Yep, Kewt Puppy is indeed following you. *nods*”

67. Facial Shrug #2!

68. Uh,WTF?Puppy …Hey, Operation: Tousle PuppyHair is already working!

69. It's the 'ScuseMe?PuppyEyes™

70. Aww, cute PuppyGrin :)

71. “The PuppyEyes™ have grown a little weary of your antics, Garth. Just FYI.”

72. Fangirl under the table ;)

73. Professor Puppy gives us a lesson about Shojos

74. “'Scuse me, Garth? Teh PuppyEyes™ didn't quite catch that...”

75. *pets...just 'cause*

76. Facial Shrug #3!

77. Looks like Puppy's brought out Mr. Snarkypuss again

78. *marvels at the PuppyCheekbones*

79. WorriedThatTheAwesomenessThatWasBobbyMightBeHauntingUs?YouSureAboutThat,Sweetheart?Puppy

80. Huh... basically a grim bitchface, I guess

81. *huggles*

82. The PuppyEyes™ scope out the establishment and wonder if there's any good brews to be had... he's eager to get his Drunk!Puppy on

83. Huh... MirrorImage!Puppy

84. Perhaps this kind bartender could be of service? He readies the PuppyKewtness...

85. … And the PuppyEyes™

86. “OMGYAY the PuppyCharm worked! *grateful PuppyEyes™*”

87. Puppy enjoying his drinky-poo

88. PuppySpittake in 3, 2, 1....

89. Puppy bitchfaces Dean over the phone for interrupting his wonderful drink...

90. Puppy to the rescue with bonus Flying PuppyHair!

91. Dayum, that Flying PuppyHair is a sight to behold...

92. “Hai there. Please help a desperate but kewt Agent Puppy with gorgeous Flying PuppyHair score a much-needed ride. *Stern but urgent PuppyFace*”

93. “*squeee*Thank you ever so much!!”

94. WhatDoIHaveToDoToGetYouToPutThePedalToTheMetal,Biatch?!Puppy


96. HolyShiat!Puppy

97. *tousles up that voluminous PuppyHair*

98. Ooh, bitchface warning for the Shojo with some more Flying PuppyHair!

99. Puppy! Noooo!!

100. Noooo :( *strokes PuppyHair and curses the fangirl who got to it with gel once again*

101. Bit o' fangirl therapy couldn't possibly hurt...

102. “Be with ya in a minute, big brother! Gotta give that fangirl therapy some time to take effect...”

103. Baring his PuppyTeeth angrily at the Shojo, I guess... And the PuppyHair is already looking better, Yay :)

104. JawDroppin'!Puppy

105. Awww, Puppy's shock is so cute :D

106. Uh... Delayed Reaction Bitchface?

107. “No worries... Kewt Puppy is A-OK! *thumbs up*”

108. Poor Puppy looks a bit winded, though... *comforts him*

109. Aw... Sympathetic!Puppy

110. Hm, might that be a bitchface from afar? Lol

111. Awwww, in reality Puppy's gonna miss his PuppyFriend...

112. Yep, EagerToPlease!Puppy is more than happy to do the Gimme Paw trick for Garth

113. *ded from kewt*

114. Oh boy, Garth wants to be more touchy-feely... I think I see a bitchface starting...

115. D'awww, how could anyone resist a PuppyHug?

116. LOL! Look at the pained look on that PuppyFace

117. Um... 'k? Care to share, Puppy?

118. *licks PuppyDimple*

119. Concerned!Puppy wants to have a big-brother-to-Puppy talk

120. “Please, Dean. Kewt Puppy wants to help...”

121. Puppy tries to reason with Dean using the PuppyEyes™

122. *nibbles PuppyNeck again*

123. “'Kay, I'm done. Now how's about those PuppyTreats you promised? *PuppyEyes™*”

124. *turns up PuppyKewtness and PuppyEyes™*

125. “No, Dean... Puppy wants a nice nap, PuppyTreats, and fangirl time... and that's all for now..” Sounds good to us, Puppy! :)

126. Yep, Puppy's just a wee bit antsy to put that plan into action... not that we blame him ;D

Bitchface count: 20
Facial Shrugs: 3

Sorry it took me longer than I thought it would to post this. RL has been pretty complicated lately. Hopefully I should be getting more on track with these after the next new ep airs.
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