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SPN #7x19 Of Grave Importance (episode review)

Not going to be too wordy with this one but I wanted to post my thoughts...

Okay, I love haunted house type stories. And is it me, or did they use the same location as the old hotel/inn/whatever from Playthings? Looked like it from the outside.

Nice little scene at the beginning of the boys eating in front of the car... even if it isn't the Impala.

Annie kind of reminds me of Ellen a little. At first I thought her name was "Andi", the way the boys were talking about her in the beginning... I swear it sounded like "Andi"... Then Bobby said "Annie"... maybe I didn't have my tv on loud enough, lol. She has a history with Bobby... and Dean... and Sam. That' LOL. She and Bobby played off each other well.

So Van Ness ends up "eating" the other ghosts to become some sort of "super ghost"??

Awww @ Bobby trying to get through to the boys. Love the "I just made that curtain shimmy" line in the beginning. So he is indeed connected to his flask that Dean keeps on him. And I love when Sam realized that that was the reason Bobby wasn't answering him all those times... because Dean had the flask and Sam had been alone each time he tried to contact Bobby. Awww, I liked seeing the sorta relief on his face.

Loved Bobby's "they're a little slow" or "they've gotten a little slow since I've been gone" line when Ellen-er, Annie was trying to get through to Sam and Dean.

Time for a quick trip to the shallow end... Dean in the shower!!! Pity we didn't see much... Would have been nice to see Sam in the shower, it's been forever since Hell House, heh... And FreshlyWashed!Dean! Mmm.... As for this week's hair report, Sam's hair didn't bug me as much as I thought it would after seeing those pics from filming. Although there were a few scenes where it looked like his hair was too pushed back and glued to his head that really annoyed me. I must mock it in the forthcoming Puppy!Sam picspam. Obvious disclaimer... You guys know I've been loving his hair this season, but after seeing those pics I was prepared to hate it... Though it wasn't as awful as I was expecting. Most of the time, anyway. Heh...

So Van Ness sneaks something into Sam's pocket so he can sneak out with them. Kind of an "eep!" moment where he made Dean lose control of the car.

Bobby and Annie decide to put the spirits to rest and burn their bones. Thought Bobby was for sure a goner until Van Ness bought it.

I'm guessing that the boys were able to see Bobby because he gained enough strength to make himself visible to them? I guess I can kinda understand why Dean didn't like the fact that Bobby stayed away from his reaper, the whole thing about it being not right etc. I keep thinking back to IMTOD, where he seemed pretty close to going with Tessa (after what she told him he'd become if he stayed) until John sacrificed himself for him. But I just had to go "AWWWWWW" when Bobby told them that he wanted to help. Although I'm still curious, if they supposedly burned his body, how was he able to stay? Was it his love for the boys and his sheer determination to help them?

Curious about next week's ep.

That's about it. It's getting late, haven't got my PC reconnected yet so I'm downstairs on the netbook and keeping my puppy awake with the light (still not used to typing on this thing, esp. in the dark...heh). Have a good night, everyone.
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