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Puppy!Sam Picspam #145 (Supernatural)

Meant to post this one earlier, but again my RL puppy has me hopping...

Episode #7x19: Of Grave Importance

A little over 110 pics, so not dial-up friendly. And just as a warning (especially if you haven't read my review of this ep), I mock the unfortunate state of Sam's hair at various times ... Maybe I go a little too far but I swear, it's all in good fun. I love his hair but there are times where it looks a little too.... restrained. LOL. I'm also hoping I'll get my desktop computer set up again soon... it's a pain in the butt to make screencaps on my netbook without my trusty older version of WinDVD (I've got VLC Player and WinDVD 11 on here, and the quality is great, but it's *so* hard to get caps of just the right moment sometimes... *sigh*).

Anyway! Enough babbling on... here's the picspam :)

1. Flashback!Puppy... awww :( *huggles*

2. *pets*

3. Back to the present... Hiya, Puppy! Oh looks like he's a little hungry... “Oh yay, PuppyFood.... give here, plz?”

4. Thirsty!Puppy

5. Okay, so he isn't in focus here, but... look at that Puppy expression! Hee...

6. A cell phone rings, and Puppy wonders if it's a shipping confirmation for his latest PuppyTreats order...

7. *stares at the huge PuppyPaw and the extra long PuppyDigits*

8. Where is the PuppyPhone? He uses the PuppyEyes™ to search high and low for it... looks like Dean's attempting it as well... however, the patented PuppyEyes™ cannot be beat

9. “Please tell me it has something to do with PuppyTreats being delivered soon?? *PuppyEyes™*”

10. D'aww, now Puppy sips a cup of hot cocoa while people-watching

11. “This place seems nice, big brother... think they serve PuppyTreats? *consults menu*”

12. Mm, that PuppyHair looks like it's been freshly tousled by fangirls... could use a bit more, though... *playfully tugs on flippy strand of PuppyHair hanging over shirt collar*

13. From the bitchface I'd say they don't have PuppyTreats on the menu... lol

14. *aims deadly Bitchface/PuppyEyes™ combo in waitress' direction*

15. Puppy is kinda uncomfortable mentioning the fact that Annie and the AwesomenessThatWasBobby had a … thing. Yet he mentions it anyway

16. The PuppyEyes™ do enjoy watching Dean's discomfort with that fact

17. “Just sharing some pertinent info, big brother... *PuppyInnocence*”

18. *tries to unbutton the PuppyShirt further*

19. Oh, dear... I think that PuppyHair already needs another intervention... *plots Phase I of Operation: Tousle PuppyHair*

20. Annie had a … thing with Dean too? The PuppyEyes™ did not need to hear that...

21. Facial Shrug Alert! Tiny, but it's there!

22. Huh, Puppy seems to be in need of brain bleach right about now

23. Facial Shrug #2!

24. Heh...Oops!Puppy

25. Ooh, turns out Puppy is not so innocent himself! Though he tries to look awfully innocent with the PuppyEyes™

26. “Turns out she's actually a PuppyFangirl! Believe me, I was as surprised as you are.......... well, not really...”

27. “She's not answering?? Oh noes, mah fangirl could be in trouble! *worried PuppyEyes™*”

28. Other fangirls attempt to calm him ;)

29. Even though they really need to find Annie, Puppy still needs his walkies

30. Looks like Phase I of Operation: Tousle PuppyHair seems to have had some effect :)

31. Fangirl under the table ;)

32. The sudden appearance of TheAwesomenessThatWasBobby distracts the fangirl... bitchface time

33. Yep, that PuppyHair is well on its way to becoming suitably tousled... and framed by some lovely pleading PuppyEyes™ :D

34. *fingers pretty PuppyHair strands and nibbles PuppyNeck*

35. Dammit, the Evol Hair Gel-wielding fangirl is back!! *plots revenge*

36. “On the way we're gonna stop for PuppyTreats, right? You promised!! *stern bitchface*”

37. The slightly nervous Puppy scopes out every inch of the creepy haunted house with the PuppyEyes™

38. Thinks: “Thank goodness I have mah army of fangirls with me....”

39. *nibbles PuppyNeck to calm him*

40. *marvels at the sight of the strand of the extra long former PuppyMop*

41. Exposition!Puppy keeps us up-to-date on the deets of the case

42. *pets PuppyHair, wrinkles nose as hand comes away with greasy, sticky hair stuff* ;)

43. Eep!! It's true, the Evol Hair Gel Fangirl has struck again!! *plans Phase II*

44. The PuppyEyes™ are ever hopeful that they will find the lost fangirl as Phase II of Operation: Tousle PuppyHair gets underway

45. *licks PuppyDimple*

46. “This looks like fun, Dean. Can we go? Please please please??? *PuppyEyes™* *tail wags excitedly*”

47. Facial Shrug #3!

48. “Yeah, yeah, that's all well and good. But the real question is...... do you know of any PetSmarts nearby?”

49. “Seriously. This is all very interesting. But large, kewt Puppy is hungry. *stomach growls*”

50. And the PuppyEyes™ are sooo unimpressed

51. Yep, Phase II is shaping up pretty well :)

52. “Dean, pleeeease, I need PuppyTreats... *wibble*” Dean: “Just ignore the large whiny puppy at my side for now... any more deets on this guy?”

53. Dean suddenly gets a fangirl visit of his own... Puppy is jealous and suddenly misses his fangirls very much... awwww, sorry hon, we were indisposed for a moment there...

54. “Aww, his fiancee was murdered on the eve of their wedding? I'm sowwy... *gives PuppyCondolences*”

55. Facial Shrug #4!

56. Awww, Awkward!PuppySmirk

57. His mouth is a-waterin' in anticipation of those PuppyTreats! :D


59. FlyCatchin'!Puppy

60. Puppy is ever so grateful to this tour guide for giving them a lead on Annie. “Thanks, Mister. *glomps*”

61. *hugs... just 'cause*

62. Dammit, not again!!! *curses the Evol Hair Gel fangirl and plans Phase III of Operation: Tousle PuppyHair*

63. Yes, Puppy, despite your best efforts to make the PuppyHair pretty again, the crazed fangirl is a force to be reckoned with...

64. “What reason could she have to sabotage my hair?” Tsk... Jealousy, Puppy. Sheer jealousy.

65. Alright, fangirls, we're on a mission... for the improvement and preservation of the stunning PuppyHair. *fingers damaged locks of PuppyHair with determination*

66. “Dean, teh fangirls are working to make mai PuppyHair look pretty again. Please, don't interrupt anymore, 'k?”

67. “It's really annoying when—wait what's that?” Puppy's actually kinda creeped out by the phantom bathroom mirror writing

68. Puppy stares, transfixed, as the AwesomenessThatWasBobby writes “PuppyTreats in crawl space” on the mirror

69. *itching to get hands back into the PuppyHair once again*

70. *waits til Evol Hair Gel fangirl's back is turned, then begins to muss PuppyHair*

71. Random bitchface time?

72. Once again, the PuppyEyes™ are scoping out their surroundings

73. Phase III seems to be running smoothly :) *touches the now softer, bouncier PuppyHair*

74. “What are you saying, Dean? Mai fangirl could be …. gone?? *iz scared*”

75. *pets PuppyHair*

76. “Dean? I thought I just felt a fangirl's light, feathery touch upon my silky PuppyHair. Did you witness such a thing?” Dean: “I'm not here, I'm not here, I'm not here.....”


78. *bitchface*

79. “Whut? Mai fangirl is here but I can't see her? *iz delightfully confuzzled*”

80. “Kewt Puppy is not following you. In layman's terms, plz?”

81. “Don't make me use these... they're very powerful, as you can see.... *PuppyEyes™*”

82. HeKilledMaiFangirl??WhutABiatch!Puppy

83. *bitchface*

84. *mourns fangirl* Awww, Puppy...

85. OhNoes!DeathofAnother(Potential)Fangirl!Puppy

86. “This biatch killed TWO potential fangirls! Mr. Bitchface is not happy...”

87. Eep! Puppy, look out!

88. “Alright! Here we go. PetSmart, 0.3 miles, edge of town....”

89. Hee!Puppy finds Dean's unintentional speeding amusing for some reason

90. YouSoClever,Darlin'!Puppy

91. He attempts to distract Van Ness.... “Hellooooo! Kewt Puppy with nice flicky PuppyHair over here!!*waves*”

92. Freaked!Puppy with some Flying PuppyHair!

93. Fuzzy, but.. Puppy! Noooo!!

94. *brushes long strand of former PuppyMop out of PuppyEyes™*

95. So far, Operation: Tousle PuppyHair is paying off :)

96. Puppy bathed in pretty warm glow of ghost funeral

97. HolyCrap!Puppy

98. “ZOMG, TheAwesomenessThatWasBobby is now TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby? I's so confuzzled...”

99. And TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby gets snarky with him. Time for a bitchface.

100. “Whut? Mai fangirl is here too?? *PuppyEyes™ alight with a ray of hope*”

101. “Uh I don't see her, AwesomenessThatIsBobby (hereafter, TATIB). You wouldn't be so mean as to lie to a poor, kewt, heartbroken Puppy, would you?? *PuppyEyes™*”

102. Liek,OMGAWD,TehFlaskHasSignificanceAfterAll!Puppy

103. Awww, Puppy is overjoyed that TATIB never ignored him intentionally

104. “Thank you for not abandoning kewt Puppy on purpose. If you were flesh and blood, I'd glomp you. *nods*”

105. Awww, GratefulButSad!Puppy

106. Puppy looks like he's gonna cry :( *hugs*

107. Gotta make more room in the trunk for that trip to PetSmart ;)

108. It's the 'ScuseMe?PuppyEyes™

109. And now with the apparent disappearance of TATIB, Puppy is sad again.. *pets*

110. *cards hands through the once-again-pretty PuppyHair and whispers “mission accomplished* :)

111. Why the grim bitchface, Puppy? I think you need more hugs...

112. *huggles tight*

Bitchface count: 8
Facial Shrugs: 4

That's it for this episode. Back again next week! :)
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