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SPN #7x20 The Girl With The Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo (episode review)

 Feeling kinda crappy w/a headache that won't let up so not much to say and I hope it's coherent, lol...

So this ep gives us more insight into what Dick Roman & friends may have planned. I guess Frank is dead after all. :(

Charlie lol. Typical scifi fangirl with the Star Wars and Harry Potter stuff. Of course she sees for herself how Dick Roman really is a ...well... d!ck. Cute how Sam tried to convince her to help them by asking her what Hermione would do, etc. Dean calls him "Dumbledork." Heh.

Bobby still wants to help them and Dean asks what happens if he runs into Dick and goes all vengeful spirit. Bobby ends up going anyway. So maybe I wasn't paying attention enough because of the fracking headache, but how did she get Bobby's flask? Did she just pick it up and take it with her or something?

The insertion of flashbacks wasn't so terrible, but the back-and-forth between scenes kinda made me seem a little lost, like the one where Dick finds the Borax bomb in the suitcase and they go back a little ways to explain how it got there, and then back to that scene again. But again maybe it's my headache talking and it won't seem as confusing once I rewatch. Nice to see our boys undercover as luggage handlers (or whatever they were supposed to be).

In this week's trip to the shallow end..... nothing much to report, except Sam's hair was looking better to me for the most part. Except maybe in the very beginning where it looked like it was flat-ironed to hell and back *g* But the rest of the time it was nice and flicky.

Glad Charlie lived. Not that I was especially attached to her, but it just seems like they've been killing everyone off lately...

Bobby kicks some ass. Oh, speaking of which, liked the little shout-out to Kim Manners when Charlie's finally convinced to help them and says she's going to "kick it in the ass." RIP Kim.

So now in the end I'm kinda confused. Did it seem like Dean didn't have much of a problem with Bobby helping now? Sam objected to it and Dean said something like "but he's Bobby." Sam said something to the effect of "not for long if he keeps doing this" or something like that. It seems like Dean still is unsure about what to do with Bobby, that they'll see how it goes or something like that. I guess he's glad to have any help they can get in this fight against Dick, but I dunno, it seemed a bit different from the way he was at the end of the last ep, and even the beginning of this ep. Maybe it'll seem clearer to me on rewatch but eh... dunno.

So what's up with that clay? Guess we will find out.

Interesting promo for the rest of the eps, although it doesn't say much. Not that I'd expect it to... they'll keep us in the dark mostly. And these promos go by lightning fast.

That's about it. Time to take another fistful of Advil and head on to bed.
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