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Puppy!Sam Picspam #146 (Supernatural)

Again I'm so sorry for posting this one late... again my RL puppy has me busy and she's been a bit under-the-weather lately, so my online time has even been less. I hope to get the next picspam up earlier. *fingers crossed*

Episode #7x20: The Girl with the Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo

Shorter picspam this time, but still over 100 pics so not dial-up friendly. Hope you like. :)

1. Hi, Puppy... checking on another PuppyTreats shipment?

2. D'oh! Not only has the Evol Hair Gel Fangrl struck, but also the Evol Flat Iron Fangirl!! *picks up Operation: Tousle PuppyHair again*

3. Poor Puppy doesn't understand why these fangirls have such ulterior motives and want to attack his pretty PuppyHair... Aww :( *pets*

4. It's enough to make him bitchface as he thinks of revoking their fangirl status

5. *plays with long, wayward strand of Former PuppyMop*

6. “ZOMGTheAwesomenessThatIsBobby?? Why you sneak up on a poor unsuspecting Puppy like that?!”

7. FeelMahWrath,Biatch!Puppy

8. “Just don't ever do that again, ya hear? And where are those PuppyTreats I asked for?? *taps foot impatiently*”

9. “No PuppyTreats?? Awwwww.... :(“ Don't worry, sweetie, we have a special stash saved for you :)

10. It's the ThisIsSooooooLame!PuppyEyeroll :)

11. Meh...So,NowWhat?Puppy

12. *unbuttons PuppyShirt further and nibbles PuppyNeck*

13. Puppy looks shocked, but he's actually mucho impressed by TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby's ghostly teleportation

14. … As are the PuppyEyes™

15. Confuzzled!Puppy thinks a kissy would help him get over his confuzzledness

16. “Maybe I can track that PuppyTreats order online...”

17. “Wha? No, Bobby, Puppy's not obsessed, I swear...”

18. “WTFSlaughterhouse?? I don't get it, who'd want to slaughter a kewt Puppy? *incredulous ForeheadCrinkles*”

19. Flashback time! Awww, Pretty PuppyHair... before the Evol Hair Gel and Flat Iron fangirls got their hands on it *sniffle* :(

20. The PuppyEyes™ are still quite confuzzled. Meanwhile, Operation: Tousle PuppyHair gets underway *fingers the long, soft PuppyStrands*

21. Dick's into eugenics? Master Race? The PuppyEyes™ greatly disapprove

22. “Huh? Someone sent me a message in answer to my online personal ad...” (Which reads: “Looking for some PuppyLove? Email me or call 555-DANG-IM-CUTE.” Tsk, Puppy, as if you don't have enough of us fangirls??)

23. Oh wait, it's from Frank. Puppy can't help feeling a little disappointed deep down... *caresses PuppySideburn*

24. Whoa, MASSIVE ForeheadCrinkle'age in response to Frank's snark

25. *stares at The Pretty*

26. “Why can't we just break in, Bobby? I'll distract them with my PuppyKewtness! It'll make them melt! *nods*”

27. “And teh PuppyEyes™ will kill them dead! Srsly!”

28. Hm... Skeptical!Puppy?

29. TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby's behavior is getting frustrating. Puppy tries ever so hard to stifle a bitchface

30. It's Puppy's We'reNotShapeShifters,Biatch!PuppyGreeting for Charlie

31. Eep! He almost got taken out by a sword! *pets*

32. Ooh, is that a bit of PuppyMop I see??

33. Hee! Look at that PuppyKewtness hiding in the corner :D

34. And now for a more closeup view

35. D'awwwwwww :)

36. Hmm... frustrated bitchface?

37. The PuppyEyes™ are mucho impressed with Charlie's hacking skills

38. “OMG! Liek, ya think you could hack the PetSmart site and get their entire inventory of PuppyTreats shipped to me?? That'd be SO awesome!! :D”

39. Hee! Puppy is so eager to convince her to help satisfy his PuppyTreats craving!

40. Operation: Tousle PuppyHair seems to be making progress :)

41. “It's all on you, darlin'. Personally I think you will lose greatly by not giving teh Puppy a chance. *smug PuppyEyes™*”

42. Charlie wants to know what will happen if she doesn't fulfill Puppy's PuppyTreats desires. Puppy: “I think you know.”

43. *begs*

44. Fangirl Alert ;)

45. “'Kay. If you can't do it, I'm sure I can find PuppyTreats elsewhere. *sniffle sniffle* *sad, lost PuppyFace*”

46. “Bzuh? You'll do it for me?? Dang, I'm good... *surprised PuppyEyes™*”

47. A little fangirl congratulations ;)

48. “You sure? Kewt Puppy wants to make sure you're totally at ease with this assignment. *nods*”

49. “Wow... Thanks... Puppy is ever so grateful. *glomps Charlie*”

50. “Okay, here we go. Don't worry, the PuppyEyes™ will help you stay focused...”

51. Puppy's less than thrilled with their accommodations. And I believe that's some PuppyMop I see in the corner! *bounces excitedly*

52. *stares at pretty Puppy who appears to be bitchfacing for some reason*

53. It's the 'Sup?PuppyEyes™

54. “Oh noes, TheAwesomen—I'mNotEvenSureNowThatIsBobby hitched a ride in her bag! You know what this means, Dean? He thinks I have a PuppyTreats addiction and will do all he can to make our plan fail! *worried bitchface*”

55. “Pleeeeze help foil his attempt, Dean? I NEED those PuppyTreats!! *begs with PuppyEyes™*”

56. WhatTheFrakGoodLuckCharm??Puppy

57. “Has she reached the PetSmart site yet? Well, has she? Has she??” Dean: “*sigh* Dude, relax...”

58. Hee! It's HarryPotterFanboi!Puppy

59. “Your favorite character is Hermione?? You serious, gurl?! Luna could kick her ass any day of the week! Whaddaya say to THAT?” Dean: “WTF?”

60. “That's right. I rock.” Dean: “Dude, I am so looking at you differently right now...”

61. “Don't judge me, big brother. Puppy is allowed to have fanboi moments every now and then.”

62. Puppy still won't let go of the Harry Potter war as he bitchfaces Charlie through the surveillance camera.

63. “Uh, what? So there's a very strong chance you'll never be a Puppy fangirl? Aw... *is disappointed*” Come on, Puppy, you've got plenty of us right here!

64. Dean's been to Comic Con? For some reason this revelation disturbs Puppy

65. TeeHee!Puppy tries to hide his laughter, but it shows in the ForeheadCrinkles

66. Yep, seems we've scared off those dastardly Evol Hair Gel and Flat Iron 'fangirls'... *makes note to discuss their expulsion with Puppy later*

67. Sergeant!Puppy whips up an arsenal to defeat the bad boys

68. Puppy seems nervous... *hugs*

69. Whoa, check out that impressive ForeheadCrinkle'age...

70. Puppy's nervous again... looks like the Evol Flat Iron fangirl tried to attack him... aww... *hugs*

71. Aww! It's Puppy in disguise as a baggage handler! You look so kewt, Puppy :)

72. Look at those wary PuppyEyes™...

73. Yup, it's him...could spot that PuppyHair a mile away... *pets PuppyHair*

74. Mutters to self: “Just act natural, don't let them know you're really a kewt puppy...”

75. Puppy doesn't like his costume... bitchface time

76. “Dean, help...all this going back-and-forth is making the PuppyBrain go 'splody...”

77. “WTF? I thought there were supposed to be PuppyTreats in here! *iz highly disappointed*”

78. Yessss!! Operation: Tousle PuppyHair has been a huge success! :D

79. Fuzzy, but he hurls an Almighty Bitchface in the direction of an unnamed Leviathan

80. Ooh, a nice bit of Flying PuppyHair :)

81. I know he's not the focus of this cap... and it's very fuzzy, but.... cannot stop staring at the windblown PuppyHair :D

82. Still staring...

83. “'Kay. Kewt Puppy's getting freaked out now. Let's go, big brother...”

84. Looks like a pouty bitchface... he's still upset he didn't get all the PuppyTreats

85. “Just think, Dean... all those yummy PuppyTreats I could've had....” Dean: “Dude.....”

86. *hugs*

87. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

88. “So, if you ever wanna take another crack at hacking that PetSmart website, you'll call me, right? *tail wags optimistically*”

89. Charlie doesn't seem interested. Puppy tactfully does Gimme Paw with her, although trying to stifle a bitchface

90. ComeAgain?Puppy

91. Amused!Puppy

92. As much as he hates to do it sometimes, Puppy knows it's time for a Puppy-to-big-brother talk

93. *twirls extra long strand of Former PuppyMop around finger*

94. *runs hands through PuppyHair*

95. Puppy howls his displeasure regarding the outcome of this case at Dean

96. “Kewt Puppy did not get his lifetime supply of PuppyTreats. This could not have ended worse. *sad PuppyFace*” Aw Puppy come on, we've got plenty of PuppyTreats for you!

97. Uh oh, he's warming up another bitchface...

98. Kissy kissy, Puppy? Alright, if you insist ;)

99. You'reLuckyIGotMahFangirls,Darlin'!Puppy

100. “On that note, we're going to be busy tonight. Don't wait up, 'kay?”

101. Puppy's still unhappy about how this case turned out... but he is waiting very impatiently for the fangirl time :D

102. *one more hug to hold him over till tonight*

Bitchface count: 10
Facial Shrugs: 0 (uh oh, you're slipping, Puppy)

That's it for this week. Tune in again next week :)
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