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SPN #7x21 Reading Is Fundamental (episode review)

Um.... I'm not too sure what to say after this ep.... but here goes...

Wow, a lot going on, isn't there. But first I'll start with the title. Reminded me of those PSA things during the 1980s with the kid writing R.I.F. in the sand and the whole "R...I...F! Reading is fundamental!" thing. Oops, I guess I just dated myself there. Eep. *blushes*

So the thing they stole from Dick is the Word of God, an "in case of emergency" type thing on how to take care of leviathans in case they escape?

We now know that Castiel is a fallen angel. His behavior certainly seems to indicate that. He's not as stiff as he was before. Actually the way he was talking reminded me of Future!Cas in "The End." So I gotta admit I did get a chuckle at the "pull my finger" thing.

As far as the "shifting of Sam's wall" thing is concerned, I was wondering how he was acting kind of mellow with all that crap with Lucifer going on in his head. It made me wonder if it was almost similar to the way Sam was between 7x03 and, well... I guess 7x15? Especially earlier like in 7x04 with the way he was talking to Dean at the end about feeling good or whatever it was (my memory is fuzzy on that now... I think a rewatch is in order). But the way it's explained is that Cas merely got an "aftertaste" of what Sam suffered? Honestly I'm kinda meh on that explanation. He says that he thought he was done for but experiencing all that pain of Sam's helped? Did I miss something there?

Honestly I loved Dean's "don't give me that crap" attitude when he was sitting and talking to Cas. When Cas insisted on them playing that Sorry board game and how Dean should take his next turn, etc. Dean's pissed and whisks the game board off the table. He wants to get down to business even though Cas doesn't want to "fight."

Kevin has SamHair!! :D Well, kinda like early season Sam, anyway. And he was dressed like Sam a little, too. How was he chosen to be a prophet? I'm guessing because he is so smart and dedicated to his work? Makes sense.

Random thought... Sam bitchfaced quite a bit in this episode. Can't wait to make note of that in my picspam. And his hair looked better. At least in most of it. :)

Okay, the behavior in the car was weird... Cas "boop"-ing Kevin on the nose? Calling him a "hot potato" or whatever it was? Dean wants them to stop or he'll turn the car around... I hear ya, Dean. lol

So, Meg wants to bring Cas to Crowley? Figured as much, unless she really was bluffing? She ends up saving him later by killing Hester and she takes out those two demons (I liked her "Someone had to..." comment).

What did everyone think of that talk between Sam and Cas back at the cabin? I'm guessing Sam is grateful to him for shifting the wall and such... He said they'd get him better.

To take down Dick they need the blood of a fallen angel and Cas hands it over to them. It's not gonna be that easy, I think. Crowley has to figure into all this somehow, I just wonder whose side he'll be on. Thinking back to 7x06, would he be with the leviathans in this? That's another ep I have to re-watch I guess.

I swear I knew the guy helping Kevin's family find him was a leviathan. And he killed the angels. So is this going to shape up to be Winchesters vs. leviathans + angels (if there are any of them left) vs. leviathans, maybe Meg vs. leviathans... gah, my head hurts trying to come up with all the possibilities, lol. Just where is Castiel going to fit into this. Is he just going to sit on the sidelines because he doesn't want to fight, or is he going to help the boys? I guess with him giving them the blood (UNLESS! It's not really his blood! Ooh... nah, not sure how likely that will be) it's sort of a given he'd help. Guess we'll find out.

Can't believe there's only two episodes left.

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