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Puppy!Sam Picspam #147 (Supernatural)

Eep, almost forgot to post this one! Sorry bout that. *blushes*

Episode #7x21: Reading is Fundamental

Over 120 pics in this one, so not dial-up friendly. Hope you like.

1. Flashback!Puppy... Aww... As amusing as you are, HalLuci, please leave Puppy alooooone :(

2. Hiya, Puppy... still hoping there's PuppyTreats hidden in there, hmm?

3. *unbuttons PuppyShirt further*

4. Hm, Puppy seems to have some trouble getting the Sooper Speshal Secrit Dick thingamajig out of the case. A bit out of shape there, Puppy? Maybe we fangirls can help with that ;)

5. Why are you bitchfacing, Puppy? Gotta protect the precious PuppyEyes™ in case some unforeseen disaster occurs!

6. “...And I thought you were PUPPYTREATS. *bitchfaces angrily*”

7. “*continues to bitchfa – * Oh wait, what was that?”

8. Eep!Puppy is getting just a wee bit nervous now...

9. “Ooh, what might that be? An ancient recipe for PuppyTreats, perhaps? *iz hopeful*”

10. Heh, Puppy's been up all this time, trying to decipher the ancient PuppyTreats recipe

11. *curses the Evol Hair Gel and Flat Iron Fangirls and mobilizes for Operation: Tousle PuppyHair*

12. Meh,Whatever.Isn'tMaiPuppyToyAwesome?Puppy

13. Puppy bitchfaces the notion that the AwesomenessThatIsBobby seems to be hiding again

14. It's the A-ha!PuppyEyes™

15. Bzuh?Puppy

16. Fangirl under the table, obviously ;)

17. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

18. Heh, it's the ZOMG,NotThisCheesyShitAgain!PuppyEyeroll

19. … Complete with bitchface!

20. Ah, the PuppyPhone is ringing! “PleaseletthisbeaboutmyPuppyTreatsorder, pleaseletthisbeaboutmyPuppyTreatsorder...”

21. An Oh,It'sYOU.Bitchface for Meg

22. “Whut? Mai PuppyEyes™/Bitchface rival is awake?? And he's up for another competition?” Dean: *sigh*

23. “Do you know what this means, Dean? The fat of mai championship titles might hang in the balance! *iz worried*” Aw don't worry, Puppy! No one beats your PuppyEyes™ and bitchfaces! *hugs*

24. *and gives fangirl therapy ;)*

25. Here we see Puppy warming up for the bitchface competition... niiiice.

26. *licks PuppyDimples*

27. “Yep, mai bitchfaces rule. Twenty billion fangirls can't be wrong, darlin'.”

28. Puppy seems a little nervous...Aw. *pets*

29. “Huh? How can you deny such a kewt Puppy to be allowed in for visiting hours?”

30. Hee, SarcasticPuppySmirk/Bitchface combo for Meg

31. And yet another bitchface!

32. “Ah, there you are. As you can see, I remain the PuppyEyes and Bitchface Master. However, I am always ready, willing and able to resume our competitions.”

33. “........”

34. “*recovering* Heh, yeah, that's nice, sweetheart. Whatever you say. But I got some fangirls that are ready to prove you wrong.”

35. *bitchface for emphasis*

36. Puppy thinking: “It was nice of him to get rid of HalLuci for me, but I'm sick of having to prove myself in these endless competitions... *iz conflicted*”

37. But still... *PuppyEyes™* anyway

38. “That is lovely. You get a B minus for effort, Puppy Winchester.”

39. “Since when?! *sad PuppyEyes™*” Aw hon, you know your PuppyEyes™ are worth more than that! *hugs*

40. *keeps kewt PuppyEyes™ aimed like a laser on Cas*

41. “Ya done now?”

42. “No? Okay then.... *more PuppyEyes™*”

43. As chaos erupts all around then, fangirls try in earnest to soothe Puppy ;)

44. “PuppyEyes™ are NOT supposed to make things explode. Dean, he's cheating! *bitchface*”

45. Here, the PuppyEyes™' purpose is two-fold. One, to carefully inspect their surroundings, and two, to maintain their championship title :)

46. And a bit more bitchface for good measure ;)

47. “Well? Have my bitchfaces and/or PuppyEyes™ frightened you into submission?”

48. *iz acting freaky*

49. “Apparently so.” Puppy won't show it, but he's rather proud of himself right now :)

50. *pets PuppyHair and checks on status of the ongoing tousle operation*

51. Dammit, the Evol Hair Gel Fangirl has struck again! *tightens security*

52. He's still intent on carrying on the PuppyEyes™ competition, apparently...

53. WTF?Puppy

54. “Oh, what are we doing? Always lowering ourselves to these...useless competitions? I LOVE you, Puppy Winchester!”

55. Nonplussed!Puppy is seriously trying to process this...

56. ...And trying to stifle an uncomfortable bitchface

57. “Srsly, dude. You're creeping kewt Puppy out now. Plz stop. *PuppyEyes™*”

58. Once you've invoked the bitchface wrath of Puppy, there's no turning back

59. “'Kay. I's sowwy 'bout the bitchfaces after you called a truce... Can u help us nao? *sad PuppyEyes™*”


61. Poor confuzzled Puppy...

62. *pets*

63. “It would be rather petty of me to do this while we officially have a truce in place, but.... *PuppyEyes*”

64. “You're on, biatch. *PuppyEyes™*”

65. *PuppyEyes*

66. “You're wasting your time. These PuppyEyes™ reign supreme. 5 out of 5 fangirls agree. *nods*”

67. And we show our appreciation in our own special way, right, Puppy? ;)

68. Slack-jawed!Puppy really, really appreciates fangirl appreciation :)

69. “Uh... Hey, Meg! It's nothing, just a few fangirls showing their appreciation...”

70. CaughtRedHanded!Puppy... *brushes strand of former PuppyMop away*

71. Ooh, nice bit of Flying PuppyHair :)

72. It's the HOWDAREU.Bitchface

73. HeBrokeMaiPuppyBrain,Biatch!Puppy … Hmm, Operation: Tousle PuppyHair has worked very nicely!

74. *hugs... just 'cause*

75. More PuppyHair in flight!

76. “Aw, come on... just a fellow Puppy in need of a very old PuppyTreats recipe! Give here, plz???”

77. Now that's more like it! *runs fingers through PuppyHair*

78. “Hand over the PuppyTreats recipe NAO!! *growls*” Aw, go easy on him, Puppy...

79. Meanwhile... “Admit it. I kick your puppy brother's ass in both matches. Nanny nanny poo poo.”

80. “Uhh..... No, I'm not even gonna dignify that with an answer.”

81. “Not bad. But for those PuppyEyes to really work, you need PuppyMop like this.”

82. "*sigh*You don't wanna launch a fangirl debate, young(er) puppy. But for the record I agree.”

83. Aw, Kevin put the ancient PuppyTreats recipe back together and deciphered it for Puppy. “Gee, that's awfully nice of you. Thanks, kid. *glomps Kevin*”

84. A scornful bitchface for some unwelcome guests


86. The angel biatch dares to suggest that Puppy and Meg are lovers? Another bitchface for her!

87. Things are rather tense right now... think that PuppyNeck could use another nibblin'

88. Ooh, looks like Puppy's bitchfacing Kevin in response to his sudden outburst

89. “Calm down, Kevin. You're giving all us puppies a bad name. *bitchface*”

90. Yep, he's got an armful of PuppyTreats back there... who didn't see that coming? Lol

91. “Whut? I've gone without PuppyTreats for sec...hours... DAYS, Meg! *bitchface*”

92. “Heh... Sowwy. Hungry Puppy's gotta eat, ya know...”

93. “Dean, Meg mocked mah PuppyTreats cravings. We have 5 more hours til we get to Rufus' cabin. This will not stand!”

94. “Yes, young Kevin. I am Cas. I am also known as, 'The Bitchface Master.'”

95. “Heh! Suuuuuure, darlin'.”

96. “Shut up about the friggin' bitchface crap or I'm gonna pull this car over!”

97. Later... *bitchfaces Cas... just 'cause*

98. “Alrighty.. Let's put our PuppyEyes™ and bitchface differences aside for real now, 'k? *PuppyKewtness*”

99. “Yep, Kewt Puppy honestly thought HalLuci was gonna make him into a PuppyKabob. *nods*”

100. “But he's not bothering you? That's kinda … not fair...”

101. Awww, Puppy can't help feeling sympathetic for his former rival now. *pets*

102. “I realize now that, with those endless PuppyEyes™ and bitchface competitions, you were only trying to help. To get me to use my full PuppyEyes™ and bitchface potential.” Whoa, that was... unexpected...

103. “Kewt Puppy is so grateful. Might we possibly exchange a PuppyHug now? *begs with PuppyEyes™*”

104. Can' The Kewt.... and Pretty...

105. It's Well,Hai,Biatch!Puppy

106. Meg's attitude is really bringing out the bitchfaces

107. *plays with PuppyHair and nibbles PuppyNeck*

108. Skeptical!Puppy

109. *playfully tugs at the flickies*

110. Aww, Hewo!Puppy frees Meg

111. OhNoes,NotTehBitchyAngel!Puppy

112. Ooh, warming up a bitchface for Hester, I see

113. ...And snarling and baring his PuppyTeeth at her!

114. Hey! Don't you dare touch the Puppy!! *shakes fist at unknown angel*

115. Puppy is conflicted... On one hand, he hasn't forgotten the breaking of the PuppyBrain.. but on the other, he's thankful for the PuppyEyes™/Bitchface truce

116. It's Ooo!Puppy... (lol his face just cracks me up there)


118. “We appreciate your help, Kevin... but will you please stop dissing my lack of PuppyMop? *iz hurt*” Aw...

119. “...What? *innocent PuppyEyes™*”

120. “You've got the ancient PuppyTreats recipe all translated? OMGYAY-- I mean... thanks.”

121. *grateful PuppyEyes™*

122. “Let's see... rolled oats, cream of tartar... uh..... condensed yak milk??”

123. “This is gonna be harder than I thought....” Aw... *pets*

Bitchface count: 23
Facial Shrugs: 0 (tsk, Puppy!)

That's it! Hopefully next week I'll have the next one up sooner.
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  • GAH!

    Why is it so hard for me to quit this show?? (general spoilers for the beginning of Season 14) . @cw_spn stars @JensenAckles and @JarPad have a…

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