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SPN #7x22: There Will Be Blood (episode review)

Here's my review... hopefully I don't forget anything I wanted to go through...

So from the beginning...

Figured they would capture Kevin and force him to decipher that thing. The letter of recommendation to Princeton is one thing, but holding his mom hostage? Eep. Dick's a ... well ... d!ck. I guess Kevin gave him what he needed then, huh? I wonder if there was any chance he could have fudged it somehow...

Figured Crowley wouldn't be so quick to give them some of his blood. They have to wait until they get the other things first. There's gonna be some complications here, methinks.

Figures that they'd put the poison or whatever in the high fructose corn syrup. Not that high fructose corn syrup isn't pretty bad stuff itself. People are turning into zombies and it turns out the stuff is in all the processed food. I like poor Dean's reaction to having to give up everything, even his favorite - pie. And he has to eat "rabbit food" instead. Heh, I knew there was a reason Sam was always eating salads. ;) Had to giggle at the scene where the cop rides down the road with "Why Can't We Be Friends" blaring out the window and Dean kinda starts bopping his head to it a

Dipping into the shallow end for a moment... I like Dean's new leather jacket. Seems to fit him very well, although it'll never totally replace the original to me. And Sam's hair looked better than I expected it to. Don't think I'll be mocking it at all in the Puppy!Sam picspam. :D

Wow, Bobby really is turning into vengeful spirit material. I know he wants to help the boys and enact revenge against the bastard who shot him, but... eep, he's gotta be careful. Now he's hiding out in that motel maid. I wonder how that's going to turn out...

The girl who's been with the vamps... was she supposed to be the girl with the alpha vamp in that vision Dean had when he was briefly a vampire back in Live Free or Twi-Hard? I haven't watched that ep in a while, but I assumed that was her.

Alpha vamp rocked. I kinda liked how he wasn't so eager to give them his blood, but then it seemed like he had a deal going with the leviathans (when Edgar came)? Or was that just a setup all along? He finds out that Dick's poison is meant to kill them as well, in fact all the monsters except the leviathans themselves. Alpha vamp goes after them and who ends up saving the day but our boys. Alpha vamp gives them his blood after all and says "See you next season." Hmm, is that a hint of some kind? *g*

Dick summons Crowley. DUN DUN DUN DUN. Of course this is going to make it hard for the boys to get his blood, and who knows if Dick will have Crowley working for him now. And what will happen to Bobby? And of course Sam and Dean? Very curious to see how this is going to play out.

Oh! Just realized... Is it me or did Crowley seem to have a lot more facial hair when he was summoned by Dick at the end than he did in the beginning when the boys summoned him? Tsk, continuity. lol

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