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SPN #7x23 Survival of the Fittest (episode review)

Okay, here are my thoughts for what it's worth...

Was I the only one who was kind of "Meh" on this one? Yes? Oh... Well.. *shrugs* Sorry, wish I could say anything else but I found some of it predictable. Maybe it's because I was reading so much fan speculation that it didn't seem as much of a surprise to me. It sounds like a similar situation to season 3 finale-going into season 4, or season 5-going into season 6, but I'll talk more about that later.

The "Road So Far" with "Carry On My Wayward Son" seemed like an extended version somewhat... cool :)

I figured it would be in Crowley's character to double-cross them. But then he shows up and lets them know what Dick's up to. And he gives them what's actually HIS blood. Hmm. I'm thinking maybe he's actually NOT double-crossing them. But eh, it's probably too easy.

Yet again, Dick really is a... d!ck. Geez, sounds familiar to certain events in not-so-recent history, though I won't say specifically what as I don't want to upset anyone. But I think you know what I mean.

Looks like Cas is feeling sorry for himself and doesn't want to fight because of what he did in the first place. Again I loved Dean telling him to knock it off.

Loved Baby's entrance!! And to "Born to Be Wild"! Oh, rock and roll I miss you. But was it Meg who was driving her? Looks like Sam, Dean and Cas were already inside Sucrocorp. Would have preferred to see Sam and Dean driving her instead, but whatever...

Aww Bobby. :( Eep, he almost killed Sam! I'm glad he had enough strength to stop, though. And in his speech to the boys it sounded like he didn't want them to end up like him... the whole "when it's your time, go" thing. Aww.

What happened to Meg? She just seemed to disappear. Did Crowley take care of her somehow? I know she got shot a few times so if she was exorcised her meatsuit would be done for. But I didn't see what happened to her after she took those shots.

I honestly thought it would be too easy for them to kill Dick. But they did, apparently. And Crowley did end up having something up his sleeve, so I assume they'll still have to contend with him next season? But I so called Dean and Cas ending up in trouble. Maybe I should stay away from interviews and spoilery stuff and speculations. But now I see what Jensen was talking about when he said something about them ending up in a sticky situation. And what Jared said about them being apart at the end there. GAH. I hate when they're apart.

So I'm guessing that for season 8 we'll have Dean and Cas in purgatory and Sam......... er.. who knows? Is this going to be like Dean going to Hell at the end of season 3, then coming back for the season 4 premiere after a few month's time and Sam is off with another demon chick (er... Meg if she's still around?)? Or like Sam ending up in the cage at the end of season 5, coming back in season 6 while Dean is off with Lisa and Ben, and Sam is working with the Campbells? I wonder if we're gonna have another time jump. Meh, I so hope not. PLEASE do not let this end up being another season 4 premiere/season 6 premiere redux.

*sigh* Sorry about all the griping. It just seemed a bit anti-climatic to me and I just hate seeing the boys apart. Sam really is off on his own and looked so upset/helpless there, and then when Cas left his side Dean looked helpless too. They're both apart and alone now. I guess the only rewarding thing about that is that hopefully when they come back together, it'll be great. I hope they won't be apart for long, not another 4x01 or 6x01-6x02 type of thing.

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