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Puppy!Sam Picspam #148 (Supernatural)

Eep, sorry I took so long to post this! I wanted to do it last week but had way too much going on. :P It shouldn't take me too long to do the next one, though...

Episode #7x22: There Will Be Blood

130 pics, so not dial-up friendly. Hope it was worth the wait :)

1. Hiya, Puppy! Doing more research, I see... obviously to find the nearest PetsMart locations :D

2. *nibbles PuppyNeck* Oh hey, look, it's the Tall Tales PuppyShirt! :)

3. FlyCatchin'!Puppy sez “WTFANNANICOLE??”

4. HeHe...Oops!ThatWasSoooooNotCool.Puppy

5. The PuppyEyes™ want to know if Dean had any luck with the ancient PuppyTreats recipe

6. “Please say yes.... Kewt Puppy is awfully hungry...*pleading PuppyEyes™*” Dean: “Dude, you've got a whole frigging truckload of those things in the pantry and basement!” Puppy: “But I'm also in a baking mood...”

7. *playfully tugs on long strands of PuppyHair in back...and is thankful the Evol Hair Gel and Straight Iron Fangirls are gone*

8. “See, here's the deal. Kewt Puppy has PuppyTreats craving and, having found Rufus' old kitchen supplies, wants to try out an ancient PuppyTreats recipe. 'K?”

9. TeeHee!YouSerious,Gurl?!Puppy

10. *pulls out PuppyHair stuck under shirt collar and strokes it*

11. “I want mah PuppyTreats NAO, biatch!” Whoa, take it easy, Puppy! We fangirls will whip up a batch for you in no time :)

12. Hmm, a cynical bitchface?

13. “Uh, what's that about TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby and the john? Wanna translate for the PuppyEyes™, Dean?”

14. Yep, it's AWK-WARD!Puppy

15. Huh. Apparently the PuppyEyes™ are mucho impressed with the intel TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby has shared

16. Fangirl alert ;)

17. “Oh, look what IIIIIII found... *shows Dean website that delivers the condensed yak milk he needs for the ancient PuppyTreats recipe*”

18. “Finding Rufus' kitchen supplies, this website that delivers... and of course the fangirl visit... It is mah lucky day, darlin'!”

19. *nods and emphasizes that point with the PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles*

20. Can't take it anymore... must.... unbutton.... PuppyShirt!! (And rip off the undershirt!! *grin*)

21. Puppy has to break the bad news re: pie to Dean, but he tries to soften the blow by emphasizing the PuppyEyes™

22. Heh!YouJustSoPrecious,Sweetheart!Puppy

23. “You have no problem w/Kewt Puppy requesting such a delivery, right, big brother? All in the name of a PuppyTreats craving and a sudden urge to bake... *convincing PuppyEyes™*”

24. Puppy bitchfaces the apparently NoLongerAwesomenessThatIsBobby for taking his frustration out on Melanie* *Puppy's new, new-er, since 7x06

25. Hm.... Gobsmacked!Puppy?

26. *pets the flicky PuppyHair*

27. Skeptical!Puppy

28. “*annoyed sigh while trying to hold back a bitchface* Alright, biatch, we'll get the frickin angel blood for ya...”

29. “Do not lie to teh PuppyEyes™, Crowley...”

30. A bitchface for Crowley's cryptic-ness...

31. “Uh, Dean.... I think I, uh, left the oven on in Rufus' cabin... *iz slightly panicky*”

32. Dean: “I can see right through it... we're not going back there.” Puppy: “But-but-but... the PuppyTreats...”

33. D'oh, the Evol Flat Iron fangirl has struck again :(

34. The PuppyEyes™ are not pleased that the NoLongerAwesomenessThatIsBobby is getting closer and closer toward vengeful spirit territory

35. Not too sure why, but every time Puppy says “lore”, a fangirl gets all tingly :D

36. “The NoLongerAwesomenessThatIsBobby could potentially turn into TheAbsoluteEvilnessThatIsBobby. Follow the PuppyEyes™ train of thought?”

37. Uh.... Random Frustrated Funny Face time, I guess?

38. “He could burn this whole friggin' building down! And all the yummy PuppyTreats inside it! Do you have any idea what a tragedy that would be?! *desperate PuppyEyes™*”

39. “Kewt Puppy is still lamenting, Dean. Please, do not interrupt, 'k?”

40. “Who's Paula Deen? Enlighten me, please, big brother...” Heh, Puppy's totally fibbing here as he's seen Paula Deen's show before...

41. Oh noes, turducken zombies are wandering the earth! *pets PuppyHair to calm him*

42. “Eep... *iz genuinely frightened*” Aww... *pets*

43. Here we see him bitchfacing the possibility of PuppyTreats currently for sale being laced with the corn syrup... Don't worry, Puppy, your supply is safe and sound!

44. And there's always the totally all-natural type of PuppyTreats! Yep, HealthNut!Puppy is still canon, and good thing too!

45. Stakeout!Puppy looks a wee bit nervous... *tries to calm him*

46. The NoLongerAwesomenessThatIsBobby earns a bitchface for being rude and disappearing while Puppy was talking to him

47. The PuppyEyes™ wonder if there are any delicious PuppyTreats hidden behind the walls of this creepy old house


49. Why the bitchface, though? Cause you didn't find any PuppyTreats yet? Lol...

50. Poor freaked out Puppy :( *strokes PuppyHair*

51. Puppy thinks he's found a secret compartment, behind which there might be PuppyTreats!

52. “Hey, look... '1001 PuppyTreat Recipes.'” Come on, Puppy, put that down. You have enough recipes!

53. “Hai, little girl. I'm a kewt Puppy. I just wanna talk to you. And inquire about the possibility that you have PuppyTreats stored in here somewhere....”

54. Concerned!Puppy

55. “Don't worry, okay? Kewt Puppy will keep you safe and help you escape so you can one day become one of his fangirls---um, run wild and free as kewt puppies should.

56. Gotta say, that PuppyHair is looking quite pretty now :)

57. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

58. “Nuh-uh, I got dis. Just checkin' on my last PuppyTreats order...”

59. HealthNut!Puppy is more than happy to convert Dean into HealthNut!Dean... Dean isn't liking it, as you can clearly see

60. Time for a fangirl visit ;)

61. Amused!Puppy. Aww, bless :)

62. “Hai, Sir. Would you be ever so kind as to point a kewt Puppy in the direction of your town's closest PetsMart?”

63. “Y'see, Puppy has an insane hunger that can only be satisfied by PuppyTreats. If he doesn't get any, he'll howl in your face like this.... Aroooo, Arooo...”

64. [guy doesn't react] “HOW DARE U! This is a life or death matter!! *bitchface*”

65. *digs out the PuppyCredentials to show he means business*

66. *adds another bitchface for emphasis*

67. Hmm, half bitchface, half duckface?

68. The PuppyEyes™ are actually impressed that Dean's straightforward attempt worked

69. Well, that was short-lived. Puppy protests his job of drawing blood by growling menacingly

70. And bitchfacing

71. WTF?? NursePuppy was being as gentle as could be and the guy still complains?? *gobsmacked PuppyEyes™*

72. *lovingly brushes strand of former PuppyMop away from eye*

73. Ooh, little bit of PuppyTongue there

74. That police car scared the bejeebies out of poor Puppy. Time for a bitchface

75. Fangirls help calm him ;)

76. 'Kay.WTFWasThat??Puppy

77. Facial Shrug Alert!! (Yay! After... how many episodes??)

78. *pets PuppyHair...again*

79. *hugs...just 'cause*

80. *playfully twirls flickies around finger*

81. “You're gonna be alright, ya hear? Your welfare is Kewt Puppy's top priority. *nods*”

82. Uh oh, the NoLongerAwesomenessThatIsBobby is starting to creep poor Puppy out! *shakes fist at Bobby*

83. And he shares his displeasure with another bitchface

84. “I don't understand it, Dean! I've been nothing but a kewt, sweet puppy to him...”

85. Hey! Watch where you're going! Almost hit the poor Puppy there :(

86. DeepInThought!Puppy

87. Always gotta take some time out to give Puppy his walkies

88. Mmm.... Thanks, Puppy! :D

89. The PuppyEyes™* wonder if there are any PuppyTreats hidden in the alpha vamp's hideout. Don't get your hopes up, Puppy

90. “Um Hai, Mister Alpha Vamp. Remember me? Kewt Puppy who was missing a soul back when we captured you? But it's okay now, I have a soul again, so you can trust me... *PuppyEyes™*”

91. Puppy looks a little nervous.... *pets PuppyHair to calm him*

92. “Emily! Kewt Puppy tried to help you and make you feel safe and you double-crossed him! How could you?! *bitchface*”

93. “But-but let me explain. I was Soulless!Puppy back then. I couldn't feel or empathize. I'm a changed dog!”


95. A well-deserved bitchface for Alpha Vamp

96. *licks PuppyDimple*

97. ListenHere,Biatch!Puppy

98. “You DON'T wanna piss off teh Puppy, thankyouverymuch.”

99. Ooh, it's Cold'NBitchy!Puppy

100. PuppyTongue!

101. “Whut? You're implying someone would like to EAT kewt Puppy? … Who could ever do such a horrible thing? *iz hurt*”

102. OMGAWD,YouActuallyBelieveThatCrap,Biatch?!Puppy

103. “Wow... srsly... I'm just amazed at your level of suckitude!” Hm... the PuppyHair looks quite pretty here :)

104. I think Puppy wants a kissy now. Happy to oblige, hon :)

105. AttackDog!Puppy barks his displeasure

106. He tries a different approach. “We need your blood. 'K, gurl? *PuppyEyes™*”

107. It's an I'mGonnaPuke!Bitchface

108. It's out of focus, but... thar be bitchface!

109. Hey!! Hands off the Puppy! :(

110. Bitchface just off-screen as Puppy is manhandled

111. “I just don't get it. There's gotta be a hidden panel in here somewhere with PuppyTreats hidden behind it...” Heh, got the priorities mixed up again, Puppy? ;)

112. “I want PuppyTreats, Dean. *wibble*” Awww...

113. Dean makes light of his cravings, and thus earns a bitchface

114. PuppyEyes™* and ForeheadCrinkles team up to show just how much Puppy would like to be relieved of his intense cravings

115. *scratches Puppy under his neck*

116. OMG Puppy!!!

117. Bitchface for the vamp who tried to take a bite out of Puppy

118. Aw. When we fangirls nibble the PuppyNeck, we're a lot gentler. And we're not vamps. Right, Puppy?

119. Puppy. Because he's worth it. *g*

120. Aw.... *gets antiseptic*

121. Eep!Puppy fears for his safety... don't worry, Puppy, we fangirls will protect you!

122. *gently kisses six five forehead*

123. Pouty!Puppy

124. He still wants to know where the PuppyTreats are hidden. That bitchface means business

125. “Pweease tell me where they are?? *begs with PuppyEyes™*”

126. Well, Puppy never did find them... but he's got lots more back in the motel room and is brimming with anticipation :)

127. “Oh crp, someone broke in... Do you think they could have stolen mai PuppyTreats?? *gets panicky*”

128. “Oh yeah, and the NoLongerAwesomenessThatIsBobby is gone, too...”

129. “PuppyTreats-stealing bastards! I'll KILL them!!!! *bitchface*”

130. “Please help me find 'em, big brother?” Aww, we'll help, too, Puppy! (and don't forget there's still plenty of them at Rufus' cabin!)

Bitchface count: 21
Facial Shrugs: 1

And that's about it. Again it shouldn't take me too long to post the next one so watch this space. :)
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  • Supernatural Finale 15x20 Carry On

    I didn't actually watch this one live - I DVRd it and watched it the next day... and finally got to write up some of my thoughts about it....…

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