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Creation Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis Con, Secaucus, New Jersey 11/3-11/4/07 (Deleted Scenes)

Alrighty, I found something that has helped me fill in the holes of Michael's Q&A, posted a few other pics from the con, and lo and behold my stupid browser decided to misbehave. After the HUGE post I made, it went back a page and when I tried to get back to this screen, everything was GONE. No recovery of the autosaved drafts for some reason. I am so annoyed. I even posted a query to LJ's support area.

Okay, so trying hard to remember everything that I wrote... (*sighs frustratedly*'s too late to be doing this but I'm so stubborn that I won't quit until I get it done)... look behind the cuts.

Someone asked him why he didn't go to the Arctic to film the scenes in Continuum. He said that at the time he was filming 24 and his wardrobe from that didn't really allow him to do so.

He was then asked how the characters in Lifeboat came to be. As far as the little boy was concerned, they had a casting call for Revisions, and the boy who appeared in Lifeboat didn't get the part in Revisions. They told Michael he only had a few lines in it, so he studied the boy's audition tape to prepare for doing the role of Keenan (he basically mimicked the kid). He also mentioned the girl who was in All Around the Town, and that he also stole things from movies and popular culture and whittled them down to what we see onscreen.

Someone asked about the SG-1 video game Stargate Alliance and he said that it's pretty much dead now, that they did the voices and got their images put on it but it was shut down before it was released and he owns some of the only copies of the unfinished discs. He said there was another coming out called Stargate Worlds but it's more like Warcraft so it doesn't involve them or their voices at all.

When asked the customary "if you could zat someone only once who would it be" question he answered "a television executive" and that it wouldn't be only once.

Okay, the question that confused me in part 2 of my report about the Transformers character was this... would he prefer dying like Bumblebee from the Transformers movie or like Kenny from South Park. His reaction (esp. his expression) was hilarious. He went "Where the hell did THAT come from??" and then "I HATED that movie. It was a two hour commercial for toys... toys from the eighties!" And then finally, "Uh... yeah, Kenny from South Park."

A boy asked him if he feels his character has influenced Daniel, and if playing the character has influenced him over the years. His immediate reply was a quiet "that's so deep." He then said that, having played the character for ten years, his personality has affected the choices the character has made. He thinks he's had more of an effect on the character than the character has had on him, but the two of them have become intertwined.

A girl mentioned about how Daniel is a linguist and speaks all these foreign languages. She asked Michael if he speaks any, and he answered "honey, I barely speak English." ;) He then said that in Canada part of their schooling is learning French, although where he grew up on the far west coast he didn't get to use it much. He said it comes back to him now and again if he's doing something like visiting France, but he can't understand what they're saying in Quebec. He also said that Vaitiare's family speaks French so he had to get reaccustomed to it. Plus Tatiana attends a bilingual school and if he tries to speak French to her she says "Daddy, speak English."

Someone else asked him how he was able to play two distinct personalities in Holiday - Daniel and Ma'chello. He said they had trouble casting the role of Ma'chello because it wasn't a very big part and because whomever would be casted would have to imitate Michael himself. He said he talked to Michael Greenburg about this little dilemma and finally said "well most of what you see of him is Daniel inside of him so why don't we just age me?" That was when he mentioned RDA being aged in Brief Candle. They liked the idea because it saved them money, and it was also a big challenge for Michael to do.

He was then asked if he had any artistic abilities besides acting. Apparently he has "none... and if I do they're imagined." He said he likes painting but he does it with his kids so it's not really a big thing.

Expanding on what I wrote in part 2 about the wedding scene in 200, someone had asked if it was a homage for the slashers. He said one of the takes they did had Daniel saying the line "if she doesn't show up soon everyone will think you and I are..." He said RDA turned, looked at him, and then went "GAY?????!" One of the takes panned in on the wedding scene and to Jack and Daniel holding hands.

Explaining what he likes about both performance mediums (stage and film/tv), he said that he likes the immediate feedback and adrenaline rush you get from acting on stage, but he really likes meeting the fans of the TV show.

Going back to Sue_Jackson's question about Unending, she had asked where he got all that energy he had in the scene where he went off on Vala, and what fueled it. He answered "caffeine."

Describing his cast mates, he said that AT is like a surrogate mother, very nurturing, proper, by the book, and doesn't like to rock the boat. RDA is like a crotchety old uncle. He said that when they first met RDA, apparently in a very good mood, just told him "I get grouchy." He (RDA) was in his late 40s at the time and said that he's been an old man for 19 years already and will make the worst old man imaginable. Then when Michael saw the cuts from Brief Candle he said something like "there he is!" He also said RDA has a great sense of humor and pragmatism... but "what a grouch." *grin* He also said CJ was the biggest prankster and is nothing like Teal'c.
(and with that, this is pretty much all I didn't get the first time in part 2)

Someone then asked why he started the trend of doctors getting killed on Stargate. He seemed pretty annoyed by this, saying that he didn't write it. LOL. He said that they thought it was the end in S7 so they wanted to do something dramatic. He didn't like the fact that Janet was killed off and said that Teryl had done a great job. "McGillion, on the other hand...." Hee hee. :)

So, that's about all I missed the first time around.

And here are some more pics.

We'll start with a sort of candid one of Alexis Cruz signing autographs. I don't think I was supposed to take pics here. When Cliff Simon had his autograph session, they stuck some big.... thing... in front of his table so that people wouldn't see him and I guess take pics of him. So this pic will just be our little secret, okay? ;)

Second pic is me standing next to the stage banner, taken by Strider6 (thanks Lori!)

And finally, a Gateworld group pic, taken by (I believe) helena (thanks Lori!).

first row l-r: me, Watcher652, lacka1986 (in the "I've ascended, have you" t-shirt), Mesenet, and Sue_Jackson
second row l-r: Strider and Trupi
third row l-r: Salty, Otera, knightie, Gate_Geek, and Starbird
fourth row l-r: sugar_shake, wwlh, sherryw, and SG1_poz

(if I've mixed anyone up here just give me a shout and I'll fix it)
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