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Puppy!Sam Picspam #149 (Supernatural)

Once again, I'm so sorry for taking way too long to post this. RL is still crazy, crazy enough that I had to take a fandom break for a little while. I'm back now. :)

Episode #7x23: Survival of the Fittest

A little less than 110 pics, so not very dial-up friendly. Hope you enjoy.

1. Hey, Puppy! *goes 'Boop'! To the PuppyNose*

2. *and does a few other things ;)*

3. It's the YouFrickinSerious??PuppyEyes™

4. “After this lets go back to Rufus' cabin so I can try out that PuppyTreats recipe, pleeeeease? *begs*”

5. Hm... Smug!Puppy? *twirls the flippy PuppyHair around fingers*

6. ISooooDidNotWantToHearThat!Puppy

7. Oh noes, kewt Puppy's gonna be sick! *readies puke bucket*

8. How could you, Dean?? *cuddles him*

9. Curious!Puppy

10. AreYouThinkingWhatIThinkYou'reThinking?Puppy

11. It's dark but we can tell it's him... look at that unmistakeable PuppyHair!

12. “So, for the last ingredient, the recipe says I need...... oh, that's just wrong.... but...PuppyTreats... I'm conflicted...”

13. “Oh ho, what have we here? Stealing mah facial shrugs, are ya, big brother?”

14. *gently kisses six five forehead*

15. Facial Shrug Alert! Hm, maybe Puppy stole it back? LOL ;)

16. In lieu of a flashlight of his own, the PuppyEyes™ attempt to light the way

17. Dean's inappropriate turn of phrase earns him a bitchface

18. Fuzzy but... still bitchfacing!

19. Puppy is so desperate to get that missing recipe ingredient, he decides to summon Crowley! Aw come on, boy, I'm sure there's an easier way to get it!

20. So, did it work? Inquiring PuppyEyes™ want to know...

21. Skeptical!Puppy

22. “Now who might that be knockin' at the door? Hopefully the delivery of my special PuppyTreats recipe ingredients...” Tsk, one track mind, Puppy *pets PuppyHair*

23. “I cannot speak to you now. I am warming up for another bitchface competition with your Puppy brother.” Dean: “.........”

24. “And as you might assume, I am warming up for a PuppyEyes competition as well...”

25. “Whut? I thought we had a truce... *feels betrayed*”

26. “And you KNOW you can't beat me, biatch. *PuppyEyes™ for emphasis*”

27. *takes PuppyHair out from behind PuppyEars and musses it up*

28. *pets... just 'cause*

29. Puppy gives a slight bitchface in response to his PuppyEyes™/Bitchface rival's hypocrisy

30. “In my desperation to find the remaining ingredient for mah ancient PuppyTreats recipe, we called Crowley. Sowwy, Meg.”

31. Crowley's impromptu appearance makes Puppy bitchface

32. Looks like a little bitchface warning against Crowley coming any closer...

33. *huggles*

34. It's an I'mNotHere,I'mNotHere,I'mNotHere!Bitchface

35. Hee! Puppy sez: “Yeah, we have no idea either... But we keep him around 'cause he's amusing... just play along.”

36. “Crowley? You did bring that missing ingredient, right, right? *iz worried*”

37. Crowley says he has. Puppy: “O RLY, gurl?”

38. *bitchface of skepticism*

39. “Hand over the goods NAO.”

40. Whoa! Nice catch, Puppy! :) And nice bitchface action, (“Hey! You almost made me drop mai precious PuppyTreats ingredient!”) lol

41. *stares*

42. *caresses PuppySideburn*

43. “Here goes nothin'... hope this recipe works”

44. Hm, the PuppyEyes™ seem spooked for some reason...

45. Worried!Puppy hopes the PuppyTreats come out ok

46. Hee! FunnyFace!Puppy

47. “Oh, look who's back and wants another showdown! I'm done. These PuppyEyes™ reign supreme and that's it.”

48. *bitchface*

49. *bitchface*

50. Fangirl alert ;)

51. “Please, Puppy Winchester. You need nourishment to prepare yourself fully for your tough competition. *PuppyEyes*” Puppy: “Uh huh....”

52. Confuzzled!Puppy doesn't understand the multiple Dicks


54. “OMG! Could this possibly be the NoLongerAwesomenessThatIsBobby in disguise??”

55. Flashback!Puppy tries to stifle a bitchface as he nearly gets turned into a puppy pancake

56. “Ooh, that biatch is SO gonna get it!! *determined PuppyEyes™*”

57. … And a determined bitchface

58. Yep, the NoLongerAwesomenessThatIsBobby opened up a huge can of bitchface whoop-ass! *nods*

59. “Alright, listen up, biatch, Kewt Puppy is here to save your ass. Obey Teh Kewtness...”

60. Trying desperately to make his point with the PuppyEyes™

61. Aww, poor Puppy being rough housed by the MostDefinitelyEvilnessThatIsBobby! The PuppyEyes™ cry out for help...

62. “EEP, mai PuppyToy!! WTF did you get that?!”

63. Some nice Flying PuppyHair. Because he's worth it. *g*

64. “Cower in the presence of my awesome PuppyHair!”

65. *curls up lip and growls menacingly*

66. Puppy!!! Nooooooo!! *curses The MostDefinitelyEvilnessThatIsBobby*

67. What is it with all these monsters and the PuppyNeck obsession?

68. Aww.... *administers TLC*

69. Still... that girl's awfully lucky to be given a ride via the Puppy Express :)

70. Random bitchface time, I guess

71. “Yes, young grasshopper. You are coming along beautifully and may soon be ready for our next competition.” Puppy: “Shut up. Mah bitchfaces trump yours and you know it. *bitchface*”

72. SooooooNotInTheMoodForYerCrap,Darlin'!Puppy

73. *brushes wayward strands of former PuppyMop away from face*

74. Back to the bitchface showdown, but Dean interrupts it. A bitchface for him

75. “Oh! Um... about all that MostDefinitelyEvilness stuff? I just said it out of anger... heh...”

76. Aww, Puppy suddenly feels guilty about badmouthing ThePossiblyAwesomenessThatIsBobby in such a way

77. “Aw, I know you tried to kill Kewt Puppy... but all's forgiven, really!” Guess Bobby somehow helped him with those ancient PuppyTreats...

78. Bobby: “And when it's your time.... go.” Puppy: “*wibble*” Aww....

79. *pets*

80. I know I keep saying it, but... Awwwwwwww... :( *huggles tight*

81. *more huggles... and pets PuppyHair*

82. Extra cautious PuppyEyes™ as Puppy creeps into Dick's fortress

83. Um, Puppy? Why are you bitchfacing the door handle? Lol

84. Here we see Puppy reacting to the sound of a Crispy!Leviathan howling in pain

85. “Oh noes, mai PuppyFriend is in trouble! Hang on, little guy, I'll save you!”

86. OMIGAWD!Puppy

87. Puppy explains the urgency of the situation to him with the PuppyEyes™

88. *stares again*

89. “Whut? Dick wants to kill all the kewt, skinny puppies? Nooooo...”

90. Bitchface Deluxe directed at Dick! (how's that for alliteration? Heh)

91. Once again, Puppy to the rescue with bonus Flying PuppyHair!

92. “OMG, did you really kill teh mean puppy killer ded??”

93. TrainWreck!Puppy … it's so bad, but he cannot turn away

94. EWW,IckyDickBitsAreGonnaGoFlyin'!Puppy

95. Eep! Gotta protect the precious PuppyEyes™ and PuppyHair!

96. “WTF? He had the ancient PuppyTreats ingredients here the WHOLE TIME??”

97. Puppy's conflicted... he's still horrified by what took place, but feels like a kid in a candy store now that he's got all the ingredients...

98. It's a GoAway,Biatch!Bitchface for Crowley

99. “Whut?? Those PuppyTreats ingredients are actually RAT POISON? How could you lie to a kewt Puppy? *wibble*”

100. Bzuh?Puppy

101. “You mean I can NEVER have PuppyTreats??”

102. “You will pay for this, biatch. *bitchface*”

103. “Keep the mean puppy killers from organizing?? But-but I can't do all that! I'm just one Puppy! *iz overwhelmed*” Aw, we believe in you, Puppy!

104. GiveMeBackMahBrother,Biatch!Puppy

105. “You're taking mai PuppyFriend too??”

106. “Touch the fangirls and I will kills you DED. *sets jaw*”

107. Poor Puppy :(

108. “Oh noes... I truly am alone now. :(:(:( *wibbles more*” Awwww that's not true, Puppy, you have us! We'll help you find your big brother, promise! *big huggles*

Bitchface count: 18
Facial Shrugs: 1

Well, that's it! Can't believe the season is over. Here's hoping to another season filled with adorable PuppyEyes™, facial shrugs, bitchfaces, and (perhaps most importantly to a few of us) gorgeous PuppyHair! See ya'll next season :)

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