jessm78 (jessm78) wrote,

Ups and Downs

Have no idea what to title this. But there's some good things and bad things in this post, so I guess it sort of fits.

Okay first, I was so happy to hear this morning about the Yankees' win!! I wonder if this means we'll get a subway series?? (loved the brouhaha back in 2000)

This afternoon while I was on lunch hour I got a call that my great-uncle John had passed away, either last night or this morning. It wasn't a shock really because he was 92 and had been sick for quite a while (he'd had dementia for at least a couple of years and when we went to an engagement party last year, he didn't even know who my mother was). My dad went to see him in the hospital on Monday and said he didn't look good. They'd taken the IV out (I'm pretty sure he was in there due to a kidney infection) because his arm was swollen and they couldn't find the vein. So without the IV he had no medication, so... I guess it was inevitable. I don't know when they're going to have the services or anything, right now we're just contacting relatives. I feel bad for my dad's cousin (great-uncle John's daughter) because she lost her mother only last year and her sister 5 years ago. At the bridal shower I went to on Sunday she said they'd really lost him a few years ago. I also feel bad for my grandmother. She was one of 9 kids (big Irish-German family, lol) and now she's the only one left. I do thank God though that she is in relatively good health and still pretty active at 86.

So, that was my "down."

I did get a nice surprise when I came home from work though. My Ghost Hunters DVDs arrived in the mail, woo-hoo!! (yes I am a sucker for this show - come on, it's entertaining, LOL! Plus I love how they try to disprove's my scientific background) I couldn't believe it because I just got an email yesterday from Amazon telling me that they shipped. Did not expect to get them the very next day! Think I'll take off early tonight and treat myself to a little marathon...

So that's about it... can't believe tomorrow we have the last eps of SG-1 and Atlantis til the mid-season break. Not holding out a lot of hope for SG-1 (am I too jaded?) but interested to see how Atlantis will be. And again I will use the "it's a different show" trick like I tried in Memento Mori. It did help actually - I think otherwise I might have started throwing things at the TV.

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