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Supernatural and SGA: Episode reviews

Okay, so I missed reviewing last week's episodes of both shows since I was all going crazy getting organized for the con, so I'll include both last week's and this week's in this post.  Beware of spoilers.

#3.05 Bedtime Stories

I thought this ep was pretty cool.  None of the new gals - just our boys trying to solve a mystery like the good old days.  Heh, seriously, this felt a bit more like a season 1 episode to me.  It was neat seeing these fairy tales played out at their inner, dark roots.

Loved seeing the boys in suits again (in the hospital), loved Sam's stick figure police sketch.  Tee hee. :) 

Loved their walking around and finding the house with the pumpkins outside, and Sam mentioning the Cinderella story with the pumpkin that turns into a coach... and of course Dean's "Dude, could you be more gay?"

The seemingly sweet little old lady who invites the young couple into her home... that was a bit chilling... eek.

Oh, before I forget... it's Ambassador Joe Faxon (from SG-1 2010 and 2001) playing the doctor in the hospital whose daughter is in a coma! Another SG-1 alum (sorta)! Cool!! :D  </geek mode off>

Dean trying to convince the doctor to let his daughter go, and Sam seeing the connection to himself there... "Is that what you want me to do, Dean? Just let you go?"  Dean walks away to just leave Sam standing there, watching him.  Powerful.  Almost reminiscent of some of the scenes in IMTOD.

I almost didn't expect Sam to kill the CRD like that.  Definitely seeing more of his cold streak. Can't wait to see what's ahead for this whole evil-for-the-sake-of-good thing. You could tell just how much he wants to get Dean out of the deal. I am curious about the Crossroad Demon's boss. A few people at one of the forums I visit were speculating that it was Ruby (though I don't know about that, especially after the Crossroad Demon's "she'll get hers" to Sam), who they think could be Meg. Not sure what to think but I guess we'll find out soon enough.

#3.06 Red Sky at Morning

I like stories about ghost ships.  I liked the premise behind this episode, but I wasn't too impressed with some of the execution.  I think this one had a bit too much of Bela for my liking.  I don't really hate her but she seemed even more Mary Sue-ish to me in this episode, especially once she had seen the ship and then trying not to mention she had done something horrible in her past (they said that anyone who'd seen the ship had spilled their family's blood at some point). 

Things I did like:  Poor Sam and the old spinster coming on to him.  ("It's *MS.* Case.")  He is trying to be polite but is clearly so uncomfortable.  Heh.  And Dean a bit amused at his predicament, especially at the party. 

Dean hyperventilating when he finds the Impala gone.  And his reaction after Bela appears and says it was in a tow-away zone after she finished with it (the whole "can I shoot her?" and Sam's "Not in public" thing... heh).

When the brother of the guy who was killed mentioned he saw the ship, so Sam and Dean follow him back to his place and sit there, keeping an eye out for him.  When they're found, the guy accuses them of not being cops or detectives, especially in that "crummy car" (or whatever expression he used).  Dean's reaction: "Now there's no need to get nasty"...  someone insulted his poor baby. *grin*

Back to Bela again... Okay, I have to say that she is reminding me a bit of Vala on SG-1.  She steals, she is out for herself, but she wants us to see that she isn't all bad.  That sounds a bit like Vala to me - at least the season 9 Vala.  I mean, the way she says to Dean "After this is over we should have angry sex" sounds a lot like a few things Vala has said to Daniel either in Prometheus Unbound or early S9 ("I'm pregnant and there's a 1 in 10 chance you may be the father"... "this isn't that different from the time Daniel and I had sex"... etc. etc.).  Not that I'm saying there's a direct comparison there, but she did seem at least vaguely reminiscent.

I felt bad for Sam after they couldn't save that one guy and he said "lately it feels like I can't save anyone."  And he is getting bolder, the way he doesn't want to hear Dean worrying so much about him (in the beginning where he is angry at Sam for killing the CRD and says he should be careful, and in the end where he keeps telling Sam he's going to be okay).  It really seems like Dean doesn't give a whit about the fact he's dying, that he's not being serious about it, and it's really getting to Sam.  After he tells Dean to worry about himself, the look on Dean's face made him seem almost disconnected.  The tension building up here has to be leading to something big.  I'm looking forward to it (and I hope we don't have to wait too long to see it, with the pending WGA strike. *sigh*).

Preview for next week's ep looks interesting.  Gordon is back again and he seems to be after Sam (well I'd assume so after what he said at the end of Bad Day at Black Rock).  Looking forward to it.

SGA #4.06 Tabula Rasa

This episode was pretty interesting.  I did get a little confused here and there, with all the switching back and forth in the time frame, but during the second viewing it all made sense.  The plot vaguely reminded me of SG-1's "Broca Divide", especially with Teyla and Ronon both immune to the disease (as Teal'c was to the virus in Broca Divide).  I liked the scenes between McKay and ... what was the female botanist's name (the one who first exhibited symptoms of the disease)? Was pretty cute in the end when he was at her bedside.  I also liked everyone sticking together as a proper team when they were trying to figure out how to get to the bottom of this.  Again SGA is delivering nicely with the team dynamics.  Another thing I missed in SG-1 the past 2 seasons (I guess you all are tired of me saying that, LOL... sorry).

I wish I could remember more, but I saw this ep the night before I went to the con and then brought the DVD with me for people to watch.  But these are the things that stand out the most for me.

#4.07 Missing

Okay, I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I fell asleep during the last 10 or so minutes of this episode.  It wasn't that I found it boring, I was just exhausted from the day yesterday (actually the whole week ) so it caught up on me.  It was nice seeing Dr. Keller interact with Teyla though.  I didn't blame her for freaking out when they had to cross that rope bridge... I think I would have been terrified myself. 

What were Shep and McKay doing? Some sort of movie trivia? Heh...

I really wish I could remember more about this episode.  Anyone want to fill me in on what happened in the last 10-15 minutes?  I taped it but I don't think I got the whole thing (I had paused it to cut out commercials and I think that's when I fell asleep).
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