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New Icons (S/D, MS & AT)

Have 5 new icons to share.  4 are Sam/Daniel and one is MS & AT (can't remember where I found the pic... but it was I believe from this summer's Comic Con).  Two of the S/D ones are from a neat little promo pic from Ark of Truth which I happened to find courtesy of whisper99 and holdouttrout (thanks guys!). 

I've been writing a new fic that is essentially Sam whumpage, with some team friendship and S/D friendship (which may turn into more later on).  Set in very early S7 and mostly me venting about the accident I was in over the summer.  Even though it's been almost 4 months since I was seriously hurt, and I've improved a lot, it does help to write about it... sort of cathartic in a way.  Anyway I am polishing up a first chapter of it and working on a second.  I'll probably wait until I have it all done before I start posting to places like (if I post there at all... I'm sure I'll get flames again), but I may start posting it here as soon as I get the second chapter all finished.

Anyway here are the icons.  Feel free to use if you like. Credit not entirely necessary but appreciated.

Tags: amanda tapping, art: icons, stargate, stargate: michael shanks, stargate: sg-1: sam/daniel

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