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Meta Discussion on Sam's Hair, Part 5

Why, yes, I *am* still this obsessed... *g*

I even updated my graphic/logo thingy to include season 7! It's been over a year since I posted the last installment. I couldn't decide if I should just do season 7 as one part, or wait until season 8 had finished and combine the two. But no, I don't have the patience to wait that long. Heh. Plus, this ended up being pretty long on its own. So yeah, season 8 will get its own part as well when the time comes. So this picspam covers all of season 7. There are no spoilers for season 8, just speculation. I have read all the spoilers I've seen so far, but I won't spoil anyone. Well, I guess my userpic for this post might be spoilery, if you consider Sam's hair a spoiler, hehe... but if you didn't even notice then I think we're good. ;) And the usual disclaimers apply: Do not mock, I know I'm crazy but it's the good kind of crazy and all that....

So what can we say about Sam's hair in season 7? It's not too different from season 6, except that it's longer and maybe a little fuller. His layers are still pretty long and grown out, although they appear to be trimmed up from the second half of the season onward (except for the final few episodes). His hair also starts looking a bit season 3-ish - not so much in terms of length, but in the layers and fullness around his face.

When we come back after season 6, it's implied that Sam isn't “fine” at all, that visions of Lucifer are torturing him inside. Around 7x04 he starts saying that he's alright, if perhaps to keep up appearances and I think we can see it in his hair, which looks incredible at this point. There are times when his grooming seems to slip a little, perhaps giving us a little window into his true mental state, that he's not all “fine”, but is still not admitting it. Even after HalLucifer is dealt with, there are times where his hair looks just plain greasy and plastered to his face/head. Which can probably account for the fact that they're so busy dealing with Ghost!Bobby as well as the leviathans and he doesn't have time to wash it or otherwise care for it much. His sideburns are also larger than they were last season, pretty much into season 5 territory (or are they even bigger than that...?). They appear a little tamed around 7x15, but that's about it.

So for Meet the New Boss, we pick up where season 6 left off. One would expect Sam's hair to look the same, and it... kinda does. Actually IMHO it looks even better than it did in 6x22, fuller and maybe not as straightened. But the length looks about the same. What do you think?

(Eep, look at the softness! *wants to pet so badly*)

In Hello Cruel World and The Girl Next Door (the first ep that was filmed), it looks about the same. I've noticed in the past couple of seasons or so that in the first few eps they film, Jared's hair looks more natural/soft/wavy and then the rest of the season it's very straightened/plastered down to look the same. Anyway, pics...

Even though Sam is being tortured by HalLucifer, his hair still looks great! Go figure...

(GAH, the Puppy Eyes ... *ded*)

Next come Defending Your Life and Shut Up, Doctor Phil. And I absolutely *love* Sam's hair in these two episodes. It's very long, but it's still styled very nicely and just gorgeous. Like I mentioned above, it's here that Sam confesses to Dean that he's alright. And while he may not be totally “alright” inside, he sure gives that outward impression, especially through the hair. *g*

Even as Fed!Sam, where the hair is usually restrained to death, it looks amazing.

Holy shit, the hair is amazing... ignore the bitchface, just concentrate on the hair... LOL

Sammy, you may not be totally alright, but your hair sure is! *swoon*

Again... even as Fed!Sam the hair is major win

Whoa, that hair is nearly shoulder length now!

From Slash Fiction up through How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters, his hair again looks pretty much the same. At times it seems really straightened, though, especially in The Mentalists and Season 7, Time for a Wedding! Which I guess we can attribute to Sam's Luci-caused inner torment starting to show through a little...

And so beginneth the restraint of the pretty hair... he doesn't even look that thrilled about it... *g*

Yep, it's the I'm-A-Serious-Fed-So-I-Straighten-And-Restrain-The-Hell-Out-Of-My-Hair look

And now the I'm-Back-To-My-Pretty-Cute-Self-So-My-Hair-Looks-Pretty-Again look

And here's Sam at his “wedding” ... hair flattened/straightened, but not all that bad...

And looking a bit more natural here... hair and smile team up to form a deadly combo, don't they?

In this scene from How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters, he's got the old flattened/straightened restrained fed hair, and the sideburns are mucho prominent...

However... after they go out trekking in the woods and go for a bite to eat and then a stakeout, his hair is back to its pretty, silky self...

Hell yeah...

In Death's Door, which picks right up from the last episode, Sam's hair looks kinda crazy. It's haphazard, almost greasy, stuck underneath his jacket collar, etc. And with good reason. He's upset over Bobby and not only that, but we can finally see a hint that Lucifer is still tormenting him deep down. As crazy as the hair may look, it works.

One of the “saner” appearances of Sam's hair in this ep... which makes sense because it's flashing back to the previous episode...

And his hair looks pretty in Bobby's grapefruit...

The haphazard hair

His hair looks pretty much the same in Adventures In Babysitting, probably because he's still upset over Bobby, although it does seem to perk up a bit later...

See? Starting to look purty again :)

Don't say that hair doesn't kill you!

Over the next two episodes, it still doesn't change much, except maybe look a bit longer...

Time After Time After Time ... Once again, he's posing as a fed and is supposed to have the very restrained hair. But he doesn't. It looks like it did in 7x04 and 7x05. Yum.

It looks so silky here, you just wanna reach out and touch it

In The Slice Girls, he's in a suit for most of the time, but his hair seems to go back and forth from super-restrained fed hair to more relaxed and gorgeous. This is one of the better times...

Going to pay special attention to Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie for a moment. I don't know what it is, but his hair is absolutely gorgeous IMO in this episode. It looks like they styled it more naturally and perhaps layered his hair a little more. Feast your eyes on the Pretty...

Even here where it's a bit more restrained, it looks very nice

Because He's Worth It. *g*

Wow, that hair has gotten so long...

Even after being attacked by clowns and covered in glitter, the hair still looks amazing... *g*

Repo Man is a special case. In the beginning, there's a flashback scene that goes back to late season 3-ish. Sam's hair *kinda* fits in that it's back to being parted in the middle and his sideburns seem just a bit more tamed. His hair might be perhaps just a bit too long for that time period, but his hair was getting longer back then anyway. For the rest of the episode, his layers seem to be trimmed up a little (esp. his bangs and around his face) and his hair exhibits a fullness that reminds me of season 3 ... so I guess he got a trim for the flashback scene. Whatever it is, the fullness is pretty awesome...



Here we can see the shorter layering of the bangs a little... and he really does look more like season 3 Sam here IMO

Undergoing HalLucifer torment back at the motel, the hair looks more like it usually does...

In Out With the Old, his hair doesn't look too different – it still has that nice season 3-inspired fullness while still having the length...

(A good example of this...)

Even with the restrained fed hair, it's doing a bit of that awesome flippy thing

Sam basically loses it in The Born Again Identity. Well, his mind, anyway. His hair, on the other hand, looks breathtakingly amazing. It suits him so well in this episode and reflects his state of mental torture. Long, unkempt, tousled … And there is some bonus facial scruff, which we'd never seen on him before. Although I hadn't noticed it the first time around, it looked like Sam was actually starting to lose his hair in this one! Thank goodness he's made better before he lost too much of that gorgeous mane.

Pre-breakdown, some sexy, bouncy hair even as HalLuci torments him

Poor boy :( But that scruff and hair are nice

Is that some hair loss we're seeing?? Noooo!

Party On, Garth is a bit weird. For about half of the episode or so, Sam's hair looks quite nice, as if it's relieved that he's finally free of HalLuci's torment. However, there are scenes where his hair looks quite helmet-y, as if it's been glued down to his head. The shorter layers around his jawline are pulled forward and almost... glued in place. While it's understandable when he's portraying a fed, it's not so much when he and Dean sneak into the brewery and drink so they can see the Shojo on the camera feed. So, yeah, I got nothing on this one. Maybe he suddenly started feeling self-conscious about losing some of the hair in the previous episode, and glued it down so it wouldn't be too noticeable? *g*

Somewhat restrained Fed!Hair, but still looking pretty casual and nice

First appearance of the gel/superglue, but he's still a fed so it's understandable

Back to looking a bit better...

Downing the drink at the brewery, the hair is greasy/glued down once again

This look unfortunately continues through Of Grave Importance. It's like his shorter layers are pulled forward and emphasized to give the appearance of a shorter haircut even though we occasionally see how long his hair really is in the back.

The episode's just started and already his hair is greased/glued into oblivion *sad face*

“Guess I did go a little overboard with the styling products, huh?”

Finally looking a bit more casual again

Yipes, that's some bad hair... Though to be fair, it seems as though he just got out of the shower, so his hair is probably damp and he didn't get a chance to blow-dry it into awesomeness yet

In The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo, Sam's hair is still a bit restrained-looking, although there are times when it looks like it's trying to bounce back to it's usual casual, fuller style. Maybe the bits of hair he lost are finally growing in so he doesn't have to try as hard to hide it anymore. ;)

Still looking a bit greasy (and straightened) here in the beginning, but... IDK. It doesn't look quite as bad as it did the past two episodes for some reason

Looks like it's starting to regain some of the nice flippy-ness it had earlier

Aw... hair looking all pretty and tousled

Here you can see how long his hair is in the back... It's kind of funny how often his hair gets stuck underneath his jacket or shirt collar and looks shorter than it really is

Uh, yeah, so his hair doesn't really change much from here to the end of the season. Except maybe it gets a little longer and flippy at the very end.

Reading is Fundamental:

Hair is still pretty super-gluey looking here but not as much... it looks a little better

But it's getting some of the flippy-ness back again

Here his hair is a weird combination of flippy and flat...

Starting to bounce back and look a little healthier :)

There Will Be Blood:

Hee, he has the same expression as he did in that pic from Of Grave Importance that I posted... but the hair looks a bit better here IMO

The hair looks like it's definitely bouncing back to life...

Survival of the Fittest:

Yep, even partially hidden by the shirt collar, that hair has gotten long...

Probably his least flattering 'do in this episode

Picked this one 'cause look at his face! Haha.. Well that's only part of the reason.. the hair looks pretty nice

And this is where Sam's hair is left as the season comes to a close

To sum up Sam's hair in season 7: It's not too different from the end of season 6 at the start, although looking more natural. It gradually gets longer, definitely longer than we've ever seen it. His sideburns get quite a bit larger too. Not too sure why – I'd attribute it to HalLuci's influence, but even after he's banished, the huge sideburns remain. Guess Sam decided he liked them? Around the 7x06-7x07 it started to look more restrained, pulled back from his face, straightened and flattened down a lot. Which we could probably attribute to HalLuci's torment finally starting to show on the surface. Around Plucky Pennywhistle, he got more layers in it and for a while it had an almost S3 fullness. Even after HalLuci is gone, he goes back to the greasy looking helmet hair. Not sure why, but again I'd bet he tried camouflaging the damage that was done during 7x17 where he appeared to be losing some of it. ;) Finally that corrected itself and he was able to make it look more natural.

So, what's in store for Sam's hair going into season 8? I'll try to address it without being too spoilery (again, I have read spoilers and have seen BTS pics of the first episode filmed, plus pics/video of Jared from Comic Con, but out of respect for anyone who is avoiding spoilers, I'll be as vague as possible). Depending on how much time passes between the finale and the S8 premiere, anything can happen. Will Sam in his grief over Dean being gone stop taking care of his hair so it will end up looking greasy, dirty and grimy? Will he have a “hair epiphany” and stop super-gluing it to his head? Again I will try to be vague but based on the pics I've seen so far, I am quite looking forward to episode 8x03. :) Hopefully there will be much more Pretty to drool over. Personally, I just love when his hair looks natural, not loaded up with product (one reason why I don't care for it in S4, and why I've had a love-hate relationship with it at various times since then).

Thanks for reading! You can stop side-eying me now. ;)

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