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My Favorite Sam Hair Moments (Picspam)

I'm sorry it's taken me longer to do this than I planned. Had some divorce-related crap to get out of the way, etc. I don't have a spiffy header/logo for this, so just imagine one's there, lol.

My Favorite Sam Winchester Hair Moments

Obvious disclaimer: I realize we all have different tastes, but these are my personal favorite Sam Hair moments. There were more I wanted to pick, but I tried to pick my most favoritest. Apologies in advance, I know some of my caps look like crap. And I know I'm obsessed and crazy, but again it's the good kind of crazy... I think...

1. Home

I love the way Sam looks as he pleads with Dean for them to go back to their house in Lawrence. He looks like a 5-year-old here. The bangs framing the PuppyEyes™ really help.

2. The Benders

He's got the bangs restrained here, but it looks nice and apparently is a portent of things to come later...

3. Shadow

I just love how casual his hair looks here, really goes with his “yeah right” expression.

4. Hell House

Love the fluffiness of his hair and the bangs are quite pretty. :)

5. Provenance

I know his hair is probably straightened as hell here, but I love the bangs in his eyes... and his dimple-y smile kills me ;)

6. Dead Man's Blood

Just thought the hair was really working for him in this ep. Getting longer and a bit more casual-looking.

7. In My Time of Dying

Sam was all banged up from the accident in this episode and the hair really works the way it's mussed up and in his eyes.

8. Everybody Loves A Clown

I know a lot of people hate this hair, but I absolutely love it. Again, for the same reason I love the IMTOD hair. He's been through hell and the hair reflects that very well. Plus I think it's cute. :) What? Don't look at me like that!

9. Bloodlust

So this is the episode where he starts parting the bangs and his forehead says hello, lol.. But at the end here a mighty wind blows and brings the bangs forward again (*thanks the mighty wind*). And he looks cute :)

10. The Usual Suspects

I know his hair looks a bit greasy in certain scenes of this episode (if it's not the lighting...), but I loved the way it looked in this scene. He'd just started to part and grow out the bangs, but they fall forward anyway. And fans of the PuppyMop squeed. :D

11. Playthings

The bangs are growing out but the hair is nice and casual-looking. It just suits him so well in this ep. Plus there's the bonus of Wet!Hair in the scene when he saves Tyler.

12. Nightshifter

Again his hair looks nice and casual... and very pretty in this lighting :)

13. Born Under A Bad Sign

Possessed!Hair is hot. That is all.

14. Tall Tales

His hair is doing that flicky-outy thing on the sides. I like :)

15. Heart

The hair was really working for him in this ep, too.. Can't put my finger on it but it was pretty.

16. All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1

Look at the flyaway strands!!

17. The Magnificent Seven

Sam's back for a new season and his hair is full and pretty. :)

18. Bedtime Stories

It's so nice and flicky and fluffy here

19. Fresh Blood

His hair looks so natural and full, not loaded with product

20. Dream A Little Dream of Me

I dunno, I just love the season 3 hair :) It's nice and wavy and flicky and full...

21. Mystery Spot

Again his hair is nice and full and soft-looking. I sound like a broken record, don't I. ;)

22. Lucifer Rising

I really did not care for his season 4 hair at all, but I was starting to like it again around this episode. It's back to being full and wavy and more soft-looking than it was in the rest of the season.

23. Free to Be You and Me

The hair is starting to get longer and it looks good. And I really envy Adrienne Palicki for getting to touch it ;)

24. Fallen Idols

Again the hair is getting longer and it's still full and hell, how could it NOT look hot in this scene? ;)

25. The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

The hair is wavy and so soft-looking. Yum....

26. Sam, Interrupted

Wow, the hair is getting long... still looks nice and natural. Sam's been bulking up and the volume of his hair complements it.

27. My Bloody Valentine

Normally his hair looks awfully restrained when he's disguised as a fed, but I really like it here

28. 99 Problems

I love the length and it looks so shiny and soft, as if freshly washed by fangirls ;)

29. Point of No Return

I also love it here. Love the flicky-outy-ness :)

30. All Dogs Go To Heaven

Because he's worth it...

31. My Heart Will Go On

His hair, OMG. It looks so nice and casual instead of restrained-to-death as it looked most of this season. He's got the almost-bangs going and the fullness that is almost reminiscent of season 3 hair.

32. Frontierland

The hair just looks gooood with the cowboy hat :)

33. Mommy Dearest

Again I love how casual his hair looks in this scene instead of straightened and plastered to his head.

34. DefendingYour Life

OMG OMG OMG. The hair is such LOVE here. Nice and casual and soft and a bit flippy... just as I love it.

35. Shut Up, Dr. Phil

Hair just looks damn goood, even in disguise as a fed

36. How To Win Friends and Influence Monsters

So the hair is a little more restrained, but it still looks quite soft and is doing that awesome flippy thing on the ends :)

37. Time After Time After Time

Again as a fed his hair is usually more restrained... it looks so pretty here

38. Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie

His hair was so long and fluffy and pretty-looking in this one. I just found it so endearing.

39. Out With the Old

Just love the layering in it here

40. The Born-Again Identity

Sam's losing it but his hair looks fantastic

41. Party On, Garth

His hair was hit and miss IMO in this ep (at times it looked a bit helmet-y), but I loved it here

42. The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

Love the flippy-ness :D

43. Survival of the Fittest

I know his face is hilarious LOL but I had to use this one to illustrate the hair, again how soft and long and casual it looks :)

That's about it, but I will add on to this once season 8 is airing. Hopefully there will be a lot more to add (and seeing filming pics lately, I think that will be the case *grin*). Hope you liked. :) Are there any you think I might have missed? Let me know and hook me up with a screencap or two if you like!
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