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Reviews: Supernatural #3.07 Fresh Blood; SGA #4.08 The Seer (oh and some RL stuff mixed in, too)

Yeah I just have to taint an episode review post with some silly RL stuff.  But I'll save that for last.  Beware of spoilers in the reviews.

Supernatural: Fresh Blood

I really enjoyed this episode. Annoyed at Bela's role here though, giving away the boys' position to Gordon and so forth, but at least she wasn't a huge presence in the episode. I have to wonder what Dean will do once they catch up with her again.

Anyway, Gordon was one of the guys I loved to hate and strange as it seems I kinda miss him now. It did wrap up that storyline nicely though, and how fitting of him to be turned into one of the things he devoted his life to hunting.

The ep was quite dark, but I think it showed that Sam hasn't gone *totally* darkside yet. The look on his face when Dean killed the girl-turned-vampire in the beginning, and his reaction to the whole thing kind of reminded me a bit of how he felt about killing Madison in Heart. There was also his kind of disgusted (and a bit surprised I think) reaction after he'd beheaded Gordon with that wire.

Speaking of the girl-turned-vampire, when they were interrogating her and she was talking about the guy who gave her "roofies" (aka Dixon the vampire)... He's "old... like 30." Hey, I resemble that remark.  *tsk*! How old was this girl supposed to be, in her teens?  Because she looked like she was close to 30 herself.  Just sayin'...

I loved the brother moments in it too. Loved how Sam told Dean he could see through his act, that he (Dean) is scared, and how he's looked up to Dean and followed him around since he was 4 and knows him better than anyone else. The way he said "I just wish you'd be my brother again, 'cause.... Just 'cause" was very touching. I think Dean's facade started to crack there.

I also loved the auto shop lesson at the end... the way Dean wanted Sam to try fixing the car since it's something he'll need to know for the future. And the way Sam just accepted it...

Now we have a 2 week break till the Christmas episode on Dec. 13th.  I hear that one should be very good so I'm looking forward to it.

SGA: The Seer

I liked this episode as well.  The premise was very interesting, especially the fact that these visions the seer (Davos) gave everyone weren't the final outcomes of the situations - they just gave them glimpses of what they could expect some point along the way.

Sam was very good here.  Although I found it weird that she was referring to McKay as "Rodney" all of a sudden.  I was a bit surprised at first that she called Shep "John," but then I realized that they're pretty much the same rank - so it's not out of the ordinary (I guess it's like her calling Cam by his first name too).  But McKay was always "McKay", even in McKay and Mrs. Miller, from what I remember.  Again I didn't see anything shippy between her and Rodney, which was nice.  I'm also liking her interaction with Shep even though I don't find any of that shippy either.

Still missing Elizabeth though.

I was pretty iffy on that Wraith who Shep encountered last season.  At first I wanted to trust him, but then when that ship started appearing and he said they are alerted to his whereabouts, I thought he could have been double-crossing Atlantis.  But when the second one appeared...  

It's interesting that the Wraith and the humans have this common enemy in the Replicators now.

Ah, Woolsey is back.  Interesting interaction he had with Sam.  Totally expected that he would freak out over trusting the Wraith, cloaking the city, and etc.  He's another character I love to hate... And the part near the end with telling Sam that he'd go back to that midway station (or whatever it was escapes me at the moment) but then his report wouldn't be very complete.

Yep it's confirmed that Teyla is pregnant.  I'm pretty much spoiler-free on Atlantis (meaning I don't actively search for spoilers, but I don't mind hearing them at all *grin*) so I'm not sure how it will be addressed... will they ever give any clues as to how and by whom she was impregnated? 

Next new ep is in 2 weeks... looking forward to it.

Now onto the crazy RL stuff... yeah I need a cut for this too...

I was supposed to meet this guy this afternoon.  He is the guy whom I found out about through a friend of my mom's friend who lives in Georgia.  He works down the street from where I live.  I've been in touch with him via email the past week or so.  We made plans to get together for coffee this afternoon at 2:30.  I gave him my cell # in case anything came up. 

I have lunch, get ready and race out the door down to a Borders Books and Music at this place called Airport Plaza which is about 10-15 min. away from me.  It's an airport for small charter planes and the like... but on the other side is this sort of shopping center that has a Borders, a few clothing stores, card store, sporting goods, and a few restaurants.  We were meeting in the Borders coffee shop.  I get there at exactly 2:30.  Now we never really exchanged info on who to look for and whatnot.  My mom's friend only told me he was tall with reddish hair.  I didn't see anyone who looked like that when I went over to the shop.  I waited, walked around the store, went up front in case he was coming in, and I didn't see anyone who might look like him.  Mostly middle aged guys and guys in late teens -early twenties (this guy is about 37). 

2:45 rolls around, and then 3.  I checked my cell (as I had done before I left the house) to see if he'd left me a voice mail, but there was nothing.  Then suddenly at 10 after 3 the phone rings and it's him.  He asked if I was over there now and I said I was. He asked what I looked like so I told him I'm about 5'2", wear glasses and have long brown hair.  I figured he was somewhere around the store and was looking for me.  He tells me that he was sitting in the coffee shop at the first table because he thought that's where we were meeting, but he didn't think he saw me so he left. 


Then he apologizes for the misunderstanding, so I apologized as well and said that I was over there looking for him but they only told me that he was tall and had reddish hair.  He laughs and says "Really? I don't have reddish hair, I have brown hair!"  Then he asks me if we could reschedule, so I'm thinking maybe we could meet tomorrow (which is fine as I don't have anything planned really), but he says he'll email me during the week about meeting again.  I'm frantically searching my memory trying to remember if I had anything planned. I tell him it should be fine except that I have to go to physical therapy 3 days a week (briefly mentioning that I broke my shoulder during the summer), but it's only right after work.  He tells me we'll work something out and that was about the extent of the conversation.

I remembered that my mom was doing coffee demonstrations at the Bed, Bath and Beyond next door (second job of hers...she demonstrates this single-cup coffee maker).  I stopped in to see her, briefly mentioned that I didn't meet the guy.  She asked me to stick around till 4 so we could meet for coffee. 

So, I ended up having coffee (er, tea) with my mom in Borders instead.  I told her all about what happened and she was annoyed.  Her exact words were  "he doesn't sound too swift."  She couldn't believe that he just up and left.  I'd walked over to the shop and stuck my head in countless times (all the people sitting there must have thought I was a loony tune).  You'd think if the guy saw someone doing that...  I guess I should have told him what I looked like, so I guess it was my fault too.   He'd also told me on the phone "I went back to my shop." He works at this sign shop and he'd told me in email that he had the day off today.  My mom thinks he went there to check his email so he could get my cell # and call me.  I think he only has internet at work so it might make sense. 

I don't know if I'll hear from him this week or not.  But I was pretty angry that I wasted an afternoon over there and that he just left.  I didn't see anyone in the coffee shop who might have looked like him, and no one that was looking around as if they were waiting for someone.  Miscommunication just frustrates me so much, even though I know it's partly my fault.

*sigh* Hoping for better luck next time...
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