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Puppy!Sam Picspam #150 (Supernatural)

Guess who's baaaaaaaack....

Episode #8x01: We Need To Talk About Kevin

I really meant to get this picspam posted a LOT earlier, but I was distracted this weekend by following the Toronto con, and then today Imgur was giving me trouble for about 4 hours. *sigh* Finally it's up and running, so I was able to get it finished and posted. These screencaps are from my own recordings, so they're not HQ or anything. What do you think? Should I keep doing them like this or just download the eps and make caps from them so they're pretty and HD?

This is a huge, whopping picspam of 160 pics, so not dial-up friendly. Hope you like.

1. Previously on Puppy!Sam Picspam... Awww, Puppieeeeee :( *huggles*

2. And one year later....... Is that Puppy?? Come out of the shadows, sweetie!

3. Awww, another puppy!! :)

4. Something troubles you, Puppy... why don't you tell us fangirls all about it so we can kiss and make it better...

5. Yup, something troubles him so much it gives him the urge to bitchface... but he can't quite manage it...

6. ZOMG, even in this darkness... teh PuppyHair... *drools*

7. And here we see Puppy returning to Rufus' cabin. Probably to see if there are any PuppyTreats still stashed away that he hasn't found yet ;)

8. *twirls flippy PuppyHair strands around fingers*

9. *stares*

10. Aw :( *pets*

11. Puppy! Nooo! ... Uh..Dean? *confused fangirl*

12. *Dean spashes water* “Nooo, please have mercy on teh PuppyHair, which has been whipped into perfection by caring fangirls!”

13. Eh? WTF?Puppy is confuzzled by Dean's sudden appearance, and his sudden hostility toward the PuppyHair

14. Noooooo!!! The salt and water will wreak havoc on that poor PuppyHair... it might frizz up something terrible! *prepares emergency treatment just in case*

15. 'ThaHellYouGotAgainstThePuppyHair,Biatch??Puppy

16. Noooo!! Bad Dean! Leave the PuppyLimb alone!! *snaps on nurse uniform and grabs First Aid kit*

17. Aww, Puppy... we'll make it all better! *gives TLC*

18. “Uh, fangirls? ... The TLC makes me feel much better.. Can you help me up now? Kthx”

19. Yep, the PuppyEyes™ are more than a little weirded out by Dean's behavior

20. “You're really scaring the kewt Puppy, big brother... please stop? *PuppyEyes™*”

21. *Dean brandishes PuppyToy* “Heh, really, Puppy don't wanna play right now...”

22. Awkward!Puppy

23. Aw, nice awkward PuppySmile :)

24. Awwwwwwwwww

25. *melts*

26. *still melting*

27. Heh.. Fangirl Alert ;)

28. It's the OMGCannotComprehendBigBrotherIsAlive!PuppyEyes™

29. Now it's the 'ScuseMe???PuppyEyes™

30. *stares some more*

31. *...and more*

32. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

33. “What about my PuppyEyes™/Bitchface rival? Any leads on him?” Puppy's secretly hoping for one last competition, lol...

34. “Whut? So, no more PuppyEyes™/Bitchface competitions? I just... find that hard to even comprehend....”

35. “Let's have a moment of silence for his well attempted, yet clearly not as good, bitchfaces and PuppyEyes™.....”

36. “Uh, I'm actually feeling conflicted now. This means I don't have to defend my titles anymore, which is great, but I still feel bad the little guy is missing....”

37. Poor Puppy still looks uneasy. *unbuttons PuppyShirt further... runs hands through PuppyHair... caresses PuppySkin...*

38. “Ah thanks, fangirls... I feel much better...”

39. He's been a bad Puppy... so he offers the PuppyEyes™ to soften the blow

40. And the fangirls help relax him a little ;)

41. Aww, kewt PuppyShrug :)

42. “Yeah I gave up hunting... but the fangirls and I settled down, they gave me some really awesome spa treatments and we all opened up our own spa and doggie daycare center, and they made my PuppyHair all nice and natural and pretty again! So they took good care of me and all's good. See?”

43. *nervous smile*

44. Dean's not impressed. Bitchface time.

45. Hee! FunnyFace!Puppy

46. “I'm still the same kewt Puppy. Come on, you can't be mad at these PuppyEyes™... Huh? Huh?”

47. *licks PuppyDimple again*

48. *stares some more*

49. I think Puppy wants a kissy.... okay hon, if you insist ;)

50. How do you do it, Puppy? How do you manage to render a whole group of fangirls senseless and weak-kneed?

51. The PuppyEyes™ beg Dean for forgiveness

52. Nope, you're guilty as charged, Puppy. He bitchfaces himself in disappointment. Aw... *pets*

53. Aw, he's hanging his PuppyHead in shame :(

54. Chef Puppy offers to make a sumptuous dinner for Dean as a peace offering

55. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

56. Heh... it's his Soup a la PuppyTreats ;)

57. NomNomNom!Puppy is still concerned

58. Oops, got a stubborn PuppyTreats crumb stuck in his PuppyTeeth...

59. CanIHelpYou?Puppy

60. “Huh, that voice sounds familiar. Could that be... mai old PuppyFriend??”

61. “Okay, I get it. I'm a sucky PuppyFriend...”

62. “*listens to next message* Oh noes, did I drive mai PuppyFriend to drink? *starts feeling remorse*”

63. Fangirl Alert ;)

64. “*feels extremely guilty* I'm a terrible PuppyFriend. Sowwy, little buddy... *wibble*”

65. “:(“

66. *tail between legs*

67. *self-bitchface*

68. *tail still between legs*

69. Aw... hate to see you looking so guilty, Puppy... *pets*

70. Well, on the up side, Researchy!Puppy is back

71. “What? No, there isn't an eager fangirl under the table. Oh nooooo... *bent halo*”

72. *tries to look innocent*

73. “Heh.. Okay, ya got me, dude... There is a fangirl. Actually, two.”

74. *iz smug*

75. “Damn, I'b god amotha PubbyTrea cruh shtuck in mah too...*” (*Damn, I got another PuppyTreat crumb stuck in my tooth)

76. The PuppyEyes™ concede Dean was right... turning his back on his PuppyFriend was the wrong thing to do

77. Ooh, might that be a new PuppyShirt?

78. AhCaintBelieveYouJustSaidThat,Darlin!Puppy

79. *pets the soft-looking PuppyHair*

80. Facial Shrug Alert!

81. Heh... Puppy's in the background, filling up the Impala with the stash of PuppyTreats he raided from the gas station convenience store :D

82. Okay... I gotta do this... *dies*

83. Puppy. Because he's worth it ;)

84. Good morning, Puppy! *stares some more* Um... why the bitchface?

85. *drowns in the sea of porn that is Puppy's hair*

86. Hee!You'rePrecious,Sweetheart!Puppy

87. OhMyGawd,ThisBSIsSooooTiresome!Puppy

88. “I already told you, Dean. I'm a kewt Puppy. With killer PuppyEyes™ *flashes them*”

89. Oh, to be the lucky girl who ends up being questioned by the dashing Agent Puppy...

90. Uh,WTF?Puppy

91. Ooh, impatient bitchface for Channing's roommate

92. “Heh... Sowwy. Guess that bitchface was a little harsh, huh? I just get so into it that I get on a roll and...” LOL, Babbling!Puppy

93. “Anyhoo, Kewt Puppy would just like some deets about Kevin, if you don't mind... *PuppyEyes™*”

94. It's the Don'tYouRollYourEyesAtMe,Biatch!PuppyEyes™

95. Seriously, how can this girl remain coherent, let alone conscious? *ded*

96. Nice Flying PuppyHair!

97. OMG teh hair porn.... *fans self*

98. Hee! Silly Puppy duckface/smirk combination

99. Puppy *should* be doing research... but instead he's bitchfacing over the fact that his online fangirls haven't complimented the PuppyHair yet. Aww, you're just looking in the wrong places, hon...

100. Need help loosening that tie, Puppy? I'd be happy to help :D

101. Aww, another puppy! Time to make friends?

102. Oh, my.... excuse me while I just............. *THUD*

103. Oh look, PuppyFlashback time.... “Halp!! I accidentally hit this poor, fellow puppy!!! *desperate PuppyEyes™*”

104. “You have a competent surgeon who could help a kewt Puppy with gorgeous PuppyHair save his breathren, yes?”

105. *cards fingers through silky PuppyHair*

106. “YOU WILL SAVE MAH NEW PUPPYFRIEND, ya got that?!!!” Whoa, Puppy's really getting intense...

107. He barks at the nurse in desperation

108. “Yes. I put mai PuppyFriend's life in danger. *iz extremely guilty*”

109. Yep... I'm still ded...... *crashes to floor*

110. Hee! It's another Puppy duckface!

111. And there are now a few fangirls under the table ;)

112. “Great! My laptop freezes just as I'm about to confirm my PuppyTreats order from PetsMart's website! *bitchface*”

113. “Oh, never mind.... More PuppyTreats! Yay!”

114. Yet he still bitchfaces. We don't get you, Puppy.

115. “These PuppyTreats suck. Here, you take 'em. *bitchface* *pushes over to Dean*”

116. Still bitchfacing over the substandard PuppyTreats! Give it up, Puppy... we've got plenty of PuppyTreats for you later

117. Heh... I'm not sure what to call this face... but it is funny

118. “Dude. Pay attention to teh Puppy for once, 'k? *stern bitchface*”

119. D'aww,BlessYourHeart!Puppy

120. It's Fierce!Puppy *dies*

121. You'reTooPreciousForThisWorld,Darlin'!Puppy

122. Hard to see, but... Facial Shrug #2!

123. That Flying PuppyHair is a sight to behold :)

124. *knock knock* Hello! Kevin? It's Sam Puppy Winchester! You know, the big, sweet, floppy-haired Puppy for whom you helped decipher the ancient PuppyTreats recipe?”

125. Kevin won't answer. Bitchface time

126. And of course Puppy is wondering about the possibility of any PuppyTreats stashed somewhere inside...

127. Nooo! *tries to shield the PuppyHair from Kevin's water gun arsenal*

128. Aw... he tries to dry off the PuppyHair and restore it to its former glory...

129. “ZOMG! Kevin! Whut happened to your PuppyMop????”

130. “Crowley took it.”

131. “HOW DARE HE.”(meanwhile, Dean seems to have a fangirl visitation of his own...)

132. Kevin pulled one over on Crowley? Puppy is mucho impressed...

133. Fangirl Cam ;)

134. *more huggles... and pets PuppyHair*

135. Ooh, I see a blurry bitchface!

136. “Hai, Kevin. Kewt Puppy just wants to say sowwy for not being a better PuppyFriend.”

137. “Forgive me? Pwease? *PuppyEyes™*”

138. *pets some more*

139. *cue flashback music* “Please, please, please let mai new PuppyFriend be alright...”

140. *stares*

141. And some fangirl therapy to help calm him ;)

142. “Huh? Whut? Have mai new PuppyFriend move in with me? .... That never occurred to me.....”

143. “'Scuse me?” Puppy's not used to having a potential new fangirl challenge him in such a way

144. Confuzzled!Puppy

145. “Are you saying I don't give a crap about my fellow man puppy?!! *bitchface*”

146. Nope, definitely not fangirl material.... *hugs Puppy*

147. *pets... just 'cause*

148. Eep, the PuppyEyes™ sense danger!!

149. An almighty bitchface for Crowley's henchmen

150. “You stole mah (human) PuppyFriend's PuppyMop, BIATCH. *bitchface greeting for Crowley*”

151. “That's PUPPY Moose to you. Jerk.”

152. I'mJudgingYou.Harshly.Puppy

153. “Don't trust him, Kev. He had you shorn of your PuppyMop and then had it all made into.... rugs.”

154. He can hardly contain yet another bitchface

155. “You touch another hair on mah PuppyFriend's head and my bitchface will kill you DED.”

156. “Who's that? Is it about my PuppyTreats order? *crosses fingers*”

157. Facial Shrug #3!

158. *twirls fingers in the flickies*

159. “Aww. Why you gotta be so harsh with mai PuppyFriend, Dean? :(“

160. *bitchface*

Bitchface count: 19
Facial Shrugs: 3

That's it for this week. I'll be back again next week with the next new episode.
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