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Puppy!Sam Picspam #151 (Supernatural)

Again I'm getting this posted later than expected, but better late than never, right?

Episode #8x02: What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

Not as big a picspam as last time, but still over 110 pics. Again they're taken from my own DVD recordings. Let me know if the caps look too crappy and I should download the ep instead.

1.Hey, Puppy! Enjoying a little PuppyTreats snack?

2. Oh, looks like he's finished them already... the PuppyEyes™ beg Dean to share his...

3. *begs*

4. Dean gives in! The PuppyEyes™ were successful. Yay!

5. Wait... the bag is empty! This calls for a bitchface

6. Now he uses some PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles action to convince Dean to help out his PuppyFriend

7. *marvels at the shiny, silky PuppyHair*

8. “Nope.... no sign of PuppyTreats inside..... yet...” Dean: *sigh*

9. “What the...? Hey! Those are mine! *bitchfaces Kevin*”

10. “Whut? You think you might be good at spotting PuppyTreats, mah lil PuppyFriend? Alright then...”

11. A real look of PuppyConcentration on his face *g*

12. Dean to Demon!Mailman: “Howdy! Ya like my puppy here? Don't worry, he's real friendly, though he really loves playing with this toy of his...” Puppy: *stabs*

13. EatThis,Biatch!Puppy

14. “That'll teach ya to mess with mah PuppyFriend's mommy! *bares teeth threateningly*”

15. “Hi, Mom. I made a new PuppyFriend. Can we keep him?”

16. “Oops. Sowwy, Ma'am. Just wanted to make sure you like large puppies... *iz embarrassed*”

17. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

18. Off he goes in search of PuppyTreats ;)

19. “*muttering to self* Might there be any in here? There's gotta be some in a kitchen... I'm starving, I haven't had PuppyTreats in a half hour, I...... *sees neighbor* Oh, Hi......*blush*”

20. Oh noes, a demon!! AttackDog!Puppy barks ferociously

21. Ooh, a reverse exorcism! Clever Puppy! :) *pets*

22. “Anyway, Mrs. Tran, I met mai PuppyFriend...I mean your son over a year ago and he was most helpful in deciphering an ancient PuppyTreats recipe for me. For that I will be forever grateful to him. *nods* *tries to appear extra kewt*”

23. *flashes PuppyEyes™ for emphasis*

24. “Uh.....*trying to process this*”

25. “No no no, let me tell ya something... Your son is awesome. Those are without a doubt the BEST PuppyTreats I've ever eaten...”

26. Um... random awkward PuppyFace time?

27. “With all due respect, Ma'am... We have to protect your son and his mad PuppyTreats recipe translating skillz.”

28. But Kevin's mom isn't being cooperative. Time for a bitchface

29. And another!

30. Fangirl Alert! Heh... Double Fangirl Alert?

31. And she seems to disapprove of the fangirl visitations. Puppy looks ashamed. Awww....

32. Oh, my...... Puppy, mind opening that shirt just a little bit... okay a lot ...more, please??

33. For some reason, Mrs. Tran's newly shared info makes Puppy bitchface

34. Puppy thinking: “How much longer is this gonna take? I need PuppyTreats.......”

35. Uh...SayWhat?Puppy

36. *pets... just 'cause*

37. Facial Shrug Alert!

38. A large, handsome Puppy enters the room and all the girls swoon..... well, they should...

39. “Once again, no good PuppyTreats to be found. *bitchface*”

40. “New PuppyToy? Well that's awesome, but I'm not really in the mood... *still bitchfacing*”

41. “Whut? No PuppyTreats in here either? Aw...”

42. *still does an extra thorough search with the PuppyEyes™*

43. Nope, no PuppyTreats. You can tell from the bitchface...

44. “You think you might know where to find them? Please, tell me more... *PuppyEyes™*”

45. Heh, he's got Kevin locked into the PuppyEyes™ ray

46. *pets PuppyHair*

47. The stench of the bag they instead found is making Puppy bitchface

48. “Dean, please get rid of it? The PuppyNose begs you...*bitchface*”

49. *PuppySmirk*

50. Once again, Agent Puppy unintentionally (intentionally?) makes fangirls weak with his lustrous PuppyHair

51. *drools* ... Gah, I'm drowning... anyone have a bucket they can toss my way? Glurg......

52. “Hai. I'm Agent Puppy. And I have gorgeous PuppyHair that's been known to make fangirls lose consciousness. But that's not important right now. We need to find the location of the missing PuppyTreats.” Heh, you just don't wanna give up, do you, Puppy!

53. Hm, guess he's back to the bitchfacing method of interrogation?

54. Ooh, hawt PuppySmirk... *fans self*

55. “*sigh* This is getting soooo frustrating... How I wish the fangirls were here to take some of the pressure off...” Why didn't you say so, Puppy? We'll be right there :D

56. “WTF? Big brother, I'm trying to do an interrogation here. Don't steal mah thunder!”

57. “WTF was that about, Dean?!! That's it, you're going in Time Out. *bitchface...even though we can't see it*”

58. Oh, my...the Hair Porn..... *iz ded*

59. Another witness being difficult. This calls for a bitchface

60. *scratches Puppy under his chin*

61. Puppy objects to being on camera. Another bitchface

62. Puppy wonders if Operation Kill With Kewtness would help speed this interrogation along...

63. Heh...YouGotPWNED,Biatch!Puppy

64. Ooh, a wee bit o' flying PuppyHair :)

65. “Would you happen to be threatening mai PuppyFriend?! *deadly PuppyStare*”

66. Darn it, Puppy, you're killing with hawtness again.... please don't stop :D

67. “Threaten mai PuppyFriend and I will kills you DED.” Wow, Puppy's in Protective Big Brother mode

68. Aw, the guy left before Puppy could threaten him further. Time for a bitchface

69. Wha?YouSerious,Gurl?Puppy

70. It's the Idon'tWannaDealWithThisCrap!bitchface

71. Puppy bitchfaces himself for even coming up with such a bad idea in the first place

72. “Wait a second. These auctions... They sometimes auction off food, right? So, there's a chance that they might have PuppyTreats there. Right?”

73. “Don't you see? It's the perfect plan. We'll get the tablet back, and I'll score some PuppyTreats in the deal. It's great! Why didn't I think of this before?”

74. “Come on, it'll work. Pweeeeeeeeeease? *sad PuppyFace*”

75. Guess Dean's still not convinced. Look at that sassy bitchface!

76. Dean carelessly sets off the metal detector. It's so embarrassing that the PuppyEyes™ step up to bitchface him

77. *bitchface*

78. Crowley's sudden appearance brings out an apoplectic bitchface in Puppy

79. YouAreSoDED,Biatch!Puppy

80. If bitchfaces could kill.... *Crowley's bones start to burn*

81. “*annoyed sigh* Did ya have to do that, Mrs. Tran? I was in the middle of a damned good bitchface...”

82. Meanwhile...somewhere in Purgatory... “Hm... I have this feeling that I'm missing something important... some 'competition' of sorts with some rather large juvenile canid*...” *aka puppy ;)

83. Aw, Puppy's a bit nervous about the auction starting... I guess this is a nervous bitchface?

84. Facial Shrug #2!

85. “Three tons of dwarven gold?... Wonder how many PuppyTreats that'd buy......”

86. “Uh... wait!! What would you give me for..... *employs killer kewt PuppyEyes™*”

87. This isn't going well... here comes another bitchface

88. Poor Puppy, sitting there all by his lonesome :( *rushes to his side*

89. The PuppyEyes™ are shocked by Matt... er, New Angel Guy's counter offer...

90. Ha, very funny, Crowley. Puppy doesn't believe there IS a topless Mona Lisa. A bitchface for you for being so unfunny

91. Eep, the stakes are getting high... the PuppyEyes™ are getting a wee bit freaked out

92. “But but but... I'm a kewt Puppy! How can this not affect them whatsoever??” Aw, they're freaks, Puppy. They don't know what they're missing :)

93. “*theatrical gasp* You're gonna sell off mai PuppyFriend??????”

94. *nibbles PuppyNeck to calm him*

95. Remembering Soulless!Puppy is still painful..*pets*

96. Sympathetic!Puppy

97. But when he looks at you with the PuppyEyes™ of Shame, it's all over

98. Poor Puppy... *helps him up*

99. Puppy to Crowley!Mrs.Tran: “You're going DOWN, biatch!! *Bitchface Deluxe*”

100. Hey, it's Thor!Puppy!

101. With some lovely, tousled PuppyHair :D

102. “'Scuse me? 'Give it back'??”

103. “But I don't wanna! I like it!”

104. “It's mai new PuppyToy!!! *attacks*”

105. Nice extra long former PuppyMop there

106. “Sowwy for what happened to your mom, Kev... *iz sad*”

107. “I can't believe you tried to KILL mah PuppyFriend's mommy, Dean. *bitchface*”

108. Aww... *hugs*

109. *pets*

110. “But Puppy don't wanna have nightmares...” Aww, it's okay, Puppy. We'll all take good care of you!

111. “I can't believe mai PuppyFriend bolted! The annoying little man* is gonna make mincemeat out of him!” *Puppy's “pet name” Crowley since 5x20

112. He'd bitchface, but he just can't muster up the energy...

Bitchface count: 25
Facial Shrugs: 2

That's it for this week. Stay tuned, same time same station for the next episode next week. And I'll try to get it up sooner than this. :)
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