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SPN #8x03 Heartache (episode review)

Sorry I am so late with this. I was so exhausted from everything going on yesterday, after the episode ended I *GASP!* went to sleep. LOL. I did write up some of my thoughts about the ep, though, so I have them and will share them now......

Jensen did an awesome job with directing. Awesome! And it was really cool seeing his dad.

Sam's hair just renders me unconscious, lol.... Though my mom had to spoil it by saying "I can't stand his hair, I don't care what you say. He looks like a woman!" *facepalm*

Um... interesting premise, that. The athlete makes a deal with a Mayan god, but he has to take people's hearts? And then the woman posing as his mother was really his girlfriend?

Sam was totally fanboying that athlete too, especially when they were in his house. Hee.

Nice to see Dean feeling excited about getting back into the game, though Sam is still pretty "meh" about it. Made me feel kinda sad the way he said that he wanted out after all this (finding Kevin and the tablet(s)) was done. Though it kinda mirrored season 1 for me. Remember in Shadow when Sam asked Dean what if they killed the YED? He'd sleep for a month, go back to school and be a person again. Dean didn't want to hear it then, and he doesn't want to hear it now. I don't like the thought of the boys going their separate ways, at least yet, so I guess we'll see how this turns out. I also read this meta that did a great job of explaining what's going on in Sam's head and ties it all to season 1 nicely. It's here. Read it!! Er, if you haven't already ;)

It was interesting how this episode ended up. After seeing the filming pics for the first time and then the promo pics, I had assumed that at least half the episode would be taken up by flashbacks. But no, it was relegated to just one flashback at the very end of the episode. Amelia on the picnic blanket reminded me of Lisa doing the same thing back in DALDOM. I'm still meh on her, can't really warm up to her character. And *what* was the dog's name? I'm blanking now, but I swear I thought it was so weird when I first heard it.

This ep ended up being a little better than I first expected, at least as far as the lack of flashbacks were concerned. And It was good to see the boys on a case together.

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