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Puppy!Sam Picspam #152 (Supernatural)

Well, there goes my attempt at trying to post this sooner than I've been... I did want to get it posted tonight, though because I'm going to be out all day and night tomorrow (business meeting/dinner thing about 3 or so hours away from home).

Episode #8x03: Heartache

Shorter picspam this time - only 85 pics. But I did the best with what I had :) Hope you like.

1.Hi, Puppy! Heh... HealthNut!Puppy is still canon :D

2. NomNomNom!Puppy

3. Ooh, Puppy is a real Mr. Grabby Hands, isn't he. *g*

4. To clerk: “This is an awesome setup you got here... Pick 'N Mix your own PuppyTreats! I love it! Here's a nice shiny tip for you... *smiles happily*”

5. Oops looks like he's got a crumb stuck in his PuppyTeeth already

6. *nibbles PuppyNeck... and strokes PuppyHair*

7. “Big brother, can you ixnay on the case talk and let me just enjoy the goodness that is fresh, delicious PuppyTreats??” Heh, Puppy's starting to get a little ticked off...

8. “It's a... Puppy, Treats, Bo-NAN-za!! *extra sarcasm, with quote-y fingers*”

9. And the PuppyEyes™ join in on the sarcasm

10. “.... What? *PuppyEyes™ of Innocence*”

11. There he goes... killing with Hair Porn again...

12. Fangirl Alert ;)

13. *DED*

14. Bitchface of disapproval for Dean's mockery of the HealthNut!Puppy lifestyle

15. Agent Puppy tries the Kill With Kewtness method to obtain info from the very familiar looking man...

16. Skeptical!Agent Puppy

17. Surprise fangirl visit ;)

18. “Uh... oh geez....”

19. “What the frig?”

20. “Er... Never mind. I've been a little under the weather lately... So! Agent Kewt Puppy's looking for some important deets on this case? Any helpful info you might supply?”

21. *ups the kewtness*

22. Hee! It's a Kewt!Sarcastic!PuppyGrin

23. *ded once again from hair porn*

24. *and kewtness*

25. Ooh, smug bitchface for Dean

26. “'Kay. Now, lately we've had some witnesses start staring and then involuntarily lose consciousness as soon as I show up and start to question them. We have no idea what the cause is, but... try to stay with me on this.” Heh, like Puppy has no idea why this is happening......

27. Hellooooo, kewt, gorgeous Puppy entering the establishment... the girls should all be dropping like flies by now.....

28. Whoa.. Never mind the stuff related to the case... The PuppyEyes™ seem totally enthralled in this banner ad for 50% off PuppyTreats at PetsMart!

29. 'ScuseMe?Puppy

30. It's blurry, but... thar be bitchface!

31. 'ThaHellIsWrongWitYou??Puppy

32. Trying to decipher that gibberish is giving Puppy a headache.. perhaps some fangirl therapy will help :D

33. It did, but this whole situation is quite frustrating... and so he bitchfaces

34. “Arthur... This message you keep repeating... Does it have anything to do with PuppyTreats?” Heh, one-track mind.....

35. Eep! Banging his fist on the table startled the poor Puppy. Another bitchface for him!

36. This is gonna take a while. Might that be a grim bitchface?

37. Switching back to the Kill with Kewtness approach...

38. Alas, it didn't work. Bitchface of frustration

39. Back at the motel: “The more I listen to this, the more it sounds like he's ... reciting some kind of PuppyTreats recipe....”

40. *stares*

41. SooooooUnimpressed!Puppy

42. Awwwwww.AintYouCute,Darlin'!Puppy

43. IjustWannaReachOutAndPinchYourKewtLilCheeks!Puppy

44. Hee! Look at that sarcastic PuppySmirk!

45. Aw hell, he was on a roll and just had to get interrupted. Bitchface time.

46. “H'lo? If this is not about my PuppyTreats order, hang up now. Kthx.”

47. CanIHelpYou?Puppy

48. “Know why I do this? When I hold my head up like this to expose my PuppyNeck, it lets the fangirls know I'd like to be scratched there, and perhaps nibbled if they so desire. And when I speak with this air of cockiness, it makes their hearts go all aflutter. And finally, whenever I toss the flowing locks of PuppyHair back, it makes them weak-kneed and perhaps even fall to the floor where I have helpfully supplied lots of soft pillows. There is a method to my PuppyMadness, Dean.”

49. *iz smug*

50. Need any help unbuttoning that shirt further, Puppy? :D

51. “Why, yes. Yes I would. *smug bitchface*”

52. Facial Shrug Alert!

53. Facial Shrug #2!

54. Profile Porn :)

55. Another bitchface! Whatcha pissy about now, Puppy? Can we help?

56. Aww, Fanboi!Puppy emerges

57. “Any way I could change the delivery option on that PuppyTreats order to 'rush overnight'? *PuppyEyes™*”

58. Guess not. The bitchface reveals all ;)

59. Oh, please do toss your hair like that again, Puppy..... *swoons*

60. Facial Shrug #3!

61. *brushes PuppyHair aside and nibbles PuppyNeck*

62. “Huh... Wonder if he might've had any PuppyTreats hidden in here....?”

63. “Oh, kewl. Mai one-time idol has a sooper sekrit room which hopefully contains PuppyTreats...”

64. Facial Shrug #4!

65. Facial Shrug #5! (getting your mojo back, Puppy!)

66. *twirls flicky PuppyHair strands around fingers*

67. Facial Shrug #6!

68. Fangirl Alert ;)

69. “Don't know what to tell ya, Dean. It's just the Kewtness (and Hawtness) That is Puppy. *shrugs*”

70. Stern bitchface for Eleanor Betsy

71. Aw... Sympathetic!Puppy

72. “I's sowwy 'bout that bitchface earlier. Puppy cares. He really does. *nods*”

73. *still has great urge to unbutton the PuppyShirt*

74. Uncomfortable bitchface time

75. “Not going to end well for us? Don't think so, darlin'. See mai PuppyToy? It thinks otherwise...”

76. Puppy! Nooooo!

77. Ooh, AttackDog!Puppy rises again!

78. Aw... *licks PuppyDimple*

79. Look at that silky PuppyHair bathed in the warm glow...

80. *pets*

81. Hey, Flashback!Puppy... *waves*

82. Hey, Puppy's puppy! *pets*

83. Ooh, his puppy ignores him and thus earns a bitchface

84. *squeees in pitches only puppies can hear*

85. Aww :( *huggles*

Bitchface count: 14
Facial Shrugs: 6

That's it for today. Again, *hope*fully I will get the next one done earlier than next Tuesday.
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