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SPN #8x04 Bitten (episode review)

I was out all day and evening yesterday (didn't actually get back until 12:30am... Eep!), but I recorded the episode and got a chance to watch it today. Here are my impressions...

I'm guessing a lot of people probably feel differently, but this episode was pretty "meh" to me. It reminded me so much of the Blair Witch Project, especially the cinematography (and in a way also reminded me of Paranormal Activity... not that it had any "jump" moments, but just the way it was filmed overall). That's not really a turn-off for me... The boys were hardly in it, and even though I expected this going into it after reading spoilers from the summer, it kinda felt like a different show to me, like a spin-off. I felt it dragging a bit in the middle, and it felt to me like they had less commercial breaks in it than usual (did they? Or did it just seem that way?). And I also got a bit of an American Werewolf In London vibe to it, especially in the way Michael gets that super strength after he turns, and then is all emo about what he's become. The characters? Honestly, I didn't really feel all that drawn to them (maybe I'm too old and don't get the college student thing anymore, lol). I did like the way they all seemed protective of one another, especially the way Brian says at the end that he wanted to protect Kate. And for the ending... Kate not wanting Sam and Dean to look for her, saying she was leaving and that she'd try to survive on animal hearts. Makes me think of Lenore and her fellow vamps from Bloodlust, or Amy from last season. Wonder if she will resurface later on, but I'm betting not...

What little we saw of the boys I liked, of course. The kids thinking there's some "job romance" (or whatever it was) between them was good for a chuckle. Wish they'd shown up more. It was an interesting twist that the professor was the one responsible for everything.

Not my absolute least favorite of all time, but still, not my thing. I guess those types of eps just aren't. Sorry, wish I could've been more positive.

Oops, almost forgot.. before I go I wanted to give a welcome to my newest friend, cindyls ! Great to have you here, hon :) *hugs*
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