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SPN #8x07: A Little Slice of Kevin (episode review)

Yay, after all the madness of Hurricane Sandy, I finally get to watch an episode live again!

So here are my scattered thoughts...

So the title of this episode was quite literal, in a way... eww.

Amanda Tapping! So she was only in one little scene at the end. But it was still cool to see her. Her accent sounded kind of halfway between Sam Carter on Stargate and Helen Magnus on Sanctuary, lol. If Cas is to report to her regularly, it sounds like we'll probably see more of her. And it turns out that the angels saved him from Purgatory? Don't know how I saw that coming. I guess we will find out exactly how and why at some point?

Crowley continues to be a major, major, MAJOR thorn in Kevin's side. See above concerning the episode title. Nice to see Matt from Bugs that angel guy from 8x02 again. And another actor recycling (I think) alert: one of the Americans Crowley was holding there, the guy with the white hair and glasses, looked like he'd been in an episode before. Didn't he look like the guy in A Very Supernatural Christmas who had the shop where Sam and Dean tried to buy one of those meadowsweet wreathes? Can't remember the character's name... Mr. Siler or something like that?

I know Kevin's mom is desperate to keep him safe, but that witch... yeah, not to be trusted. Is it me, or did she kinda resemble Rachel's Meg a little?

What did Sam do in this episode, besides look pretty (yum @ the t-shirt and scruffy hair when he got out of bed to check on Dean)? Oh yeah, he threw that demon bomb or whatever it was... that was kinda cool...

So we see that Dean holds himself responsible for Cas not making it out until Cas actually makes him see what happened. He was stronger than Dean and held back. Turns out he thought he belonged in Purgatory for all the horrible things he did on Earth. So do you think they've squared things away now? And I'm guessing that he wants to be with them and hunt or whatever because he feels guilty for all he'd done?

Dean and Sam really need to talk more about their own issues between each other as well... Hope they will little by little.

So Kevin and his mom are going off with Garth? Heh...

Um... yeah, so that's all I got. It's kinda hard to form much of an opinion after having crammed the two eps I missed due to the storm in one day before this. I'll rewatch it later and give it a chance to sink in...

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