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Insurance Company Wackiness...

The other day my parents got a call (as well as a letter) from our insurance company - with whom we have both auto and home insurance - that they're being dropped from auto because of "too many accidents."  And they're being taken off home insurance because the company wants to force a new policy on them that includes flood insurance. 

Okay, first of all... My parents have not had a lot of car accidents over the past handful of years.  My mom had one back in June 2005 but no one was hurt and there wasn't much damage. I can't even remember the last time my dad had one.  If they're taking me into account (I got hit in a parking lot in January 2005, a collision in July 2005 that totaled my car because some girl decided to use a left turn lane as a passing lane, and I got left-turned by another girl in December 2006... not sure if they'd count me getting hit by a car as a pedestrian this past summer), then it makes no sense because I have my own auto insurance policy.  Why would they count me in? It just makes no sense.  My dad talked to them on the phone and they said it's simply the fact that I still live at home.  No matter that I have my own policy, they still count me because I live with them.  Like not being able to afford living on my own at the age of 30 because of ridiculous costs of living (including taxes) in this area is such a crime.  Apparently the guy was pretty rude to my dad, also. 

As for the flood insurance thing... I have no idea what that's about.  We don't live in a very flood-prone area.  Yes this is an island but where we live it's about 75 ft above sea level.  It's not like New Orleans.  Unless the company is trying to cover their tracks somehow in the extreme outside chance that something like this could happen. 

So I guess they have to shop around for new insurance (and me for new auto insurance).  I just can't believe it because everyone we've dealt with in this company has always been very reasonable.
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