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Just because I'm bored and am a total geek...

... Despite what Daniel is saying in my avatar *g*

Some more memes... Supernatural and Stargate. I really gotta wonder how people come up with things like these, LOL

Who Would Be Your Supernatural Date? (Girls Only)
Created by tfrixi1 on


Your Date should be the regular Bad Boy Dean. That should be a fun date! To bad a relationship couldn't last; he is supposed to die in a year or so... *Crying*

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
What do you do in your free time?

You're Night With Sam or Dean (Supernatural) by snazzy_pink
Prefered SPN Guy:
Favourite Colour:
You End Up In:a strip-club for a laugh.
You Meet:
He Thinks:'I should save her...but she looks good all roped up like that.'
He Says:"My brother is so good at this charming part."
You Decide To:Give him a private dance.
When You Leave He:Kisses you softly and puts his number in your pocket.
He Likes You:
He Wants To See You Again:Every single day.

What Stargate pairing do you crave?
by linzbnl

Hmm... now there's an interesting pairing...

Happily Ever After (Stargate S8 Style) by muffinsarelife
Happy Ending:Jack and Daniel get snugglies


Which Stargate Character is your soulmate? by lady_daendre
Date you will realize thisApril 20, 2018

Your Cameo Appearance on Stargate SG-1 by nanashiamai
Your RaceNox
Your AlignmentNeutral - You are a peaceful being who serves as a negotiating agent between the SGC and their enemies
Your Love InterestFifth
Your DeathYou are killed accidentally on a mission
Episode Air DateFebruary 8, 2007

Who Is Your Stargate (SG-1 AND SGA) Best Friend? by pomodoro_tossico
Name/ Nickname
Favorite Episode
Best Friend at BaseDoctor Daniel Jackson
WhyYou have discovered you share a common intrest
How Close Will You Be?Very Bestest Best Friends

Awwwwwwww... :D

What kind of Stargate fans are your LJ Friends? by Kel_of_Merentha
Favorite character:
Secretly hates SG and is really a Trekkie:sg1danny
Has wild sexual fantasies involving Wraiths:kristen6_07_08
Has slept with at least 10 cast members:desert_jess
Has restraining orders filed by 10 cast members:cindy_z
Lives in the bushes outside of Bridge Studios:suzotchka1
Wants to be abducted by Asgard and probed:moonshayde
Dreams of a threesome with Sheppard and McKay:pygmymuse
Is really a Goa'uld:stargazercmc
Is really David Hewlett:suebsg9
Secretly has a Re@l L!fe:hastiekido

*snicker snicker* As I said before...gotta wonder where some of these quizzes come from ;)
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