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Puppy!Sam Picspam #155 (Supernatural)

Guess who's baaaaaaack....

I am so, so, so sorry that it's taken me so long to post this. I've been extremely busy thanks to a new project at work, and then right before Christmas I got sick with bronchitis... Then got really busy with work in the New Year, etc etc etc. The good news is that I have the picspam for 8x07 almost ready to go, so hopefully I will be able to get that done tomorrow (*crossing fingers*). I really will work like crazy so that I'll only be an episode or so behind when the hiatus ends next week. Anyway, here is an extra long picspam to make up for it - nearly 150 pics long. I hope you like.

1. Puppy arriveth with a bit of Flying PuppyHair :)

2. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

3. Puppy is gobsmacked that Dean apparently forgot the PuppyTreats ... again

4. And now Puppy wants a kissy. Sure sweetie, anything to make you feel better :D

5. “Oh, I don't know, how about... 'Sowwy I forgot the all-important PuppyTreats again', biatch?!!”

6. SideEyeingYouSooooVeryMuch,Darlin!Puppy

7. *bitchface*

8. ORLY?Puppy

9. *twirls flippy bits of PuppyHair around finger*

10. *... and does a few....... other things ;)*

11. AreYouShittin'Me,Girlfriend??Puppy

12. *deadly bitchface*

13. And now it's a bitchface of cynicism

14. Ooh, the desire to bitchface is so strong, the PuppyDimples come out to help

15. *pets... just 'cause*

16. “I can't believe he forgot teh PuppyTreats yet again... *wibble*” Aw, don't worry, Puppy. We've got plenty for you back in our own special meeting place :)

17. OMG... *strokes the pretty PuppyHair*

18. The gruesome details of this case make Puppy's six five forehead get all crinkly...

19. EunuchInAWhorehouse?WTF??Puppy

20. The implication makes him bitchface

21. “Hai. Agent Kewt Puppy is very concerned regarding the carnage that took place here. Mind giving a few deets, please? Kthx.”

22. Puppy thinking: “Aw, crap. Teh little guy with the liquor intolerance is back. *bitchface*”

23. Fangirls rush in to help lighten the mood ;)

24. ... And how!

25. Yet he suddenly remembers they're not alone... The fangirls retreat briefly and he gives an awkward bitchface of sorts

26. Heh! He's hoping a killer bitchface will ward off a hug from Garth

27. No such luck... What's with you, Puppy? You're usually so eager to give/get PuppyHugs...

28. “Not this kind....*bitchfaces even further*”

29. “For this level of embarrassment he better have a good stash of PuppyTreats with him”

30. *bitchface for emphasis*

31. It's I'mNotHere!I'mNotHere!Puppy

32. “Kewt Puppy apologizes for all teh bitchfaces, Garth. It's just that I like to be the one who initiates the PuppyHugs. *nods*”

33. *another stern bitchface for emphasis*

34. Whatcha doing back there, Puppy? Wow, Garth really inspires the bitchfaces, doesn't he...

35. “You're not helping, DEAN. *bitchfaces again*”

36. “'Scuse me, Darlin'? You making fun of Agent Puppy's awesome threads??”

37. Puppy actually doesn't know how to react to this...

38. Facial Shrug Alert!

39. Poor awkward Puppy needs the fangirls' help to loosen up, wouldn't you say?

40. That's better ;)

41. Puppy's desperately looking for an escape... “There's a big stand of trees back there that should hide us good... what do you think, fangirls?”

42. “What? No, I was talking about trees as in: I really have to pee......”

43. Garth's apparent TheAwesomenessThatWasBobby role perplexes Puppy

44. “Hang on... Did I overhear you mention something about some super secret huge PuppyTreats stash somewhere?”

45. The revelation that Garth is indeed the new AwesomenessThatWasBobby shocks all the crinkles out of the Puppy six five forehead

46. “I just... I don't know how to process this. What do we have to call you now, 'The AwesomenessThatIsGarth'?”

47. “Well I don't like it. You will *never* be TheAwesomenessThatWasBobby, biatch. *pouts*”

48. “I don't like this one bit, big brother... *iz uneasy*”

49. He aims a parting bitchface at Garth's retreating form

50. *stares* *loosens tie*

51. Fangirl Alert ;) Hmm.... Double Fangirl Alert?

52. Aw... Random Puppy Kewtness :)

53. Duckface!Puppy

54. Um... why are you bitchfacing a random piece of evidence, Puppy?

55. Huh, something's got the Spidey Sense of those PuppyEyes™ blaring

56. Facial Shrug #2!

57. What'sThat?YouTellin'MeHowToDoMyJob,Sweetheart?Puppy

58. Green ectoplasm makes Puppy bitchface for some reason

59. Ewww,Icky!Puppy watches in horror as Garth tastes the ectoplasm

60. And he bitchfaces Garth for being so reckless

61. Heh...Awkward PuppySmirk

62. For some reason he's mortally afraid of Garth's ringtone, lol

63. Yup, the PuppyTail is tucked safely between his legs...

64. The PuppyEyes™ are also somewhat freaked out

65. Another kissy, Puppy? Okay, if it'll make you feel better... ;)

66. “Give us as many deets as you can, ma'am. Agent Kewt Puppy cares. Really, he does. *nods*”

67. “Really sowwy for your loss. Now if we could just trouble you with one last question... *PuppyEyes™*”

68. Apparently Agent Puppy didn't like her answer... he's trying to hold in a bitchface, but he just can't....

69. “Can we pleeeeeease get to more important business... like getting mai PuppyTreats???”

70. Hee! HealthNut!Puppy is still canon :D

71. “I may prefer a healthy salad, but at least I'm drinking a grownup PuppyBeverage. I laugh at your cranberry juice, Garth. *nods*”

72. “Yes, let's hear this story, DEAN. *bitchface*”

73. Hmm, Blurry!Puppy seems to be having fun with Dean's discomfort

74. And finally a non-blurry bitchface

75. The PuppyEyes™ are somewhat doubtful of Garth's booksmarts

76. TeeHee, it's NomNomNom!Puppy

77. Time for the amazing disappearing ForeheadCrinkles! Now you see 'em...

78. ... Now you don't!

79. And now it's time for another fangirl visit ;)

80. “...Whut? No, nothing's going on. Pay no attention to anything underneath the table....”

81. Garth killed the tooth fairy? The PuppyEyes™ are at a loss for words...

82. “Check it out, Dean. Sale on PuppyTreats: Buy 3, get one free!”

83. Garth's carelessness earns him yet another bitchface!

84. *scratches Puppy's neck*

85. “Nope, that is definitely not good... But at least the PuppyTreats were spared....” Cop: “WTF?” Dean: “Uh, it's nothing. It's a code word for... official business......”

86. “Now, what say we give those unharmed PuppyTreats a good home and put this case to bed? *little hopeful PuppySmile*”

87. Facial Shrug #3!

88. Hm... SouthernBelle!Puppy enjoying some sweet tea?

89. Aw...... *licks PuppyDimple*

90. Awkward!PuppySmile

91. Why the bitchface?

92. Puppy now bitchfaces himself for not being a good kind southern gentleman

93. “Thank you ever so kindly for the delicious tea! *glomps*”

94. *pets the long pretty PuppyHair*

95. Huh? Puppy? You okay, boy? *pets*

96. {cue flashback music} Oh, my... *removes Faux Fangirl, inserts self*

97. “Okay, that was weird... Why did having a glass of sweet tea suddenly trigger memories of being with a serial puppy hater?”

98. “Gah, I need brain bleach. Fangirls? Help, plz?”

99. “Wait. Dude, you're telling me there are PuppyTreats buried at the tomb of the unknown soldier? Come on – as desperate as my cravings get sometimes, even I'm not that stupid...”

100. Still, Puppy is secretly hoping deep down that Garth isn't pulling his leg

101. Hmm, that PuppyNeck is just ripe for the nibblin'

102. Facial Shrug #4!

103. Another random bitchface

104. The PuppyEyes™ wonder just where PuppyTreats might be buried... if it is indeed true, that is

105. Facial Shrug #5!

106. The PuppyEyes™ plead with Garth not to embarrass them any further

107. Looks like it's the PuppyEyes™ method of interrogation

108. *ded from kewt*

109. “Aw. Puppy really appreciates your offer for heart-to-heart talks, Garth...”

110. *hugs*

111. {cue flashback music} What a lovely scenario for any fangirl to be presented with :)

112. And how could ANY fangirl leave this face? She really has earned her title “Faux Fangirl”...

113. Even Puppy's suitably confuzzled. “So you really are immune to my PuppyPower then...”

114. Oh, well. Her loss... and our gain ;)

115. He tilts his head to the side like all good puppies do when they're confuzzled :)

116. *suddenly feels very lonely* Awww... don't worry, Puppy... we're on our way!

117. This flashback leaves him with a grim bitchface

118. Looking at librarian: “Hm, nice PuppyMop. I had one a bit like that once...” *sigh* Yep, we remember, Puppy... fondly...

119. Puppy thinks he may have this case figured out! So, why the bitchface?

120. Guess he didn't find any PuppyTreats buried in that tomb... good thing he has PetsMart on speed dial ;)

121. Oh noes. No PuppyTreats to be found, AND Dean gets possessed... How much worse can this day get?

122. Noooo! Bad Dean!

123. Look at that poor PuppyFace... now put the gun down

124. How could anyone threaten a face like this :(

125. *addressing the spectre* Get outta mah big brother's grapefruit, biatch!!”

126. *bitchface*

127. Nooo! Stop it, you two! *though can't help staring at the amazing flying PuppyHair*

128. Aw... *helps Puppy up, glares at Dean*

129. Even though he's a little worse for wear, he still manages a pretty good bitchface

130. Aw, the PuppyEyes™ are so wounded by Dean's words :(

131. *snaps nurse uniform on*

132. *pets*

133. *wishes that was my hand*

134. *again...wishes that was my hand*

135. {cue flashback music} “Now, wait. I have to make sure you are absolutely positively immune to the Puppy Power. *nods*”

136. *ups the PuppyKewtness*

137. “... Well?”

138. “*indifferent*”

139. “... 'The hell is wrong with you?”

140. “Still not doing anything for ya, huh? *PuppyEyes™*”

141. *tries to stifle a bitchface*

142. “Even though she wasn't a fangirl, she could very well have been one. *bitchface*”

143. “Ever since you got back, you've been deliberately forgetting to pick up PuppyTreats! But that's over!”

144. “Keep the Impala well stocked with PuppyTreats... or I'll find someone who will.” Ooh, he talks tough...

145. “Whut? You... You're actually gonna do it? No arguments? *surprised PuppyEyes™*”

146. “You go back on that promise and you are SO going into the cornfield, biatch!” Whoa... easy there, Puppy!

147. “Fine... But you don't wanna mess with Puppy and his PuppyTreats cravings...”

148. One more bitchface for the road

Bitchface count: 31 (whoa.. could this be a record?)
Facial Shrugs: 5

That's it. Again hopefully I'll get a chance to finish the next one tomorow and post it. My schedule's been so hectic during the week it's awful.
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