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Question - Stargate Solutions Forum

Has anyone ever visited not just the Stargate Solutions site ( but also the forum (

I've often thought of posting there, but a quick look at the site made it seem like it was very D/V and S/J heavy.  I didn't see any threads regarding friendships there, particularly that of Sam and Daniel.  And no Sam/Daniel ship thread either.  I don't feel comfortable about starting one because I'm afraid that either the thread would be closed down or I'd be banned.  Especially the latter since the actual Solutions site seems to be very D/V-oriented (even the header banner makes it seem so, what with Daniel and Vala being front and center, larger than the other characters who are all facing in the opposite direction).

Plus I'd probably be the only person there who likes S/D anyway so there's probably no point in starting one anyway. 

I've heard of nastiness at other sites like the Sony board, seen some of it for myself at Our Stargate, but I don't remember if anyone had said anything about Solutions.  Anyone who posts over there... would it be worth it to start a S/D thread (if indeed there isn't one already) or would that just be asking for trouble?

Like I don't have enough sites to post to. :P

edited to add the obligatory warning: In no way do I mean any animosity toward S/J or D/V shippers in anything I've said here.
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