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SGA #4.09 Miller's Crossing (episode review)

Figured I'd type up some of my thoughts on this ep while they're still fresh in my mind.

Okay, maybe I'm nuts, but the part in the beginning where Jeannie was kidnapped in bed had me giggling at how almost absurd it looked.  The guy who kidnapped her looked like he was wearing a Darth Vader Halloween costume a few sizes too small.  LOL, I don't know what it was, but something about that scene seemed a little cheesy to me.

And maybe it's just me, but it seemed almost weird to be seeing them all arriving at the SGC and not seeing any of our beloved SG-1 around.  Though it was cute seeing Ronon sitting with Walter in the commissary... Walter telling some funny stories and Ronon looking like he wished he wasn't here.  Heh.  And I thought that one airman, who wouldn't let McKay into the lab (since he had Dr. Lee's card) looked familiar.  I was watching Cold Lazarus not too long ago, and he kind of looks like the airman who told Hammond they couldn't find Crystal!Jack (the guy who said something like "Sir, O'Neill...the other not on the base").  I wonder if it's the same guy.  I kind of doubt it, but he did remind me a lot of him.

It was nice seeing Barrett again.  And, thinking back to our SGA boys... it was nice seeing Shep and Ronon dressed up just a bit.

Ah, Desperate Housewives guy (aka Robert Culp).  Felt bad for the guy that his daughter was dying, but what lengths he is going to in order to save her.  Using nanites? Interesting.  This plot vaguely reminded me of Desperate Measures, where that dying doctor kidnapped Sam, thinking she'd been a host and he could get info out of her (and then he goa'ulded himself).

DH and his sis were on their game in this episode...especially in the way they interacted.  How worried McKay gets after the guy injects Jeannie with the nanites, and how desperately he wants to save her, offering to let the Wraith helping them feed on him.  I liked how Shep was able to convince the guy (Wallace was his name, wasn't it?) to sacrifice himself so that Jeannie would live.

Not a bad ep.  Kate Hewlett mentioned at the NJ con that it was a good one, and I agree.  No Teyla, no Sam, but I thought everyone else did a nice job.  McKay and Shep had some good interaction too (speaking of which...Jeannie's "as far as looks're no John Sheppard" cracked me up).  Oh, and I'm still grinning at the sound of "Uncle Mer." Heh.

Next week's ep looks interesting.  Elizabeth makes an appearance? Finally!
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