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Puppy!Sam Picspam #156 (Supernatural)

Hey, guess who's back again...

Episode #8x07: A Little Slice of Kevin

A shorter picspam this time, only around 60 images. Sorry about that, I did the best I could with what I had. :) Sorry for the big delay with this; again work's had me so busy I've hardly had time for anything. If I don't get to respond to comments quickly it's because I'm bracing for yet another stupid storm that could knock my power out. *sigh* Really hoping not, though. We'll see. Anyway, hope you like.

1. Hiya, Puppy... Imbibing in a PuppyBeverage, are ya?

2. “Oh hey, you're just in time... check out this awesome promotion for PuppyTreats at PetsMart...”

3. Oops, looks like the promotion already ended yesterday... hence the bitchface of disappointment ;)

4. *pets PuppyHair*

5. Time for a little fangirl visit :D

6. “Still, they are offering discounted shipping on any PuppyTreats orders over $75... can't beat that deal...”

7. “Dammit!! There it goes again... Why is it every time lately I try to place an order my laptop freezes up??”

8. *nibbles PuppyNeck* Yeah, you really like that, don't ya, Puppy? I can tell :)

9. “Alright, let me just run a few diagnostics on Betty here and we should be back in business... PuppyTreats, here I come.....”

10. Betty the Laptop still won't respond. “FINE. If you're gonna be THAT way...” *shuts off with a frustrated bitchface*

11. “*Knock knock* Howdy, PuppyGram! *flashes PuppyEyes™*” Tsk, you're not even trying, Puppy.... what's wrong, still angry over the PuppyTreats order not going through?

12. “*Sarcastic PuppyGrin*”

13. “Oh, did I intimidate you with my sarcastic PuppyFaces there? Sowwy. :(“

14. “*phone rings* Oops, gotta take this... important official business and all. Hai... Yes, that's 250 large cases of premium PuppyTreats?” Really, Puppy, is this the time and place for this?

15. “Heh, don't mind my puppy partner. It's code for....... 'Case in progress.'”

16. “You sure about that? Perhaps these PuppyEyes™ will help you remember the exact details of what happened....”

17. It's not going too well apparently... bitchface time

18. Even in such darkness, that PuppyHair is a sight to behold.........

19. Awwwww, look at the slumbering Puppy... looks like he really likes his doggie bed :D

20. Sadly Puppy is shrouded by darkness at this moment.. Come into the light, boy!

21. Good boy... almost there...

22. *stares*

23. Puppy, you are REALLY yummy in one layer... please dress like this more often!!

24. *stares some more*

25. Um, why is he stifling a bitchface?

26. Dean's obviously upset, so Puppy tries to help by offering a dose of the PowerfulPuppyTouch

27. And now a Bit o' PuppyProfilePorn :)

28. Hey, it's the Bedtime Stories PuppyShirt!

29. “*in creepy voice* I'm baaaaaaaack... Inform your puppy brother that I am ready to resume our competitions...”

30. “Unbelievable, man! I can't believe you came all the way back here to challenge my bitchface and PuppyEyes™ titles.”

31. Puppy is understandably nonplussed

32. “You do understand that I'm still the Bitchface Princess and the PuppyEyes™ Champion, right? And that it will always be that way? Just so we're clear...”

33. “Do I see something severely wrong? Well, yeah... the guy still thinks he can beat these babies... *emphasizes PuppyEyes™*”

34. Fangirl Alert ;)

35. “Ready to engage, Puppy Winchester.”

36. “Aint you cute, Darlin'. But you still can't beat me. *snarky PuppySmirk*”

37. Later... “C'mon, Betty.... Daddy has another big hankerin' for some more PuppyTreats...”

38. “Huh? You say something, unworthy Bitchface/PuppyEyes™ rival?”

39. “Chuck is dead??? HOW DARE U. Take that back!”

40. *licks PuppyDimple*

41. “If this is not regarding my PuppyTreats order, hang up immediately. Kthx.”

42. “Oh noes, Crowley's got mai PuppyFriend Kevin. Come on, we've gotta save the little guy.”

43. “*whistles* Just mindin' my own PuppyBusiness here... soooooo bored.....”

44. “Oh yay, the fangirls have shown up! Perfect timing, y'all...”

45. “Awwwwwww Dean, the fangirls and I were having some nice quality bonding time together... did ya have to interrupt NOW? *sad disappointed PuppyEyes™*”

46. Uh,'ScuseMe?Puppy

47. “You're giving me Kevin's translation of the ancient PuppyTreats recipe free of charge? I am ever so grateful, Mrs. Tran. Thank you so much. *nods*”

48. Aw, Mrs. Tran is so lucky to be riding with Puppy :)

49. OMG Puppy, what are you doing?? She gives you the recipe and this is how you repay her?! *shakes head*

50. “Sowwy. But better to be safe. Puppy really cares about your safety. Really, he does. I swear.”

51. *twirls flicky PuppyHair bits around finger*

52. PuppyEyes™ on high alert, making sure they're not being folllowed

53. *nibbles PuppyNeck...again*

54. “You harm mai PuppyFriend and it will be the end of you. Eat death, biatches!!” *throws bomb*

55. Whoa, what an explosion... Gotta protect those all-important PuppyEyes™ and PuppyHair!

56. *sees hostages* “Oh, hey. Sowwy about all the carnage. But Kewt Puppy is here to rescue you. Really, you're gonna be okay. *nods*”

57. Meanwhile: “I don't care what Puppy Winchester thinks, I have the bitchface mojo!!! *bitchfaces demon to death*”

58. “Hey little guy... how ya holding up? *genuine PuppyConcern*”

59. “Sowwy bout the missing finger. Mai PuppyEyes™/Bitchface rival thinks he can fix it, which is good.... Yup, for a brief moment I'm laying down the PuppyEyes™/Bitchface grudge”

60. “So, uh... I heard what you said to that demon in there before you ganked him... Up for a rematch?” Wow, that was quick...

61. “Huh, he's not interested. Guess he does realize he can't beat me, huh, big brother? Right?”

Bitchface count: 5
Facial Shrugs: 0 (uh oh, you're slipping again, Puppy)

So that's about it. I hope to have the next one ready to go fairly soon, although again I don't know what's going to happen with this storm (really sick of storms now... *sigh*). Hopefully it won't be as bad as what we dealt with a few months back. Until next time!
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