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Weird, Daniel-related ponderings (well, mostly)...

The things I think of on a cold, lazy day where I'm stuck in the house because it's so cold and there's a bit of snow outside (first snowfall of the season...which, oops, isn't quite winter just yet... oh I hope this winter isn't going to be brutal...)...

Okay, so this first one doesn't have anything to do with Daniel, but I need some input.  How many people on my F-list (or otherwise) have a paid account here?  Do you find it reasonable?  I'm starting to get a bit miffed that I cannot edit my comments after posting, don't always get email notifications when people comment on my entries, and that I'm only allowed 15 userpics.  Especially that last one... I want to have pics that reflect ALL areas of my fangirlishness (not a word, I know)...  so not just Daniel and Sam/Daniel but the SG team, Atlantis, Supernatural, and maybe even Dr. Who.  And I'm not in the mood to get rid of any of the ones I have now to make room for new ones.

So, on to weird Daniel pondering #1...  and this is totally from the shallow realm of my fangirl brain, while I was going through a bunch of screen caps.  Why did Daniel's hair seem to get shorter in seasons 9 and 10?  Most people who know me know that I'm a crazed, long hair fanatic when it comes to our archaeologist (*points to this post's icon*).  I almost mourned the loss of his hair in Out of Mind, as weird as that sounds. :P  But I got used to it.  I was not fond of the brutally short 'do he had in late season 4 and most of season 5.  Almost looked like he'd been pinned down in a dark alley and attacked with a razor, lol.  Not a look I was keen on seeing again.

When Daniel came back for a few appearances in S6 and then came back for good in S7, I squeee'd.  Not only because he was *back*, but because he was lookin' pretty fine.   I loved Daniel's hair from seasons 7-8 almost as much as from 1-2.  But then it got shorter again as season 9 wore on and especially into season 10.  At some points it even looked shorter than that of the military Cameron Mitchell.  And, judging by the stills and trailer that have been released for Ark of Truth, it's even shorter or about the same as late S10. 

So what is behind the gradual shortening of Daniel's hair once again? Is it to further the image of the character "hardening" and show that his journey of becoming more military-minded is complete?  The thing I loved about the season 7-8 hair (yes, I knew he could never get the S1-2 hair back and this was the next best thing) was that, even though Daniel was bulking up and becoming more pro-active, the slightly mussed, slightly grown out hair, gave him a bit of a softer edge; it was almost a reminder that he was still first and foremost a rumpled, slightly perplexed, scientist.  The hair in season 9-10 pretty much takes that away and makes it seem that if it weren't for his glasses (although the new S10 glasses seem to be furthering this image...but I'll get to that later), Daniel could very well be mistaken for a member of the military.  It's pretty much a direct throwback to the season 4-5 hair.  Although back then, Daniel could not be mistaken as military because of his large glasses, and the fact that he hadn't really bulked up quite a lot yet.

As for the glasses, well, I'm probably the only SG-1 fan who still prefers Daniel's old, more rounded, glasses over the new ones.  The old ones made him seem more like a scholar.  I know Daniel had to come into the 21st century (as MS put it during the Toronto Trek con in 2006), but the shape of those glasses doesn't seem to complement the shape of his face, IMHO.  I think he can get away with larger frames because he has a somewhat large face.  I thought the ones he wore in seasons 8-9 were just fine, but again that's only me.  As ironic as it sounds I myself wear glasses with frames that are like Daniel's current ones.  But that's mostly because I'm a petite person with petite features and a small face.  So in my case, smaller is better (or so I've been told).  That said, I've gotten used to Daniel's new glasses... but if I had my druthers I'd still take the old ones over the new.

Anyway, this all has me wondering... If Daniel is to make some appearances on Atlantis, will he look the same as he does in the movies? Or maybe they will continue the shortening trend and shave him bald.  *cough* Sorry, I'm getting too snarky for my own good now...  Is this all the decision of MS, the SG hairstylists, or a combination of both? I know MS has pretty much always hated the long hair on Daniel but I wonder if it was partly a personal choice of his to go shorter in S9 and 10.  He can't hate the longer hair himself too much if he grows it out so much when he's not filming (see my con pics and the ones from the Burbank con a few weeks back as an example... *g*).

Okay so before I make a complete fool out of myself, here is weird pondering #2.  This one is more Sam/Daniel related, so you can shield your eyes if you must. ;)  With MS pretty much confirming that he will be making a couple of appearances on Atlantis, how likely is it that he will interact with Sam?  In Miller's Crossing the other night, Sam wasn't even in the episode.  So I think it's safe to think that, just because Daniel will be appearing once or twice, it doesn't mean that Sam will be in any of those episodes.  Especially given the fact that Mallozzi and Mullie are running things, and we all know they despise Sam/Daniel interaction (well Mallozzi does at least, seeing as how he's admitted he's a S/J and D/V shipper, and thus probably thinks Sam and Daniel are brother and sister).  So, premature as it is, I guess I'm pretty pessimistic about this.  I will probably still watch the episode(s) Daniel appears in, but I'm not holding my breath for any S/D interaction, or Sam even appearing.  Or any interaction that is not snide or sarcastic (eye rolling counts).

And now before I make *further* fool out of myself, here is weird pondering #3. This one is related to Ark of Truth and Continuum, and is slightly Sam/Daniel related (don't say I didn't warn you again *g*).  Would I sound like a traitor to the SG-1 or Daniel cause if I said I wasn't planning on pre-ordering or buying either movie right away?  Because, truth be told, I'm not.  First of all, Ark of Truth... from the trailer I've seen and the movie stills (not the promo pics, which I quite like a lot more), it doesn't seem that Daniel and Sam interact at all.  I've known for a while now that it was going to be D/V heavy, and most of the stills either show Daniel either on his own, or with Teal'c, Tomin and Vala.  The ones that feature Sam show her either alone or with Cam (especially a behind the scenes photo of AT and BB standing together in the forest).  Plus an interview given by AT not too long ago pretty much confirms that Sam will be all alone on board the Odyssey for a great length of time in the movie, doing technical stuff it seems.

So, putting that all together, I don't have much of a desire to see Ark of Truth.  I like seeing Tomin and Vala together so that may be enough to get me to see it in some form, but right now I'm not too interested.  I also have never been very interested in the Ori (does that make me sound like a traitor too?). 

As for Continuum... well I have a bit more hope for that movie.  Especially since RDA will be back.  Especially since Brad Wright said it's more like Classic Stargate and we'll be seeing a lot of old, familiar faces.  But, again, I'm not holding out much hope for S/D interaction because apparently Sam and Cam spend a lot of time together and Daniel is all alone throughout a great chunk of it.  I've heard there are scenes of Jack, Cam and Sam together while Daniel is battling frostbite on a submarine.  Which makes me wonder, will we get to see Sam showing concern over Daniel's condition (supposedly he loses a leg to said frostbite)?  I would guess that at some point Daniel and Sam are in the same scene together because a behind the scenes pic Mallozzi posted on his blog back in June shows MS and AT in desert camo uniforms, thawing out in front of a trailer.  Still, it's nothing conclusive. 

So, I have a request...  Anyone out there who is planning on seeing these films before I do, and is NOT adverse to Sam and Daniel interaction (and it doesn't have to be shippy, but just stuff that shows us they are still friends).  Could I rely on your opinion of whether or not it's worth it to get these DVDs?  Could you give me an honest opinion on what the team interaction was like, especially the Sam-Daniel-Teal'c interaction?  Can you tell me if it was decent and indicative of friendship and not overly sarcastic or mean?  I know it's an odd request and that such a thing shouldn't be paramount for my enjoyment, but it would really mean a lot to me if you could do this. 
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