jessm78 (jessm78) wrote,

Well, I've done it...

... I stepped up to the Big Time... i.e. got a Paid Account! With an extra 5 userpics bonus for now. *dances around*

So, now I must do a little poll.  I've been thinking of changing my LJ theme a bit, to reflect my branching out into different fandoms.  Like with some kind of header that shows all areas of my fangirl-dom (probably w/pictures of Sam and Daniel, the SG-1 team in general, the Atlantis team, the Supernatural boys, and Dr. Who).  I've had this Science Twins theme for ages, I think just over a year now.  I love it but I'm thinking it may be time for a little change, just to reflect the other fandoms I'm also a part of.

So, what do you guys think?  Should I change my theme here or keep it the same?

Poll #1100041 Jess' LJ Theme

Should I change this LJ theme?

No, I like it the way it is
Sure, a little change couldn't hurt

Any particular theme layout you'd recommend?

Sure (see my comment to this entry)

Now I know next to nothing about customizing themes with all the fancy CSS jazz (a friend helped me with this current one), so if anyone could give me any advice or whatever on doing that I'd be grateful.
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