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Puppy!Sam Picspam #157 (Supernatural)

I know it's been forever, but look who's back... again!

Episode #8x08: Hunteri Heroici

A big picspam to make up for (I hope... lol) the big delay. Just under 150 pics. Hope you enjoy.

1. Hi, Puppy... hm, must be ordering yet more PuppyTreats...

2. Hard to see, but... Facial Shrug Alert!

3. WTF?WhyUBein'SoAntisocial,Biatch?!Puppy

4. *unbuttons the PuppyShirt further and does a few... other things*

5. Mm-hm. You really like that, don'tcha, Puppy? ;)

6. The PuppyHair moves ever so slightly and a million fangirls die. Trufax.

7. “Dude, PetsMart rejected my credit card. This is serious.”

8. *nibbles PuppyNeck to calm him*

9. “Desperate times call for desperate action. You're gonna let me borrow your credit card, right, big brother? *attempts Operation Kill With Kewtness*”

10. “Huh? Huh? Look at the big kewt Puppy with the amazing PuppyEyes™, awesome PuppyHair and PuppyDimples, and endearing PuppySmile. You can't resist, can ya?”

11. “Succumb.... Succumb.......”

12. Dean: “*looks away* Dammit!! He's done it again!”

13. Facial Shrug #2!

14. “It hurts me to come to this decision, but I have decided to give up all PuppyEyes and Bitchface competitions with your Puppy brother. There is no longer a point when we are all certain what the outcome would be.”

15. “'Scuse me? Did I hear that correctly?”

16. “You finally admit that I PWN you, darlin'. OH YEAH! *iz incredibly smug*”

17. “It's actually big of you to admit defeat, but what can I say? No one can take the PuppyEyes™ Champion and Bitchface Princess titles away from me.”

18. “I will spell it out again... [uses condescending tone and PuppyFace] I am the Bitchface P-R-I-N-C-E-S-S....” Okay, Puppy, I think he gets it now.

19. Puppy basks in his glory with the help of a few fangirls ;)

20. ... And how!

21. “Tsk. I think your Puppy brother completely misunderstands what I implied. *PuppyEyes*”

22. “Whatever. Can we please end this crap now?”

23. “Did he say something, Dean? *PuppyEyes™*”

24. And he ups the PuppyKewtness with Facial Shrug #3!

25. “Admit I pwn you, biatch.”

26. “Curses. Foiled again. *offers bitchface of frustration*”

27. “No, you DON'T get the front seat! Only the rightful PuppyEyes™ Champion/Bitchface Princess gets that seat!”

28. Ooh!! *pets the PuppyHair*

29. Facial Shrug #4!

30. Hee!! It's Eww,Squicky!Puppy

31. “What was that? Did I hear a third-rate PuppyEyes/Bitchface contender mumbling something in a foreign tongue? *PuppyEyes™ for emphasis*” Tsk, now you're just being mean, Puppy...

32. “Okay. Sowwy. :/ *hangs PuppyHead in shame*”

33. Yet he still can't keep from being Smug!Puppy

34. ... with an added bitchface for emphasis

35. Facial Shrug #5! (wow, he's really making up for the lack of facial shrugs recently)

36. “Oh, ho! What's this I hear? You thinking about a rematch?” Alright Puppy, enough is enough...

37. “Heh, sowwy... But, you know, it's kind of hard to resist when you remind yourself that... *sighs dramatically* I AM the Bitchface Princess..”

38. *bitchfaces again*

39. “What's that? I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.”

40. Oh, look PuppyFlashback time... Aw, look at the two puppies sitting together :)

41. “*looks at book* Hm, 'The Care and Feeding of Puppies'... I'd make sure she sees this, but she's proven that she's a puppy hater, so...”

42. Hm, you're dressed rather nicely there, Puppy...

43. “Uh, WTF happened to the PuppyTreats I had in here?”

44. “I will get to the bottom of this. *bitchface*”

45. “Uh, Hai! Listen, I know you're a Puppy Hater and all, but I was wondering... you know that stash of PuppyTreats I had in that box? ....Any idea what might've happened to them?”

46. “Yeah, I know, you want nothing to do with the kewt, hawt Puppy with awesome PuppyHair, but... those PuppyTreats are very important to me and all...”

47. *flashes killer PuppySmile to make her feel bad*

48. “So, location of PuppyTreats nao, pleeeeeeeaze?? *extra PuppyKewtness*”

49. *removes FauxFangirl, inserts self*

50. “Nope, sorry, it didn't do anything for me. You are still a Puppy Hater. Therefore I give you a bitchface.”

51. “Puppy will refrain from discussing politics ONLY if you tell him where the PuppyTreats are. *nods*”

52. Facial Shrug #6!

53. “Being a Puppy Hater, you don't know what you're missing. *extra kewtness*”

54. *drools @ The Pretty*

55. Fangirl Alert ;D

56. Puppy watches in the background with some curious PuppyEyes™

57. Puppy thinking: “D'awwww, aint this cute. Can I have mai PuppyTreats nao, plz?”

58. “Heh... Seriously. I've got a really big craving and you don't wanna see how Puppy acts when he's in the middle of one of those.....”

59. Awwwwww :)

60. “So you think mai PuppyFriend is cuter than me??? Wow, you really ARE her dad....”

61. *iz highly insulted* Aww, Puppy, it's okay... we think you're the cutest puppy around!

62. Still, Puppy tries to impress FauxFangirlDaddy with the Gimme Paw trick

63. “Hai. Nice to meet ya. Did you bring any PuppyTreats?”

64. “Whut? You left them at home? Oh... well... that's ok....”

65. *bitchface*

66. Aw.... *pets*

67. shames him with the sad PuppyFace*

68. *stares @ the Kewt*

69. *ded*

70. Awww, poor Hurt!Puppy... *cradles him*

71. {End PuppyFlashback} Wow, that flashback was so bad, the mere memory of it is making him bitchface

72. Whoa... Double Fangirl Alert! :D

73. Fuzzy, but...Thar be bitchface! Again!

74. “Please, ma'am, forgive my partner. He's a rookie who's VERY bitter about his substandard PuppyEyes and Bitchfaces...” Woman: “????”

75. Bitchface for Cas with some bonus flying PuppyHair

76. OMG Puppy! Watch out that you don't fall! *prepares huge safety net*

77. Facial Shrug #7!

78. WTF?YouKiddin'Me,Girlfriend?Puppy

79. “'Scuse me, PuppyEyes™/Bitchface Loser, you're taking all the fun out of mah favorite cartoons. Please stop? *emphatic PuppyEyes™*”

80. Puppy really likes the idea of a slumber party with fangirls braiding his hair :D (We do, too, Puppy!)

81. “What do you say, girls? I'll get these guys out of here for a while and we can have an awesome time... Does 11-ish work for you? *waggles eyebrows*” We'll be there whenever you say, Puppy :)

82. Yep, he is eagerly awaiting the fangirls showing up, putting their hands in his hair and doing a lot of other... unmentionable stuff. “Say, guys, I heard a cheeseburger joint down the road had a few gruesome murders last night... mind checking it out?”

83. Bzuh?Puppy... His brain is still a little fuzzy after experiencing that incredible night at the Fangirl Slumber Party ;)

84. *reaches out to the PuppyHair with fingers and twirls the flippies*

85. “Yep. Kewt Puppy. That's about all there is to it.”

86. “...*nods*”

87. I think your tie needs to be loosened a little more, Puppy... *volunteers*

88. I guess this bitchface is to remind Cas of his undefeated title?

89. And of course he still needs a gentle reminder that he's in the presence of the PuppyEyes™ champion... *g*

90. WinnerWinnerChickenDinner!Puppy

91. Awww, PuppySmirk

92. Puppy highly looks down on Dean's geriatric discrimination

93. Once again, Puppy is so cute when he's acting all stern and official-like

94. “Um, don't mind my bitter partner. Just concentrate on the kewt Puppy who needs some deets on this case.”

95. “Awesome. Thanks, man. *glomps*”

96. “What's that now? Are you trying to insinuate that Agent Puppy here is doing something with his life similar to these poor old folks?”

97. “I did so not need to hear that. Now it's gonna lead to another annoying flashback with the Puppy Hater...”

98. ... And there we go! Hm.... *runs hands through the PuppyHair and brushes it*

99. “Uh what? Sorry, I was distracted by the wonderful sensation of a true fangirl touching my hair and massaging my scalp...”

100. Poor Puppy seems really freaked out... don't worry, we're coming up with a plan to rescue you from this flashback.

101. “Sorry to have alarmed you, Sir... It's just that I have this harem of actual, real, devoted fangirls that like to spend time with me and.... well a bunch of stuff you're probably better off not knowing... But I am a kewt Puppy, so go easy on me, 'k?”

102. *ovaries burst*

103. “'Scuse me? You dissin' my Daddy, sweetheart?” Uh oh....

104. *trying ever so hard to stifle a bitchface*

105. “Whut? And now you're SIDING with him?? That's it, you really are unworthy to even apply for fangirl status....”

106. *bitchface*

107. “Yep, think I'm gonna take a raincheck on this awful flashback. Got some really awesome REAL fangirls waiting for me topside...”

108. “I got the look? Well, yeah, thousands of fangirls agree. Oh wait, you mean the military look? B-b-but I'd have to shave all this beautiful PuppyHair off! The fangirls would be devastated...”

109. Facial Shrug #8!

110. “Oh, I see... *breathes sigh of relief as he realizes it's not what FauxFangirlDaddy really meant and that the PuppyHair will remain intact*”

111. Srsly,WhatIsYourDEAL,Biatch?!Puppy

112. *stares*

113. Uh oh... here comes the bitchface

114. Aw :( *pets*

115. “Wow, that was disturbing. Fangirls, hold me??” Aw, with pleasure, Puppy.... *huggles*

116. “Yes, big brother, I had a disturbing flashback and the fangirls are offering comfort... could you come back a little later please? Kthx.”


118. Puppy seems to be onto something! So why the bitchface?

119. “Hai, Fred. It's me. Sam Puppy Winchester. Remember me? *PuppyEyes™*”

120. Sympathetic!Puppy

121. “EEP!! Dean, you could've really hurt yourself!! Don't scare Kewt Puppy like that anymore! *scolds with bitchface*”

122. *stares some more*

123. Fleeing!Puppy with some more flying PuppyHair

124. Yup, his former PuppyEyes™/Bitchface rival really got them in trouble. Bitchface time

125. “Well, that's solved... PuppyTreats nao?”

126. “Uh oh, you've once again incurred the wrath of Mr. Bitchface! *bitchface*”

127. *scratches the PuppyNeck*

128. Heh... Domesticated!Puppy

129. “Wow... never thought I'd be rooting for FauxFangirlDaddy... but what he's saying makes sense. If you're a Puppy hater, why bother hanging around puppies?”

130. Hm, Puppy almost resembles DeanForrester!Puppy here

131. Whoa, they found Fred... And they're PuppyEyes™ double-teaming him! (But we know whose are better, of course... *g*)

132. “Huh? Where am I? Please not another horrifying flashback?? *iz scared*”

133. “Ok, gurl... Puppy used to dream about being in cartoon land when he was a teeny, tiny little Puppy... but this is too much. Dig?”

134. “Fred! Yay, you're awake! Remember me? Sam Puppy Winchester?”

135. D'aww, Puppy's so cute when he's ecstatic. But it looks like a naughty fangirl has gotten ahold of the PuppyHair and some superglue :(

136. “The 'Scrawny One'? HOW DARE U!! *bitchface*”

137. “Okay, listen to Kewt Puppy and look at the amazing PuppyEyes™. You gotta stop killing people. 'K?”

138. But Fred is resisting. Puppy bares his PuppyTeeth in frustration

139. “Oh noes! Ok, I get that what I said upset you, but please! I can't endure another flashback with that Puppy Hater! Anything but that!”

140. “Thank you ever so much for getting us out of this, Fred. Puppy is ever so grateful. By the way, would it be alright if I stopped for PuppyTreats on the way back?”

141. *pets... just 'cause*

142. “Hellooooooo? You in there? Puppy and his amazing PuppyEyes™, PuppyHair and ForeheadCrinkles are getting concerned...”

143. “Oh crap I feel another flashback coming on.........”

144. “Really embarrassing stories of the Puppy Hater's childhood? Yes, please!!”

145. “Oh yes, I am SO enjoying all your humiliation! Payback's a bitch, aint it?”

146. LOL!!! It's CheesyLaughter!Puppy

147. “I think I'm really beginnin' to like you, FangirlHater's Daddy!”

148. *gently kisses six five forehead*

149. “OMG, thank you big brother for saving me from that hell!”

Bitchface count: 16
Facial Shrugs: 8

Well, that's about it. Again I'm sorry for having fallen so behind in these. I really hope to get the next one done and posted sooner!
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