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SG-1: The Quest Part 1; SGA: The Return

Okay, going to sum up my reviews for each show this way:

SG-1: Zzzzzzzzzzzz

SGA: It ends right there?! We have to wait 6 months to find out???

No, I'll go into more detail.

SG-1: The Quest, Part 1: Okay maybe the "Zzzzzzzzz" thing was a bit harsh. But I was pretty bored in this one. Strangely though I did manage to pick up on a couple of good things:

1. I saw more of a glimmer of the "Old Daniel" here, the "researchy" linguist type guy that I've known and loved since the beginning of the show. The annoying Daniel 2.0 or New And Improved Daniel with OTT Snark - the guy who acts as if he's had a lobotomy and loves playing one half of the "Vaniel" comedy duo - was happily missing from this episode.

2. We actually saw Daniel in the vicinity of people other than Vala!! Yes, he was actually interacting with Teal'c a bit as well as Cam, and heck he was actually standing next to Sam, even though he didn't manage to say a word to her or even risk a glance at her (unless he actually did at some point and I missed it... in which case I'd love someone to fill me in)! He didn't seem repulsed to be in the same frame with her, so I guess that is somewhat of a plus (extreme sarcasm alert).

And now the bad:

1. Geez, did this thing drag in places. The whole thing about the people being stuck in some other timeframe or whatever, and SG-1 moving slowly along a path to get through the maze and Sam throwing rocks to see if they would "stick" and they'd be at a dead end. My mom turned it on at that point and her reaction was, "Oh my God." She then changed the channel.

2. Did anyone notice that when they were walking in the woods, Sam was always in the back? Osric and Daniel were first (which I guess makes sense), followed by Cam, Vala and Teal'c, and then Sam is bringing up the rear. Doesn't she share command of SG-1? Shouldn't she at least be walking behind Daniel and Osric? *snort*

3. Vala annoyed the hell out of me. I'm sorry, I know she is supposed to be annoying, but geez... That first scene of hers where she comes into Daniel's office, telling him about the dream she had... with the stupid neon green sleep shade thing sticking on top of her head? Can anyone say "ditz?" And then the whole thing about "Oh, I love riddles!" and her scampering up to join Daniel in trying to solve them. Sorry, really annoying to me.

4. While it was nice that Daniel and Vala (aka Vaniel) were not sewn together for the whole thing, I thought some of the times they were together made no sense. When they found Baal and saw the chest, Daniel and Vala go up to it, look at each other and shrug and open the chest. Why did Vala have to do it with Daniel? Their exchange about the five virtues etc. made me quite sad, because Daniel and Sam used to have exchanges like this. It's like they're replacing Sam with Vala.

Which leads me to something else. Whenever Daniel and Vala were sewn together, they always looked at each other, making eye contact and/or talking. Whenever Daniel was with anyone else, especially when he was with Sam, he didn't even bother to look at her. Maybe I am reading way too much into this, but it seems that they are trying to point out how special Vala is to Daniel, that his interaction with her is on such a greater level than with anyone else and is quite reminiscent of how he used to interact with Sam and Teal'c ages ago.

Chris, I see now how your "I lost my best friend" avatar is so appropriate. It made me sad when I first saw it, but it just rings true and it reminds me of why I do not wish to see the show carry on any longer if they're just going to keep this up. I made an avatar myself to go along with it:

If anyone wants to take it feel free, don't have to credit but it would be nice. Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah...

5. The dragon thing I thought was a bit cheesy. *shrugs*

Oh well, six months to find out just how this ends. I'm sure I will have plenty to do to pass the time. Sorry, I hope everyone doesn't find me a traitor, but I just wasn't too thrilled with this ep. And I know that the D/V shippers will be squeeing with delight over at Gateworld, especially in the Daniel/MS thread and will be spamming that thread with tons of pics. *GAG* Okay, so I'm rambling now. It just annoys me when these shippers get their much-needed ammo to use against "illegitimate shippers" like me and then use excuses not to post pics from the eps of Daniel with Sam because "those two really weren't seen together at all" (even if they were in one frame together for one tiny minute). Gosh these people drive me nuts sometimes...

Okay, on to Atlantis, which I did like...

The Return: Did anyone noticed that Ke'ra (aka The Destroyer of Worlds from Past and Present) was on the show tonight? She somehow ended up being one of the Ancients. I'm sure there must be some way to tie this all together, right? ;) LOL

Jack's appearance was pretty good, even if he wasn't seen very much. Liked when he and Woolsey were talking to them on the screen and he said something about going back to "talk...and talk...and talk" when they were talking about the negotiations with the Ancients.

Loved Carson in this ep. The scene between him, McKay and Zelenka was very nice. He starts choking up and, Rodney...says "don't tell me you're tearing up." Then he presses Carson to say what he was going to say to them, and he just says "goodbye." It was also nice how he visited Elizabeth like that. The interaction between them was sweet and it shows what a caring guy Carson is.

I figured something would go wrong after they all left like that. Now the replicators are coming back (kinda had a feeling that would happen). I liked Carson worrying about leaving his "little turtles".

That ending though - what a cliffhanger!! Come on, we have to wait six months to get a resolution for that?? *sigh*

Well it's getting really late and I'm exhausted. Hope I didn't bug/bore anyone with my earlier rambling. I am just amazed though at how different SG-1 is now. There was still that lack of team dynamic and interaction between the three original team members. I'm more than sure that trend will continue, and for that reason I don't want to see a S11. If by chance all these campaigns to save the show work and they do get another season, I doubt I will watch unless there's a good chance that it gets some of its old charm back. I don't see that happening though unless they got some new writers, or got back some of the old ones that were part of why the show used to be so good.
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