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SGA #4.10 The Mortal Coil (episode review)

Read behind the cut... spoilers within, as always...

I wasn't overly thrilled with this ep.  It was just lacking something.  Oh, sure, the interaction between the different characters (John/Rodney, Zelenka/Rodney, RepliWeir/John, RepliWeir/Rodney, etc. etc.) was good, but I just found the ep as a whole to be pretty blah.

It was a bit cool to see Lorne, Keller and Zelenka as the replicators who were pretty much in charge of the whole thing.  I went into this ep thinking Sam was going to be there... I dunno, I thought I'd seen her in the promos, but that was probably stock footage or from some other ep.  Or something. 

RepliWeir seemed a bit... off to me.  I liked how she argued with RepliKeller that the one thing the replicators lack for Ascension is a soul. 

This whole episode seemed so reminiscent of SG-1's "Tin Man."  Yeah, I know that they were essentially real people instead of robots as SG-1 were, but the whole spiel about "we're unique, have our own thoughts, feelings, etc." is straight from the "Tin Man" playbook.

I did like the reactions of both Rodney and John when they saw RepliWeir (hmm I guess she's not technically a replicator, so I should stop calling her that... how about RepliCreation Weir? *snark*).  Liked Rodney telling Zelenka (was it him?) how it's so hard for him to face this because it's like Carson all over again, or too soon after Carson or something to that effect.  Nice reminder of the Carson/Rodney friendship there.

The last episode of 2007, as they kept telling us during the promos... I kind of expected it to go out in a bang.  Or at least end on a little cliffhanger.  But nothing really.  Yeah, Rodney did see all those replicator beacons (or whatever they were) popping up on the screen... and there was the fade to black as we heard more of them popping up and then his "Oh, crap"-esque reaction.  But still...

I went into this expecting a bit more and just came away with, "Eh."  And to be totally honest, I had no idea that Elizabeth was totally dead.  I didn't get to really see the season premiere since I was out of town at the time. 
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