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Question for all the Fan Fiction Writers...

After doing a bit more fic-reading the past two days, I had some thoughts and was wondering about something.

How many of you use readers' reviews in order to determine how your story unfolds? Do you rely on them completely, or only sometimes if they plant a little idea in your head that you think you might use?

I know a few authors who rely solely on reviews to tell them how to write a story, and it almost intrigues me.  I'm not talking about anyone in particular and I'm not trying to shoot anyone down, I just find it interesting.  I guess it may be a common thing for people who just post the story as they update it and not waiting till it's complete before doing so.  On one of my stories, I did have one or two reviews that had me thinking, "Hmm, that could be an interesting plot device" or something to that effect.  But that was where it stopped.  I had reviews where people would say "Oh, you should have this character get roughed up, bla bla blah" that were pretty interesting but it wasn't where I wanted to take the story.

I also find that people who use reviews to tell them where a story goes can be a little ... I don't know ... a little bit much with begging for reviews.  Again I'm not trying to shoot anyone down with this.  Heck I've begged for reviews in the past, LOL.  But one thing that can get a little annoying is when people say "Please, I need reviews or I'll just stop posting the story."  There have been times where I'd post my fics in the various Yahoo groups I belong to and I'd get no feedback whatsoever while others would get tons of it.  In fact it still happens.  I still get a little discouraged and wonder why I'm bothering to post the stories if no one apparently was reading them.  I'd think "well, I guess I'm not writing what they like."  There were times where I'd really want to say something, like "I'll just stop posting my fics here if no one is interested in them." 

But I catch myself because I realize that I'm writing for myself first and foremost.  If other people tell me they like it, well that's certainly nice and it does make me feel better about my writing (which I admit I sometimes need...I tend to be way too hard on myself... *blushes*).  But I write because I enjoy it.  I have stories I like to tell.  And that all goes back to the question of whether reviews determine how your story gets written.  If I have an idea and I already have a story all plotted out - I know how it's going to unfold... I don't need reviews to point me in whatever direction.  They can be helpful sometimes, like if you're having trouble with one little thing or if it's something you didn't think of beforehand that sounds cool.  But I don't rely on them solely.

But those who do, I find it interesting.  Not interesting as in "weird," but interesting as in... different, I guess.  I was just wondering if any other fic-writers here do that, or what your thoughts on it are.
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