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*sigh* I am pathetic...

Anyone know of any natural/herbal PMS remedies you could recommend?

I seriously need to stay offline when I'm PMSing.  I overreact to trivial things and take everything to heart.

For example - based on something that was said at Gateworld to me, I am thinking that I can no longer call myself a fan of Daniel Jackson.  Because I have some little issues/misgivings with the way he has been portrayed in the most recent couple of seasons, I am being too negative and I guess I need to think of him only in a positive light and ignore any of his flaws.  Or something like that anyway.  Otherwise I can't be a fan of his.  Apparently.

I'm not a true fan of Stargate as it is, as I haven't pre-ordered Ark of Truth and really don't have any plans to (I know, I know, stone the heathen...).

So I guess I should just stay away from the Daniel Discussion and Appreciation thread. And the Daniel/MS Thunk Thread (aka The Pond) to be on the safe side.

You know, now that I think of it, I think I'm just going to take a nice, long break from the active Stargate fandom.  I'll stay away from all the current chatter/news/whatever pertaining to the show.  I'll  possibly stick to some of my Yahoo groups, which aren't all that active anyway.  I'll possibly do a little work on the fics I have in progress, but I'm not even so sure about that.  I'll keep my website up (heck, I just got my domain and account renewed...I'd be stupid to ditch it now).  I may still watch some of my old DVD boxsets.  But I'm getting a bit frustrated and disgusted, and I think I need some time off.

I'm sorry to anyone I may have upset/offended/etc. in this post... I'm really not this loony all the time.  It's the fracking PMS.  I think I may need some kind of Blacklist for sites to stay away from during this time of the month. :P
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