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On a cold winter day

Ugh, weather here is awful.  It started hailing this morning, then turned into freezing rain and sleet and snow.  Not sure what it's doing now but it's pretty loud... sounds like sleet possibly.  Supposed to go on until 11pm. 

Had a dentist appt at 3pm which I canceled.  The roads are pretty bad and people out here drive horribly even when the weather is good, so I'm not taking any chances.  Didn't go into work today on account of this, plus the fact that I'm aching something terrible.  Since physical therapy yesterday I've had this awful backache... my right upper back and a bit of my mid back as well.  I think I pulled something in my right thigh too, because that's smarting a bit.  Plus whenever I'm PMSing I get muscle aches anyway, so in some weird way it makes sense.

Arm is fine though, ironically.  I went to the orthopedic surgeon yesterday and was almost embarrassed by how the physician's assistant was acting.  She was amazed at my progress.  She said my posture has improved so much, both shoulders are basically in alignment.  My range of motion, strength and flexibility have all greatly increased as well.  Physical therapist had told me the other day to not let them cut off my therapy yet.  He said I'm about 90% of the way there and he'd like me to get the full 100%, so he would like me to get 4-6 more weeks of therapy.  I told her and she wrote me out a script for more.  I have to go back on January 23rd and she'll probably discharge me then.  So that is some good news.

Oh, question for the icon makers.  I was trying to make an icon with animated snow to match the Supernatural header I have here, but the file size keeps coming out really large.  I should start out by saying that I don't have PS Imageready.  I only have Photoshop Elements at work (and on my laptop), and on my desktop here at home I have Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop.  Used Animation Shop to make the icon, had 15 frames.  I was making it using this tutorial which I tweaked somewhat for my own purposes.  Whenever I tried to optimize the file in Animation Shop, it ended up being something like 55kb in size.  LJ only lets you have 45kb for a GIF file, apparently.  When I tried to optimize it further, it came out looking really crummy (really basic as far as the colors are concerned).  Unfortunately AS doesn't give you much of choice as far as optimization is concerned. 

Anyone have any tips, pointers, or whatever?
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