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Supernatural #3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas (episode review)

So I was meaning to post this earlier but I got caught up in a lot of stuff.  See my review below the cut.. as always beware of spoilers.

Okay, I loved this episode.  Little things that I loved:

- the little "Special Presentation" promo right at the beginning, like the ones they'd do waaaay back when for the Christmas specials; and, of course, the special Christmas-y title card

- the WeeChester scenes. Explaining somewhat why Sam is now a sort of "Scrooge" when it comes to Christmas, and showing how Dean got his amulet.  Poor little Sam worried about the possibility of Dad getting killed and not being there for Christmas.  I liked how Dean got some Christmas presents for him anyway (LOL @ the Barbie doll).

- that scene at Santa's Village... the elf-dressed girl going "Ew" when Sam tells her they're only there to watch and of course Dean's reaction. 

- the impromptu singing of "Silent Night" at the PimpSanta's place... lol

- Sam telling Dean Bobby called them morons for thinking they were going after an Anti-Claus, or something like that... another little lol.  Oh, Bobby...

- the nice scenes of brotherly interaction when Dean says he's all gung ho about spending a proper Christmas because it's his last year, and Sam not wanting to think about it; and of course the scene at the end with the gift exchange and drinking of egg-nog.  Dean's gift to Sam: a few skin mags and shaving cream; and Sam's gift to Dean: fuel for both him and his baby (the Impala).  I loved it.  The ending scene of them from the hotel window and snow starts falling outside... I so have to make an icon out of that :D

Glad it was just our boys and none of the girls.  Though apparently one magazine (Entertainment Weekly?) said that fans would get their wish and Bela and/or Ruby would be killed in a Christmas tree mishap?  Ha ha, yeah, cute joke.  Not that I'm saying I was rooting for it to happen, but I knew they had to be playing around with that.

Stuff I didn't like:

Um.... well, I can't really think of anything. The Sam-getting-fingernail-ripped-off scene definitely made me squeamish. Not quite as much as I thought since I was prepared for it, but definitely was squeamish.  That pagan god couple was just so Stepford.  Really creepy from the get go.

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