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Puppy!Sam Picspam #158 (Supernatural)

Guess who's finally back after a way-too-extended hiatus...

Episode #8x09: Citizen Fang

Smaller picspam this time (what can I say, there was less of him in the episode!), a little over 80 pics. Enjoy.

1. It's Flashback!Puppy with bouncy PuppyHair even back then...

2. Hi, Puppy! “Now you're certain those PuppyTreats won't be delivered in at least 24 hours...” Oh, uh... we'll come back later...

3. *annoyed bitchface*

4. “Hang on a second, Dean... I have to try the PuppyEyes™ method of persuasion to get those PuppyTreats here as early as 2 hours from now...”

5. “Nonono, you're not listening to me!! I have a PuppyTreats hunger that needs to be sated ASAP!”

6. “Hmmmph. Meanies.”

7. *still pouting... and bitchfacing*

8. “Look, we got a vamp kill... And kewt Puppy thinks it might be the thing to take his mind off his PuppyTreats cravings. Dig?”

9. *plays with PuppyHair*

10. *twirls fingers in the flippy bits*

11. I'mJudgingYou.Puppy

12. Fangirl under the seat ;)

13. PuppyEyes™SayHuh?

14. “Look, Benny said he was going to come through on that sooper special sekrit stash of PuppyTreats and we haven't heard from him in two days a while. I just asked Marty to make sure he's ok, that's all.......” (Puppy trying to sound convincing)

15. Dean doesn't appreciate Puppy's concern, so it's time for a bitchface

16. .. And a little PuppyPout :)

17. ... And the PuppyEyes™ of Shame

18. It's the YouMindYourToneWithMe,Biatch!Bitchface

19. Another bitchface for good measure

20. “'Scuse me, Dean? The PuppyEyes™ didn't hear you that clearly...”

21. “So, Uncle Marty, good to see ya... Did you pick up those PuppyTreats that you promised me?”

22. The mood is getting really tense... so the fangirls are more than happy to help out ;)

23. Whoa, he suddenly upped the PuppyKewtness to an 11... *ded... also ded from the flicky PuppyHair*

24. “NO. I'm not betraying mah big brother. *defiant PuppyEyes™*”

25. Bitchface for Martin being so difficult... and for hiding the PuppyTreats so well

26. Uh oh, flashback time.. Aww look, it's Puppy and his PuppyFriend :)

27. Aww :) Oh here comes the Faux Fangirl to ruin it... *shakes fist*

28. *stares*

29. “So, whaddaya want, hater of puppies?”

30. *cards hands through silky PuppyHair*

31. “Geez, your hatred of puppies makes me bitchface...”

32. Fangirl Alert ;)

33. “You really don't know what you're missin', Sweetheart. *stabs her with PuppyKewtness*”

34. “Whut? You need time to decide whether you want to become a real fangirl? Seriously???”

35. If this doesn't kill you, you are not worthy of being a fangirl.

36. Back in the present... Oooh, some nice PuppyProfilePorn...

37. “Huh? Oh, Hai, fangirls. Was wondering where you'd gone. I was starting to miss ya.”

38. “Dean, calm down. Succumb to the PuppyEyes™. Succumb...”

39. It worked and Dean is kind of surprised. “What can I say, Dean. It's the Magic That is Puppy...”

40. SlackJawed!Puppy can't believe Dean said he has failed to be a faithful puppy

41. HowDAREYou,Biatch!Puppy

42. Awwww, look at that hurt Puppy :( Dean, how could you hurt him so??

43. *pets*

44. WTF?!WhatDidYaDoThatFor,Dumbass?!Puppy

45. “Wow, Uncle Marty... I've just realized how much you truly suck! *in awe*”

46. *bitchface for emphasis*

47. “STFU, Biatch. First you knock out mah big brother, and then you don't even have PuppyTreats when you KNEW I'd be coming! *bitchface*”

48. Ooh, look at that flying PuppyHair :D

49. “Oh noes, another flashback with the puppy hater is starting! Please make it stop, fangirls!!”

50. Hmm... SadDrunk!Puppy?

51. Some people don't realize the concept of personal space... and so they get a bitchface

52. “I mean it, buddy. I have a bitchface and I'm not afraid to use it.....”

53. “... See?”

54. But he has a change of heart. “I guess I came on a little too strong with those bitchfaces, huh? Sowwy...”

55. “I'm sorry about what happened to you... I mean, to be with such a puppy hater like her...”

56. *bitchfaces at the memory of some of her puppy-hating*

57. Gee, Don, way to make the Puppy feel like Puppy Chow :(

58. *shames Don with the Sad, Lost PuppyFace*

59. “Why, yes. I would be more than happy—um, I would reluctantly leave the puppy hater's existence, if it's what she wants *hopes and hopes that it is*”

60. Hmm, interesting text from the Faux Fangirl. Puppy, I wouldn't trust it if I were you

61. “I'm torn... She kicks puppies......... but I have SUCH a craving...” No, Puppy, don't do it!

62. Nooooo!! Puppy, come back! *runs after*

63. “Oh PuppyTreats, PuppyTreats, I can just taste you now....” *sigh* Puppy, you really shouldn't trust it...

64. Whoa, bitchface and dimple combo!

65. “What am I doing? Getting prepared to flee and go where I have real fangirls who care so very much about me and we can all live happily ever after and -- *cough* I mean... nothing...”

66. “Okay... Yeah, I'm leaving. These real fangirls are such great company...and they have such good PuppyTreats, and they give great back rubs, and hot oil massages, and styling of my PuppyHair, and.... really good PuppyTreats.......”

67. “Whut? No, he didn't threaten me... He made me realize how much better I could have it being with actual fangirls...”

68. That faaaaaaace.... *smishes*

69. “Just give him a chance, pleeeeeeeze?” *ups the PuppyKewtness in hopes she will let him leave*”

70. *PuppyEyes™ do a quick survey of the interior to see if they can spot any PuppyTreats*

71. “What??? Y-you mean... there ARE no actual PuppyTreats here??” We tried to tell you, Puppy...

72. “I can't believe I was tricked like that :( *feels sad and stupid*“ Aw it's okay Puppy, we've got plenty of PuppyTreats for you :)

73. *looks at the fake text and bitchfaces*

74. Turns out it was from Dean. Puppy growls and bares his teeth angrily

75. ... And bitchfaces

76. Ooh, sarcastic PuppySmirk/Bitchface combo

77. This treachery is so serious, it's worthy of 4 bitchfaces...

78. ... 5!

79. ... 6!

80. “Making me think she had PuppyTreats. For this you owe me an INFINITE supply of PuppyTreats, Dean. *bitchface deluxe*”

81. *PuppyPout*

82. “Hm? Fangirls? Is that you lurking down there? I could really use some cheering up now... and some PuppyTreats...”

83. “Um.. Yeah, please go away? Mah real fangirls and I are having a great time without you... *trying ever so hard to stifle a bitchface*”

Bitchface count: 20
Facial Shrugs: 0 :(

That's it for this time. I'm so sorry about the delay - from April to just recently I've been dealing with a lot of RL garbage :P Finally things have settled down so I should have more time to devote to these. And now that I got the season DVD set I should be able to make my caps from those starting with 8x14. I appreciate your patience! Hopefully I'll be able to post these quicker now.
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