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Puppy!Sam Picspam #159 (Supernatural)

Guess who's back...

Episode #8x10: Torn and Frayed

Over 100 pics in this one. Sorry it took me so long, I finally got the rest of the season capped. I didn't realize it'd take so long. Now it's just a matter of editing all the pics and typing up the coding for the picspams. Looks like I probably won't get them all done before the season 9 premiere *sigh* But I will do what I can.

1. Aw, it's Drunk!Puppy... wanna little fangirl company, hon? :)

2. “Huh... fangirls are already here?” Yep, we travel fast ;)

3. Those PuppyEyes™ are soooo excited about the fangirl lovin' that is promised to happy verrry soon... like, right now...

4. And let's begin... *nibbles PuppyNeck*

5. *plays with PuppyHair*

6. “Oh, it's YOU. *bitchface* *slams door*”

7. Let's get another view of that bitchface, shall we?

8. “Unless you brought 3 truckloads worth of PuppyTreats, hit the road, biatch. *PuppyPout/bitchface combo*”

9. Hmm, Profile Bitchface...

10. Puppy's about to chew big brother out, but then feels the soothing caress of a fangirl's hand on his leg ;)

11. Fuzzy bitchface to Dean for interrupting Fangirl Time

12. “It never fails, Dean. You always drop in during mah Fangirl Time. *indignant bitchface*”

13. Time for another Parade of Bitchfaces

14. We interrupt to bring you the hair that stopped a thousand fangirl hearts....

85. “It is really big of you to finally admit that I am the Bitchface and PuppyEyes™ Princess, Cas. *nods*”

86. Puppy suddenly makes himself appear 7 years old for some reason

87. Hm... BatteringRam!Puppy

88. AttackDog!Puppy with more glorious Flying PuppyHair!

89. “Feel mah wrath and the awesome power of my PuppyHair, biatch!!! *almighty bitchface*”

90. DelightfullyRumpled!Puppy

91. “WTF? I can't believe you killed our little buddy Matt Samandriel!”

92. “Oh, wow, your eye is bleeding. PuppyEyes™ competition too much for ya, eh?”

93. “Eep, I'm worried now, big brother... could I ever damage MY PuppyEyes™ now? *iz scared*”

94. ... Soon to read “Bitchface/PuppyEyes™ Princess wuz here 2013”

95. “It's actually a sigil to protect me from any further Bitchface or PuppyEyes™ competition crap.”

96. “*nods* *PuppyEyes™ for emphasis*”

97. Dean scoffs at the very idea, so he earns a bitchface

98. Slack-Jawed!Puppy can't comprehend why Dean thinks he'd want to be back with a puppy-hater

99. Fangirl Alert ;)

100. “Srsly, Dean?? She hates puppies. She hardly had any PuppyTreats. At all.”

101. *pets*

102. I see you PuppyDimple! Come on out, don't be shy!

103. More fangirl lovin' ;)

104. “I'm gonna take a walk ... meet some more fangirls----er, clear my head.”

105. “'Back. Thought I'd do some PuppyTreats shopping myself. Hope ya like what I got...”

106. “Dammit, I think these PuppyTreats are a little stale... oh well, at least I'm rid of the puppy-hater one and for all and back to life as we know it...”

Bitchface count: 12
Facial Shrugs: 1/2?

That's all for today. Going to try like heck to get the others all finished up and post one per day, if I can.
Tags: picspam: puppy!sam, supernatural: sam winchester

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