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First nice big dent in my car, hooray

Yep, isn't it just my luck? Had a wake yesterday, then a funeral this morning. I go back to work, and not long after I'm settled in my office, I'm informed by a workman who is putting down rugs in the building that HE HIT MY CAR. I go outside with him and check, and I've got a nice...okay, not exactly "big", but not tiny either... dent in my car on the left side just above the bumper, with some paint taken off too. He hit my car with his big white van. He didn't even apologize (I guess he figured he didn't have to since I wasn't in the car..*snort*). He just said that he thought it was clear when he was coming out of his space but it wasn't. I had to practically drag his information out of him, and he only gives me his driver license and asked me to let him know how much the damage will cost. I got everything, so guess I'll be calling my insurance company now. He tells me he has done work in this building for 25 years, the super knows him and he will be here tomorrow as well.

So I've had this car for just over a year (was one year in July), and I've got my first ugly dent in it. How wonderful. Not only was I not in such a happy mood due to the funeral (my poor grandmother was pretty upset and she has always been a pretty stoic person ... she kept saying how she is now the only one left out of 9 kids), but now my car is a bit banged up. I can just imagine what else will happen to make this day worse. *sigh* I could have smacked this guy. He didn't bat an eyelash that he hit me (wonder if he was actually proud of it) and there was plenty of room for him to back his van out or whatever he was doing so that he couldn't hit me. There is such a horrible parking situation here. We have all these medical offices, plus a lab and people park in every which way, even making their own spaces. And nothing can be done about it. There was a chance that we could have gotten out of here and moved into a nicer building next door. The parking is very good and it's a nice, quiet little building. Unfortunately the insurance guy who wanted to move in there also and go half with us on the rent backed out, so we're stuck here until at least next June when our lease is up. I just hope we don't renew it. We so need to find a place with a better parking situation.

I can only hope things get better after I go home and can get some rest after this long day.
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